Hearing Loss & Marriage Problems - Is There A Link?

There's a new phenomenon on the horizon known as grey divorce. This is what it looks like: Divorce rates for couples aged 50 and older have doubled over the past few decades, and the rate is even higher for couples ages 65 and above. Why has this begun occurring? One woman in her 70's shared her experience with this sad but true event, which, in her case, had a bright side in the end. 

It began with a simple night out to dinner. She began their dinner conversation by asking him how he was feeling, if he was happy lately. He replied that he was, but something was different. She realized that her husband was not as interested in their common ground, such as their past experience with raising their children, or their marriage in general. 

She realized with dismay another important issue that had been pushed aside. It was becoming more difficult to have a meaningful conversation not only because their interests had grown apart, but because he was beginning to have trouble hearing. He had promised to purchase a hearing aid in order to help solve this problem, but had never followed through. 

The realization hit her suddenly. Their 52-year marriage was over. There was no more meaningful communication, and it was time for a new chapter in life. 

This was followed by an immense sadness. The lady found herself remembering how her parents, in this same stage of life, handled the situation. Her mother, who was suffering from severe Alzheimer's disease, was incapable of conversation. However, one day, her father reached for his wife's hand and said, "We're partners, aren't we?" 

This memory brought the lady to tears. She realized that she was looking for that same reassurance in the man sitting across from her at dinner, but she did not receive it. Her husband no longer made their marriage a priority, and it was now becoming increasingly difficult to have a conversation about it. 

She remembered a great deal of the beginnings of their life together as she sat there that evening. They met when they were only 17. They had grown up together, became parents together, and had successfully run a small business. He had supported her dreams or becoming a writer, and she leaned on him in times of struggle. But now, their partnership was at its end. 

As this multitude of thoughts flew through her head, she decided to not bring it up to her husband that evening. She waited several days, pondering these new realizations and finding confirmation everywhere that her thoughts were correct. She was convinced that divorce was the answer.

So, where to go now? She was not sure what the future was to bring, but she knew one thing for sure: She and her husband had vowed "to death till us part", so she decided it was necessary to honor that, even in the wake of divorce. She brought up the topic to her husband, and together, they reached a solution. They divided their existing house into two separate apartments, and now live life as close neighbors and friends.  

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The Alzheimer’s connection – Believe it or not, there is a direct connection between hearing loss and dementia. While this connection is not fully understood, it is documented. For every 10 decibels of hearing loss the risk of dementia grows by 27%. This danger might be mitigated with the use of a hearing aid. 

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