Top 18 Bath Chairs & Shower Seats for Elderly (Updated Guide)

When using the famously slick bathtub, shower seats may be lifesaving devices. For people who are unable to wash or bathe alone, shower seats minimize hazardous falls. 

These practical enhancements make bathing safer and less stressful for everyone involved who needs support. The chairs can reduce tension, enhance the bathing experience, and save valuable time, even for people who don't require that much aid. 

The best shower chairs for elderly are listed below so you or your loved ones can add style to the bathroom.

Best Shower and Bath Chairs for Elderly 

1. Ez2Care Shower Bench 

2. Vaunn Medical Shower Chair With Arms

3. Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench

4. Maya Anti-Slip Seat

5. Medical King Adjustable Shower Bench 

6. PCP Bathroom Chair For The Elderly 

7. DMI Rolling Shower Chair

8. Oasis Space Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Bath Chair 

9. Brosive Shower Seat For The Elderly 

10. GreenChief Shower Chair 

11. Azadx Shower Transfer Chair

12. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

13. Health Line Tool-Free Assembly Shower Chair

14. NOVA Medical Bath Seat with Arms

15. Shower Chair with Arms by Healthline Trading

16. Drive Medical Sliding Transfer Shower Seat

17. Moen Non-Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench

28. Tub Transfer Bench by Vive


1. Ez2Care Shower Bench ASIN: B072FDC9CY

An inexpensive stool that assists elderly people as they shower can make the process simple and easy. With a ground-breaking design, the Ez2Care Shower Bench allows seniors to relax and bathe comfortably. This stool's structure can support 220 pounds and is constructed of aluminum alloy to withstand moisture. 

Six drainage holes are included in the wide base to help with water drainage, and side grips let people sit and stand more securely. The legs of the stool have anti-slip rubber tips and are adjustable in height from 12.5 to 18 inches. For elderly people with strong backs but weak legs, this stool might serve as a good shower bench.



Resistance against corrosion 

No backrest available. 

Aluminum and durable frame

Comfortable and anti-slip seat

Rubber and anti-slip feet

Adjustable legs

2. Vaunn Medical Shower Chair With Arms ASIN: B06Y5Z47HK

A secure alternative like the Vaunn Medical Shower Chair is required for the elderly residents of your home who are susceptible to tripping and falling in the bathroom. It's one of the best-designed bath chairs for the elderly, including a comfy seat, back and armrests, and rubber anti-skid feet. 

On the 15.7512.7520.5-inch countered seat, you may make the elderly sit comfortably. The drainage holes on its bottom allow water to be drained away, keeping it dry and less slick. 

To make it the ideal fit for the elderly in your house, you may modify the inclined legs that go along 16 to 21 inches. The anodized aluminum frame, which supports 250 pounds of weight and is wet and rust-resistant, secures the elderly and provides them with a grip to sit and stand.



Portable and removable backrest 

Low and small armrests 

Durable and sturdy material 

Easy to install

Anti-skid legs and seat

3. Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench  ASIN: B00OSENKZG

The elderly can be kept mentally calm and cheerful by forcing them to spend time in the bathtub while dispersing their preferred bath products. To easily move them into the bathtub water, all you need is one of the finest transfer shower seats for the elderly. With a large base and a moveable backrest, the Carex Bathtub Transfer Chair is convenient. 

Older persons can either be easily transferred into the bathtub or made to sit comfortably while taking a bath. To avoid slippage, the bottom of the bench and backrest are grooved. For improved leg rest, adjust the height of the anti-slip feet between 16 and 20 inches. Despite being small and light, the stand can support 300 pounds. Bring back the bathtub days for the elderly with the aid of this chair. 



Drainage holes in seat

No wide seats 

Moveable backrest

Lightweight shower chair 

Resistance against corrosion 

4. Maya Anti-Slip Seat ASIN: B01M2XAHZL

Big bathroom seats may not be available in every washroom. If you have an elderly family member, pick the Dr. Maya Anti-Slip Seat, an elderly bath chair that fits a regular bathtub or a compact bathroom. The stool's base can support 300 pounds and features drainage holes to stop water from pooling. 

