Top 8 Adjustable Beds for Seniors & Elderly

Adjustable beds are a big asset for people who suffer from different health conditions. Especially for those with orthopedic or physical impairments when using adjustable beds becomes necessary for them. 

These beds are mostly used in hospitals. But these can be used in homes as well. Such beds come with different attributes and additional features like multiple zone massage, USB ports, zero-gravity position, and more.

In this post, you learn about some of the best adjustable beds. This guide will shed light on the typical aspects of such beds and what factors determine their functionality and performance. 

Amazing Benefits of Adjustable Beds

These are medically recommended by different physicians to maintain the health of the elderly. 

These beds offer pressure relief and improve sleep for seniors. Besides, there are other benefits that we are going to explore down below. 

  • Pressure and pain relief

  • Head and foot tilting is a part of zone massage and relevant therapies. It helps to reduce the pressure on the muscles along with the complete balance on the bed while lying. It reduces the physical pain in the back. Plus, for people who struggle with pain in the shoulders, hips, knees, and joints, these beds are totally therapeutic. 

  • Good for chronic sleep conditions

  • Such beds make seniors relax and have sound sleep, which helps in the alleviation of different sleep disorders like sleep apnea and chronic snoring, as well as insomnia.

  • Programmable comfort

  • These beds are not confined to a certain or fixed position. There is no margin of rigidity in them. It means the users can adjust the height and other features of the beds as per their needs. 

  • Dual-adjustment

  • The bed-splitting feature is comfortable for couples. In this way, the beds get divided into two halves. This is important for couples if both people are suffering from orthopedic problems. 

    Best Adjustable Beds For Seniors 

  • Amazon Basics Adjustable Bed Base with Head and Foot Incline, Remote Control - Full ASIN: B07Y2D8SF7

  • Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. The manufacturer offers Adjustable beds for seniors and other furniture as well. 

    The design of this bed is wall-hugging. It features different angle and elevation combinations which makes it a competent variant for others. The motor attached to this med is noise-proof, which stops this bed from making noise when you change your side while sleeping. 

    Seniors can automatically change the positions of the adjustable bed per their ease and comfort. It is an ideal bed for watching movies, sleeping, and working on a laptop. 



    Easy to assemble

    Second remote control is not purchasable

    Comfortable for seniors

    Separately adjustments for head and foot

    Automatically changing positions

  • Runner Up – LUCID L300 Adjustable Base Bed ASIN: B074R8QKJ1

  • You can set this bed in under 5 minutes as per the claim of the company. Also, the whole assembly of this process is simple and does not require complicated tools for the process. 

    It is not wrong to say that these features support the company with its sales of this product to a large extent. The design is elegant. The remotes are wireless and have flashlights in them, which are in-built. The bed also comes with USB charging ports.

    The bed's motor is also noise-proof. It helps you elevate the bed by making it 60 degrees. At the same time, the base can be elevated up to 45 degrees. These angles are beneficial for relaxing when you are suffering from aching feet and legs. The user can set their preferred positions as they like. 



    Wireless remote control

    No spare parts and no support

    Easy assembly

    Can’t work without remote

    Compatible with any bed mattress 

    Strong and durable

  • GhostBed Twin XL Custom Adjustable Power Base and GhostBed 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress ASIN: B07B5C4Z33

  • The GhostBed adjustable base has an affordable price which is a prominent feature. The remote is wireless, and the hand and feet can also be positioned in a comfortable way. One of the best attributes of the bed is whisper-quiet massage mode. 

    Another important feature of this bed is under-bed lighting. This bed also has USB charging ports for quick and comfortable charging. 

    The height of the bed is adjustable between 60-70 degrees which is a comfortable range. The motor does not make any noise that can disturb the user's sleep. The positions can also be changed by the installed beds on the bed. 

    The remote control is wireless and controls everything in an efficient way. There is a separate remote control for both halves of the bed. Or only a single remote can also control both halves. The attachment of the flashlights is feasible, which makes it easier for the users to find things when there is dark in the room. 



    4 layers for comfort

    Do not offer best pressure relief

    High-density foam core

    Adjustable Base,

    5-mode interactive massage units

    Adjustable twin bed for elderly

  • LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Queen ASIN: B07YBX8KTQ

  • The Lucid gel memory foam mattress has three common sizes. These are 5, 8, 10, 12, and 14 -inches. The type of foam used in the production of this bed adjusts with the body shape of the sleepers. The bed also comes with two separate layers. 

    The upper layer contains a 3-inch gel memory foam which renders a soft surface for the user to sleep on. It alleviates the pressure. The layer is also helpful for ventilation as well. The lower layer of the bed is a 7-inch, high-density polyfoam layer. It is the foundational layer, and it's the durable one. It does not get sagged due to frequent usage. 

    This bed features many antimicrobial properties which are beneficial for patients who are dealing with nose injuries and skin problems. There are two other sub-layers. These are a 2-inch bamboo charcoal layer and 2-inches polyfoam in the base. The charcoal layer has further properties which ensure a cool, hypoallergenic, and smell-free sleep surface.



