Top 9 Transfer Poles For Elderly To Buy In 2022

Everyone wants to move freely in their house. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to do so; especially older people. At times, they are too weak to move around without additional support. For such people, a transfer pole can be an ideal option.

A transfer pole (also known as a stand up pole) helps elders to move around more freely. It significantly reduces the risk of falling and prevents your older family members from injury. It also makes elders more independent in performing their daily chores and eliminates the need for others household members to support them in moving from one place to another.

Are you also considering buying a floor to ceiling tension pole for an elder? If yes, how will you find the perfect choice for their needs? No need to scratch your head as we will make things simple for you.

In this article, we have brought you the 9 best transfer poles for elders. Also, we have also included a buying guide at the start to help you make an informed decision.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep into this article.

Buying Guide

To choose a transfer pole that suits your requirements, you need to consider a few factors so that you get value for your money. These factors include:

  • Grip Capacity and Weight

Transfer pole’s grip capacity and weight will tell you whether the transfer pole can support the patient in moving around or not. The patients' weights can vary by a big range, so you should consider this factor before choosing a transfer pole.

Also, different poles come with varying designs of grip. So, make sure to choose one that comes with the most comfortable grip.

  • Adjustability

Some transfer poles have static while others have an adjustable height. We will recommend you choose the one with adjustable height.

But why is it important? You may need to change the height of the pole according to your comfort. Also, if the height is adjustable, you can reduce its size for ease of storage.

  • Assembling

For ease of transportation, transfer poles are delivered unassembled to you. Therefore, you need to assemble them manually.

Therefore, you should check whether the pole is easy-to-build or whether it would need some additional tools for assembling.

9 Best Transfer Poles in 2022

We have brought you the top 9 choices of transfer poles. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

1. Medline MDG0183581 Retractor

Medline is a well-known manufacturer of medical products like transfer poles. It works globally and is widely known for the quality of its products.

The MDG01832581 transfer pole by Medline provides ultimate security combined with convenience. It is made up using heavy-duty steel. It comes unassembled, but compiling it is an easy task.

You just need to follow the instructions to assemble it. Also, no additional equipment is needed for setting it up.

The firm grip of the pole prevents slippage and enhances safety. The pole stabilizes itself between the floor and the ceiling, making its stability highly reliable.


  • Can be adjusted between 7′ 8.25″ and 8′ 2.5″
  • Simple setup
  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • Sleek and attractive look
  • No need for additional tools


  • Can’t be used for high ceilings

2. Stander Security Pole

Stander is a popular name in the healthcare field. The company shows great potential in its products. And If anyone has trouble using its pole, you can reach their customer service for solutions.

This transfer pole is best known for the safety it offers. It provides safe patient support while standing, sitting, or approaching the wheelchair. Also, it does no damage to the ceiling or the floor as its ends are coated with rubber to avoid scratches.

This floor to ceiling pole has an amazing design, and you can fit it anywhere in the room. Therefore, it is an all-in-one solution that has an attractive appearance, strength, and stability.

The pole needs to be manually assembled but is relatively easy to set up. Also, no additional tools are required for setting it up. If you wish to install it permanently, you can also use the wood screws that you find in the packaging.


  • Height can be adjusted between 7 to 10 feet
  • Easy to use in the bathroom
  • Can withstand up to 300 lbs
  • Foam grip and cushioned handles
  • Easy to setup


  • Requires muscle strength for setup

3. Able Life Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar

Able life is a global manufacturer of health products. It aims to make its products an essential part of patient’s daily life.

The product allows the patient to grab the pole anywhere in the room. It can be set in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen for maximum convenience. 

Moreover, it is super easy to set up and does not require extra tools to set it up. All you need is a wretch that comes in the box. And then, you can install it by tightening the pole between the floor and the roof. Overall, it's an optimum floor to ceiling grab bar for seniors. 


  • Can handle 300 lbs weight
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Permanent installation is not needed
  • Can be adjusted between 7 and 9 feet
  • Support handlebar


  • Vague instruction manual

4. Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

It is another reliable handicap pole of Stander. It's a floor to ceiling grab pole. The quality of the product stands out, and new features make it a good option.

This transfer pole is a two-in-one product. It not only helps the patient to stand up but also offers support when the patient is standing which is made possible by the curve grab bar.

This bar can easily be locked at a 45° angle, which offers more support to the user. It saves the patient from awkwardly looking for an optimal support position. Instead, they can attain support at their convenience with this pole. 

It can be installed in any room and is easy to set up. Permanent installation isn’t necessary, but the option is available. Also, it fits conveniently between floor and ceiling, and its height can be manually changed.

