10 Best Garden Kneelers Workbench & Kneeling Benches

Looking for some affordable yet high-quality garden Kneelers on amazon? We've got you covered!

Gardening is a hobby, especially for seniors, the disabled, and many teens. Buy a comfy garden kneeler if you're a gardening lover but find it uncomfortable while kneeling down for hours. Are you confused about what garden kneelers are? Garden kneelers and benches are comfortable to support while planting or weeding your plants. 

Garden kneelers provide a firm grip and easy gardening experience if you've arthritis or stiff joints. Now kneel and inspect your herbs without worrying about knee and back pains. Garden kneelers are made of sturdy structures and cushioned EVA foams. You can easily fold these kneelers for perfect storage.

There are several types of garden kneelers; you can choose one that suits you well depending on style, color, and other features. We've selected the 10 best Garden kneelers and gardening seats to buy on amazon. Read more!

Best Garden Kneeler Workbench Buying Guide

Kneeling garden benches and seats have various designs and features. Different brands offer different variations, for example, colors, features, styles, and functionality. Amazon and other markets have a wide range of kneelers, but how to choose the perfect one? Here are some factors to consider before buying garden kneelers:

  • Functionality

You'll see several garden kneelers presenting different features. Traditional garden kneelers can be used just for kneeling. But updated kneelers offer seat and kneeling features to make your gardening experience comfortable. 

Many kneelers come with dal-functionality and are perfect for seniors who want to relax after gardening. Flip these stools accordingly and get 2in 1 advantage. 

  • Material:

Material is one of the main features to remember while buying a Garden Kneeler. An ideal kneeling bench is made of a high-quality and sturdy frame, i.e., metal or steel. Except for sturdiness, these frames have other features like waterproofing, rust resistance, and many more. 

Kneelers are made of the same material, but their durability and quality vary. Always prefer the one that comes with a compact design and strong material.

  • Foaming/ Padding

Cushions are one of the vital features of these kneelers as they offer a comfy surface to kneel on. EVA foams vary in size and thickness; I always prefer soft ones. Foam padding offers extra-comfort whale gardening and planting. 

  • Storage

Many Garden Kneelers come with tool pouches or extra storage. You can keep your gardening tools beside you for better gardening. Except for pouches, seed organizers are also a bonus, with some kneelers. 

  • Other Features

Experience comfortable gardening with heavy-duty garden kneelers. Some features like weight and foldings are also to be considered to better your gardening experience. Choose the foldable, durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble!

10 Best Garden Kneelers & Garden Kneeling Benches (at a glance)

  1. Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat
  2. Abo Tech Foldable Garden kneeler
  3. Ohuhu Upgraded Gardening Stool with Thicker EVA Foam
  4. SONGMICS Garden Kneeler and Seat
  5. Portable Garden Kneeler and Seat by XCSOURCE
  6. H&G Heavy Duty Garden Bench
  7. UHINOOS Garden Kneeler and Foldable Seat
  8. Sunix Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat
  9. Ohuhu Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat
  10. Aimerla Foldable Garden Kneeler and Portable Bench

1- Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

Product Specs:

  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel

  • Seat Material: Plastic

  • Size: 23.5 x 10.9 x 19.3 inches

  • Weight: 2.6 Kg

  • Weight: 5.72 pounds

Ohuhu has so much for its customer, ensuring the best quality products. The Ohuhu Garden Seat and Kneeler allows you to be on your knees heading towards your flowers and garden beds. Experience ache-free seating and kneeling with Ohuhu foldable kneeler.

This convenient kneeling pad with a thick cushion won't allow any pain or fracture in your knees. Designed with EVA and sturdy steel, this multipurpose stool serves as a garden seat and cushioned kneeler. This way, you can water your plants and inspect each mini herb. 

This stool cab bear's maximum recommended weight is up to 330lbs; isn't it astounding? This high and foldable stool is crafted to keep you away from the mud. Above all, this garden kneeling workbench is easy to carry and lightweight. 