    Independent head and foot incline

    No support

    Bluetooth compatibility 

    Weak structure

    Dual USB charging stations

    High-quality steel coils

    Soft and gentle comfort

  • Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Base ASIN: B01B8DGNL2

  • This base is supportive of different mattresses. It features a special MicroHook system which positions it in one fixed place. It means it does not move as you change your side while sleeping. 

    It can be linked to a mobile application and also has a remote control. The app is supportive of Android and Apple devices. The app has the ability to initiate features like slow basal movement, alarm, massage features, and much more. The bed lighting helps you with sound sleep as well. 



    Bluetooth app

    Relatively Expensive

    Dual massage with waves

    Under bed lighting

    Snore button and snore feature

    Micro hook retention system

  • Ergomotion Quest 2.5 ASIN: B097297FMT

  • The features of this one include easy assembling, adjustable features, hands-free usage, and much more. The product has three adjustable presets. So it means you can feel all at ease while using this bed in the most comfortable way. 

    The bed can also alter your sleeping position. The remote is AI-controlled and will work as per your voice commands. The features like massage motors and under-bed lighting make it a good choice for users. 

    The bed has an affordable price range which means anyone who has physical impairments can take the support of this full-package bed to maintain their health on all counts. 



    Adjustable bed frame

    The headboard is not padded.

    Enhance and improve your overall sleep experience

    Enhanced mobility

    Under Bed lighting and dual USB ports

    Voice-activated Ergo system

  • Sven & Son Bliss Series Adjustable Bed Base ASIN: B08N9P6DNY

  • Sven & Son's Bliss Series offers a premium quality product with several physical and health benefits. 

    The bed is durable, one with compelling steel manufacturing. The bed comes with a free Bluetooth control mobile app which means you can control and adjust your bed from any place in your home. 

    The head tilt functions at 75 degrees, and the leg tilt has 45 degrees for better functioning. The pillow tilt has additional 7 degrees, which aids in effective lumbar support. 

    Due to this reason, this bed has been on the list of top favorites for consumers. There are different features of this bed that are irresistible, but its reasonable price range makes it accessible to many worthy consumers as well. 

    The Noteworthy Features of bed are:

    • Includes customizable lumbar support for people who always deal with back pain.
    • The free Bluetooth application works with Android and Apple devices. 
    • Allows further installation services if needed in the future.



    Available in four different sizes

    Not a good and comfortable mattress

    Fits in any other bed frame

    Bundle of foam mattress available

    Offers Free installation services

    10 years of warranty

  • Reverie R650 Split King (2 TXLs) Tilt Adjustable Bed Base

  •  ASIN: B07Y2FLFD8

    The Reverie Adjustable Bed Base not only has a superb design, but it comes with several features. Everything you need in a comfortable and adjustable bed for yourself. 

    The lumbar support features 100 discrete points by which you can fix its position according to your spinal cord. Make it high or low. Everything is easy with this bed. It is a great source of relaxation for your back if you cannot find any solution in this regard. 

    The pro grip phenomenon of the bed does not let it shift or move. The 3D wave massage is all you need to have after a long tiring workday. This feature has a further ten levels that you may select from as per your needs. It is controlled by a mobile application. It helps you set your bed. Also helps with setting timers and alarms. 



    Tilting function is excellent


    Zero Gravity and more comfortable

    Apps needs to set up

    Massage is a very amazing feature

    Voice controls are difficult to set up

    Voice control feature are good enough when they work

    Features to Consider While Purchasing Adjustable bed for seniors

    It is better to keep some factors in mind if you want to buy the best fit for adjustable beds for yourself or senior family members. 

  • Height Adjustability

  • The height of the beds has to be fixable. So that beds like these can serve the needs of seniors. The user can fall from the bed if its height is too high. Customizable heights are beneficial for safe usage. 

  • Positioning

  • These beds have to offer different sleeping positions in terms of comfort. Some users find it difficult to make the most of the beds. They cannot properly sleep on the bed. So, in this case, adjustable beds are important to consider due to their properties like zero gravity or elevated legs, which are typical sleeping positions healthy for seniors. 

  • Size

  • The size is an important factor. Make sure you have a sufficient place to keep your bed. Different sizes of beds demand corresponding rooms in your home, which is a determining factor. 

  • Optional Features

  • The adjustable beds are worth the investment. But additional features make them worth all the money spent. So it is better to look for a bed which has typical additional features. 

    These features are massage motion, odor control, moisture resistance, wireless or wired remote, bed rails, device charging station, under-bed lighting, and storage pouches. 

    Final Verdict 

    The best adjustable bed for seniors depends on their safety, comfort, and medical needs. In the above list, we have offered you a comprehensive selection of beds for seniors with capabilities, features, pros, and cons.

    Buy the best bed for the elderly as per your budget.

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