Hearing Amplifiers Reviews - Which One To Pick?

We always spend time looking for great bargains before making big purchases—phones, cars, and the like. However, there are some things that are a lot more challenging to purchase right, and hearing aids are one of them.

Even the tiniest of details can affect your life massively when it comes to your health. As such, knowing exactly how to find the right hearing aid is vital, and even more, knowing how it differs from hearing amplifiers is vital to help you make the right purchase decision.

What Are Hearing Amplifiers?

Hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids. They are sometimes called personal listening devices or sound amplifiers. These devices can be purchased on their own or as part of a package that includes the hearing aid.

Their function is to amplify sound so that you can be able to hear it. They can be used in places where the sound levels are low, or you want to dampen surrounding noise. It is also used as a bridge until you can get your hearing aids.

Amplifiers are not as complex as hearing aids, so one cannot expect the same functionality out of an amplifier as a hearing aid.

What Are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids, unlike amplifiers, help to improve the quality of sounds that you hear. They do this by enhancing your hearing capabilities and reducing the distortion caused by background noise. From this alone, one can tell that hearing aids are much more complex than hearing amplifiers.

With that said, they can be equipped with some of the following features:

1. Hearing Amplifier Volume Control

Hearing aids can have a volume control feature so that you can control the volume. This is helpful for when you need to amplify the sound but do not need to have the entire volume amplified.

2. Hearing Amplifier Auto Gain Control

Another feature that many hearing aids have is Auto Gain Control. This feature reduces the distortion so that you can hear sounds clearly even when there is a lot of background noise. It does this by automatically adjusting the volume when you are in a noisy environment.

3. Hearing Amplifier Remote Control

Remote control is an option that some hearing aids have. It allows you to control the sound amplification and other features of the hearing aid from a distant location. This is helpful if you need to make adjustments while you are out and about.

Some hearing aids allow you to change the settings via Bluetooth, which is incredibly helpful if you are out and about. 

4. Hearing Amplifier Wind reduction

Wind reduction is another feature that some hearing aids have. It reduces the amount of wind noise that you hear when you are outdoors. This will allow you to hear your surroundings more clearly.

What Are The Main Differences?

Really, as you might be able to tell already, hearing amplifiers are simple versions of hearing aids. While they're okay for people with moderate hearing loss, those with up to severe hearing loss and damage to their hearing ability are better off with hearing aids. The added features are a must-have to ensure an optimal listening experience, and while hearing aids are a lot more expensive, they're worth it in terms of improving one's quality of life.


So, which one should you pick? Well, that will depend. As you can see, if you have little to moderate hearing loss with no damage to your ear, you can get away with hearing amplifiers for cheap. However, if you have a complex issue, you're generally better off with hearing aids. Regardless, contact a hearing specialist about your situation, and if you do need hearing aids, ask them for recommendations to help you find the right hearing aid that offers the features you need at the right price!

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