Moreover, you get a manufacturer warranty with the product and also premium customer support. 



  • Height can be changed between 7 and 10 feet
  • 300 lb weight supporting capacity
  • Lock and rotate feature
  • Two in one product
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Can’t be used for vaulted ceilings

5. Stander Metallic Black Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

This transfer pole is an ideal option if you want to focus on aesthetics and reliability. This metallic black pole gives an eye-pleasing appearance and also offers great support.

It comes with a movable and lockable curve handle that allows the patient to adjust its position at their convenience.

Like the other poles of Stander, it also comes unassembled. But, the setup is straightforward. It's a floor-to-ceiling grab bar and works with the help of a tension mount.


  • Tension mounted
  • Height adjustable between 7 and 10 feet
  • 300 lb weight holding capacity
  • Permanent installation is not needed
  • Two in one standing pole


  • Manual setup

6. Stander Tension Mounted Elderly Transfer Pole

The transfer pole stands out for its catchy appearance. It can fit perfectly with your room decor. Apart from appearance, its quality is another important feature that makes it a great option for elders.

This transfer pole also comes unassembled, but setting it up is relatively easy. The packaging box comes with the screws and tools that are needed for assembling the pole.

This transfer pole medical equipment is adjustable in height so that you can install it anywhere in the room. You can also place it in various rooms like bathrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Adding to its benefits, it comes with a manufacturer warranty and Stander customer service.


  • Height adjustable between 7 to 10 feet
  • Simple installation
  • Foamed grips and cushioned handles
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Tension mounted


  • Requires more than 2 people for installation

7. Signature Life Sure Stand Pole

The tension mounted stand pole can carry up to 300 lb weight. It can be adjusted between 7 and 10 feet like other stander poles. But, the transfer pole extension piece can make it as tall as 12 feet. It is capable of rotating 360°, so it offers easy access.

A bamboo tray is attached to the pole. The tray is capable of holding up to 30 lb weight. So, you can easily place your meal, coffee, or laptop on it.

A big benefit that makes it stand out is that it can be used with a slanted ceiling. However, if it is used with such a ceiling, it should be first secured on the floor and ceiling using the hardware in the box.

If you are looking for a bedside pole for the elderly, this can be your primary option. 


  • Can be used for ceilings as high as 12 feet
  • Also used with vaulted ceilings
  • Bamboo tray
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Easy setup


  • Costly Option

8. Healthcraft SuperPole with SuperBar

The Healthcraft SuperPole is a unique transfer pole. It has a horizontal bar that locks into 5 different positions. 

This bar provides additional weight-bearing support along with providing more grip options for patients. The bar also comes with form padding to protect the sore hands and prevent patients from slipping.

You can easily lift the Superbar to unlock easily and lower it to lock it securely. The bar is 16 inches long, but you can adjust its height from 24-38 inches from the floor. 

It also has a horizontal grab bar that provides more support to the patients. Ultimately, it's easy for them to step in and out of the shower. 

The SuperPole can be used only for standard 8-foot ceilings and is held firmly into place; leaving no damage to the ceiling. 


  • Additional grip options
  • Increased comfort because of padded handholds


  • Tough to install without assistance
  • Non-adjustable height
  • Cannot fully resist rust

9. Able Life Stand Assist Safety Handle with Adjustable Laptop Table

Able Life Stand Assist Safety Handle is not a standard floor to ceiling transfer pole, yet it deserves to be in the list due to its sturdy support and highly functional tray table.

Able Life Stand can fit under any recliner or sofa in your living room. It also has a built-in cup holder and a utensil tray that is friendly for the elders. The height is also adjustable, which makes it a top option for any room.

It also comes with pads that prevent damage to the floor. Moreover, it has an attractive bamboo traf surface that can hold up to 30 pounds. Which means you can place a laptop, mean and handiwork on it. And when the tray isn't in use, you can position it off to the side of your sofa. Furthermore, the tray also has a cup holder so you can't spill your drinks.


  • Attractive and handy Swiveling tray
  • Can be placed on either left or right side of the chair


  • Use is limited with a 4-legged chair (feet measure 20 to 36 inches apart)

Sum Up

Summing it up, the transfer pole is an amazing healthcare product for elder people. It helps them to perform their routine tasks freely as they can move around easily. It is vital to choose the pole that fits your requirement since a transfer pole can be a long-term investment.

To find the right option for your elder ones, you should consider adjustability, ease of assembling, and the weight capacity of the pole. Make sure to go through the short buying guide that we have compiled at the start of the article.


In this list, we covered the best floor to ceiling poles for the elderly. A transfer pole can make lives easier for elders and ensure they are not dependent on others.

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