It also has a coarse texture. Its dimensions are 10.62 x 17.32 inches, and it features lateral grips to make it simple for elderly people to sit and get up. For elderly people to sit on it comfortably, the leg may be adjusted to any level between 12 and 19.5 inches. 

The anti-skid legs are slanted to prevent the stool from sliding on any surface, even the bathroom floor or inside the tub. This stand also includes a loofah and a bath handle that can be mounted on any sort of wall.



Compact design chair

No backrest

Bathtub with standard fit

Narrow base

Adjustable height 

Shower handle 

5. Medical King Adjustable Shower Bench ASIN: B085VJB8QT

The Medical King Adjustable Shower Bench can help seniors remain comfortable and secure when taking a shower. With a curved bath bench that measures 10.75–17.25 inches, this anti-skid shower safe seat can support up to 250 pounds. Since the seat has drainage holes, water does not become blocked. 

To assist the elderly in sitting down and standing up, the base has grip slots. The height-adjustable metal legs have seven holes each, allowing for a range of 13 to 19 inches. It resists corrosion and germs and cleans up quite quickly. When you purchase the chair, you also receive a back scrubber and a loofah.



Easy to install shower chair for elderly

Not portable or foldable

Standard fit bathtub

Easy to clean and maintain

Good and adjustable grip

6. PCP Bathroom Chair For The Elderly ASIN: B01F9AGAQ8

You must have a bath seat for the seniors in your home. Elderly people require a great deal of attention and good hygiene habits, including bathing. Is a standard bathroom chair adequate for a clean shower? No, that's the response. 

As a result, the PCP Bathroom Chair for Seniors is among the top shower seats for bathrooms for the elderly. It features a distinctive bottom with a 4-inch groove in the center. This cutout aims to prevent water obstruction and to guarantee that the perennial regions of the elderly are washed thoroughly. The chair's metal legs can be adjusted from 17 to 22 inches, and the backrest may be removed with ease. 

For the safety of elderly folks, they include non-slip suction feet. This bathroom chair is an option for elderly people who are incapacitated and living at home.



Removable backrest

No armrests 

Padded comfort seat

Anti-slip feet

Lightweight design

7. DMI Rolling Shower Chair ASIN: B000EX61KQ

It might be difficult to transport a handicapped senior person in and out of the washroom for a bath. Consider purchasing a wheeled shower chair for older people. The DMI Shower Transport Chair is a cutting-edge, premium bathroom seat with a perforation in the bench and 4-inch strong wheels. The chair is carried into the bathroom by its wheels, which move easily, and is kept firmly in place by a rear locking system. 

The 16x16-inch cushioned seat has a sizable opening for cleaning the perineal regions of the elderly without blocking the water supply. This chair also functions as a toilet seat. The waterproof PVC backrest allows your elderly relative to have a relaxing and pleasant bath while leaning on it. The seat has a load capability of 250 pounds and is corrosion-resistant as well as simple to clean.



Durable wheels of chair

Hard to install the chair

Padded and comfortable seat

Commode and shower chairs included

Locking mechanism 

8. Oasis Space Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Bath Chair ASIN: B0762Z3QZL

For senior people who have trouble moving or standing in the shower, the Oasis Space heavy-duty shower seat is a strong bath chair. This shower seat for older adults has a 16 by 14-inch seat with rounded corners, a non-slip base, and drainage slots. 

The anodized metal legs' height may be changed from 16 to 12 inches, and the backrest gives the elderly a sense of security and comfort when they take a bath. This seat can support 300 pounds of weight and doesn't slide around in the bathroom.



Easy to assemble the shower chair

Wobbling chair

Padded and comfortable armrests

Portable handle

Easy to maintain and clean the chair

9. Brosive Shower Seat For The Elderly ASIN: B07VFD64N7

The Brosive Shower Seat for The Older is a powerful and durable bath assistance for seniors who suffer from conditions including osteoarthritis, body aches, and other joint problems. They are ergonomically designed to accommodate any regular bathtub and compact bathroom space.

