Things to Consider When Choosing a Microwave for a Senior

The microwave is probably considered one of the most innovative pieces of technology that has served mankind for countless years. Instead of turning on your stove, you just have to pop in your cold food or frozen meals, push a few buttons, and let the appliance do its job. It’s that simple. Of course, almost everyone can operate a microwave, but the thing is, our older generation may not be as efficient with such an amenity.

In that case, if you find yourself tasked with the decision to pick a microwave for a senior, you may have to take note of the following pointers.

1. Pick One with Simple Controls

Choose a microwave with dials or knobs that are easy to use, so you don't have to put a lot of pressure on them to make them work. Some microwaves have buttons that are flush with the surface, making it difficult to tell if they've been pressed all the way.

The ideal microwave for a senior citizen would have an easily readable display screen with large and clear lettering. Many people in this age group prefer models that have big, bold black prints on a white surface, as the contrast between the two colors makes it easier to see. It is best to avoid microwaves with small writing on dark, glossy surfaces, as this can be difficult to read.

2. Pick One with Auto Sensors and Timers

A sensor that automatically shuts off the cooking process when it detects that the food is sufficiently heated can be very helpful in preventing overcooking. This can take the guesswork out of how long to reheat a meal and can help to ensure that the food is evenly heated throughout. A timer set for only 30 seconds at high power can also help reduce the risk of overcooking by allowing you to heat the food for a shorter period of time.

Programmable modes can help make cooking easier for seniors by automating the process and removing some guesswork. Additionally, microwaves with fewer buttons and features can be less confusing and easier to use. Some models also allow you to pre-program certain settings, which can be helpful for those with hearing impairments or memory problems.

3. Pick One with an Appropriate Size

When considering which microwave to buy, think about how much space the senior has and how many people they may need to cook for. You might want to get a smaller microwave if they have a small space. If they regularly need to cook for more than one person, you might want to get a bigger microwave so you can fit more than one plate.

As people age, they often downsize to smaller homes or apartments. This can create a problem when it comes to finding enough counter space for a microwave. If you are a senior with limited counter space, you will need to consider what other appliances you have and how much space you can allot for the appliance.

4. Pick One with the Right Wattage

As a general rule, microwaves with higher wattage cook food faster and more evenly. Most microwaves range from 600 to 1,200 watts. However, larger and more expensive microwaves usually have higher wattage. So, if you are looking for a less expensive and smaller microwave for your senior, you may want to look at microwaves that are on the lower end of the wattage spectrum.

Some recipes for microwave cooking require at least 800 watts of power to cook evenly. If your senior citizen likes to eat foods prepared with microwave recipes, they may want to consider buying a microwave with at least 800 watts of power.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a microwave for a senior. The size of the microwave, the features it has, and how easy it is to use are all important things to keep in mind. Additionally, the price of the microwave and the availability of replacement parts are important factors as well. Ultimately, the best microwave is one that will fulfill all the needs of the senior, as well as one that is easily accessible to all ages.

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