Rounded and equipped with drainage holes, the 10.8 x 17.5-inch bottom helps to keep water from being stuck. It has a rough surface and EVA cushioning for improved grip. You may change the height of this seat from 13.8 to 19.5 inches thanks to its sturdy and strong legs. It is resistant to corrosion, robust, and can support 300 pounds.



Anti-slip legs

No backrest

Portable shower seat

Resistance against corrosion 

Durable and sturdy material 

10. GreenChief Shower Chair ASIN: B07PY3D998

The elderly may stand securely in the bath while taking a shower with the aid of strong and resilient shower seats for seniors like the GreenChief Shower Chair. The armrests and back of the chair are thickly cushioned, and it has a load capacity of 300 pounds. The seat's anti-rust legs have an adjustable height ranging from 16 to 21 inches. 

The 16 x 14-inch bottom of the chair has perforations that allow excess water to escape, so you may use it to offer older people a sanitary bath. Its rough surface and cushioned support grips provide any elderly individual with a sense of security and comfort. Along with this chair, you also get a bathroom grab bar which can be mounted on any wall.



Resistance against corrosion 

Not fit bathtub with standard size

Padded and comfortable arm handle

Resistance against slipping 

Grabbing bar

11. Azadx Shower Transfer Chair ASIN: B076BBSNWT

With the help of the Azadx Shower Transfer Chair, older people may easily be transferred from their beds into the shower and bathtub. The transfer seat is strong and can support 330 pounds of weight at once. For the best protection, it has leather seats that are supported by anti-rust bars. 

The older person utilizing it won't be constricted when getting in and out of bed because it is so perfectly made. Elderly people may easily sit down and enjoy a relaxing shower thanks to a strong back and a lateral grip on one side. The stand's legs may be raised or lowered, and they don't slide about on the moist floor of the restroom.



Leather and comfortable seat

Narrow and little base

Easy to maintain and clean the shower seat

Light in weight design 

Resistance against corrosion 

12. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms ASIN: B003P8S6VY

This shower chair's design was created with a specific purpose in mind: to offer maximum stability and safety while in use. Because of the non-slip feet on its legs, it will stay firmly in place while you shower. The legs, back, and arms of the chair can all be removed without the use of any tools, and it also has a removable design. 

This enables easy storage and speedy reassembly whenever it's time to utilize the chair once more. To make the procedure of changing the chair to your desired height simple and effective, the chair's legs may also be adjusted. In addition to being comfy, the chair's seat is also made to be adaptable and adaptive.



Comes apart for easy storage


Non-slip feet


13. Health Line Tool-Free Assembly Shower Chair ASIN: B072B8BTBW

Modern engineering techniques were used to create this shower chair to ensure comfort and safety. It is both long-lasting and environmentally sustainable because of its anodized aluminum frame and HDPE seat. 

It's lightweight (just 8.5 pounds), easy to lift into and out of the bathtub, and as portable as a small dog, making it perfect for anyone with restricted mobility. It merely takes a few minutes to put together and doesn't call for any special tools.



FDA certified


Tool-free assembly

14. NOVA Medical Bath Seat with Arms ASIN: B017TMW2PC

Because of its distinctive flat feet design, this bath chair stands out from the competition. This style is perfect for people with extensively textured showering bottoms or sloping tubs because it works with a variety of bathtub and shower configurations.

Despite being extremely lightweight (7 pounds), it can support up to 3 hundred pounds. It is also simple to put together and take apart without the use of any tools, making it a practical choice for regular travelers.



Flat feet

Drainage holes

Three hundred-pound capacity


15. Shower Chair with Arms by Healthline Trading ASIN: B077YXWYQN

You need a shower chair that is made to last if you're thinking about using it for a long time. The sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame used in the construction of this chair ensures that it will survive the test of time. It also has adjustable legs with suction cups that increase stability and is rust-resistant. It can also bear a weight of up to 3 hundred pounds.



Suction-cup legs


Aluminum frame

Comfortable seat

16. Drive Medical Sliding Transfer Shower Seat ASIN: B004GYOKBG

Getting into and out of the bath or shower can be dangerous for elderly people, especially when using conventional bathroom fittings. The usage of a sliding transfer shower chair is one of the most efficient and secure solutions for this problem. These chairs offer a quick and affordable option to use the restroom without running the risk of falling or getting hurt. 

Not all transfer chairs, however, are made equal, and certain models might not be appropriate for people with restricted mobility. For elders, non-sliding transfer chairs, for instance, can be as risky. The best solution is a slide-transferring chair like the one suggested if you are worried about falls or find it challenging to move around. A smooth and secure transition into and out of the shower or bathtub is made possible by this sort of chair.



Safety belt included

3 hundred-pound weight capacity


Folds flat for easy storage

17. Moen Non-Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench ASIN: B002KMTB1U

The transfer bench features an original leg structure and a handle for a secure grip. It was designed specifically for quick and safe access to bathtubs and showers. It can support up to 4 hundred pounds, making it appropriate for a variety of users, and the adjustable height feature accommodates different bathtub types and user needs. When entering and leaving the bath or shower, those with mobility issues might choose this cheap option.



Adjustable height

Easy-grip handle

Innovative leg design

Spacious seat

18. Tub Transfer Bench by Vive ASIN: B0BQ5NGWJG

Vive Bariatric Shower Chair - Tub Transfer Bench with Height Adjustable Legs - Reversible and Sliding Bath Seat- Seniors

This is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a cheap transfer chair. This chair simplifies the process of getting in and out of the shower or bathtub because it allows you to stay seated the entire time. Many older people find it difficult to get in and out of these places. 

The chair is quick and simple to put together without the use of any equipment and has a diverse design that allows it to be utilized in any bathroom. The seat is solid and comfy, and it has a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of falls. It also has a lifetime warranty, so you know you're getting a lot for your money.



300-pound weight capacity

Comfortable seating

Quick & easy assembly

Reversible design

How To Choose the Right Elderly Bathing Chair?

Below are factors to keep in mind while purchasing a chair for shower for elderly.

Size of bath chair for elderly: Inspect the seat to make sure it is accessible and has the proper breadth for a comfortable seat. For the best durability and comfort, the seat's height must be modifiable.

  • Weight capacity: Evaluate the chair's load capacity as well as the stability and placement of the feet before deciding.
  • Material: As the chair is used in the bathroom, water-resistant material is crucial. It needs to be anti-slip, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. For longevity, another option is an aluminum frame.
  • Style: based on the level of support needed and the area available, pick a good style.
  • Feet: Make sure the legs are non-slip to avoid mishaps. Stability and safety are provided by rubber-cupped feet.
  • Features: consider additional amenities that will meet your demands, such as armrests, cushioned chairs and backs, slots for handheld baths, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high are shower seats for elderly? 

A bathroom seat's height should typically fall around 17 to 19 inches. Choose a seat that can be adjusted, and make sure that the legs remain flat on the ground.

How can I measure a tub for a elderly shower chair?

Use a measuring tape to determine the tub's length, breadth, and depth. Then determine the chair's foundation size by measuring the breadth of the seat's legs. Verify that the chair rests firmly on the bath floor.

Is elderly bathing chair portable?

Yes, it is true for the majority. These attributes are not fixed. When two individuals are sharing a bathroom, this is very useful.


Bathing each day may be a flawless experience if the greatest showering chair is installed in your bathroom. These bath benches are sturdy, constructed of premium materials, and equipped with adequate grip to prevent them from sliding on flat surfaces. 

Bathroom chair for elderly is particularly made for persons who have impairments or injuries, allowing them to feel safe and at ease while they go through their daily routines and lowering the possibility of mishaps. To establish the proper balance and enjoy a peaceful bath, they are also height adjustable.

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