  •  Portable & lightweight

  • MultipurposeMultipurpose design that can be used as a kneeler or chair

  • Can bear up to 330lbs

  • Comes with pocket pouches


  • Foam seating could be more padded

2- Abo Tech Foldable Garden kneeler

Product Specs:

  • Frame Material: Metal

  • Seat Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 16 inches

  • Weight: 8.18 pounds

Abo Tech foldable kneeling stool allows you to kneel ache-free among your plants. This comfortable kneeler is perfect for weeding or planting while preventing you and your clothes from the dirt. This deep-seat best garden kneeler with handle offers soft EVA foam filling to protect your knees.

This gardening seat is durable as it supports your back; thus, it's perfect for seniors. The Strong Metallic Frame is sturdy enough to carry 200lb weight, but still, it's lightweight. The garden kneeler can be folded and converted to a convenient seat to relax among your flowers. 


  • High-quality foam 

  • Lightweight & Foldable structure.

  • Multifunctional kneeler

  • Perfect gift for women

  • Pouch for storage of gardening tools


  • Not a sturdy frame

3- Ohuhu Upgraded Gardening Stool with Thicker EVA Foam

Ohuhu never fails to surprise us with its versatile products. Ohuhu 2-IN-1 Gardening Stool is a perfect addition to your gardening essentials. This gardening seat is a comfy kneeling pad that allows you to kneel or sit conveniently. 

The solid steel and EVA cushioned seat is durable yet lightweight, bearing up to 330lbs. Ohuhu garden kneeler is weatherproof, so you don't need to worry about its storage. Let this pad comfort you back with its ultra-soft padding!

Comes with two functional and detachable pouches to place your gardening tools safely. This folding garden seat is a perfect gift for women and men gardeners who spend most of their time in the garden. 


  • Ultra-soft EVA foam 

  • Affordable and convenient design

  • Made of heavy-duty material


  • The padding may be too hard

4- SONGMICS Garden Kneeler and Seat

  • Frame: Metal

  • Seat Material : Fabric

  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds

  • Maximum Weight: 330 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 10.6 x 19.3 inches

SONGMICS offers a versatile garden kneeler that is perfect and comfortable for gardening. This durable garden kneeling stool can carry up to 330 pounds, a bigger capacity. EVA padding provides an ache-free gardening experience. This portable and foldable package is easy to assemble and made of high-quality material. Now save your clothes from dirt while weeding or planting. 

The SONGMICS garden kneeler provides high-quality metal and ultra-soft EVA padding. You can place your gardening tools beside you in the 4 detachable pockets. 


  • Ultra-soft Cushion

  • 4 tool pockets

  • Convenient and portable


  • Pockets cant carry heavy tools

5- Portable Garden Kneeler and Seat by XCSOURCE

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 22.83 x 19.29 x 10.82 inches

  • Frame Material: Metal

  • Seat Material: Plastic

  • Weight: 7 Pounds

  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds

XCSOURCE offers an exclusive garden bench with 2 tool pouches. This upgraded garden kneeling bench comes with Eva foam padding with broader and thicker cushions for an ache-free experience. 

Another feature of this garden bench is 2 handy storage pockets specifically designed to store garden equipment. Its Multipurpose folding feature makes it perfect for people of all ages; kneel or sit with comfort. 

Its durable structure can carry up to 300 pounds, a bigger capacity. This lightweight garden stool has strong-quality paint on the rails that remains intact for a long-time. Fade-less dye is used to design seats that guarantee not fade in the sun.


  • Built-in handle provides support 

  • Comfy EVA foam padding 

  • Sturdy & stable

  • Lightweight, portable, and Compact 


  • Cushion thickness may not be the same

6- H&GT Heavy Duty Garden Bench

Product Specs:

  • Frame: Metal

  • Seat: Vinyl

  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds

  • Maximum Weight:  350 Pounds

  • Dimension: 7 x 21.65 x 18.9 inches

Home & Graden trends present stylish gardening kneeler that is both convenient and durable. This garden kneeler has a sturdy frame and arms that alleviate back and knee pain. This multipurpose gardening seat and kneeler is suitable for senior men or women who love to work in their gardens.

This garden kneeling stool has a removable tool pocket to store your gardening tools kit. With an ultra-soft EVA Foam cushion to kneel on, this gardening kneeler is portable and foldable. Only weighs 5.7 lbs and folds with no physical force. 

Highly recommended for grandparents, senior gardeners, and those suffering from knee or joint pain. This exclusive garden kneeler has a warranty of 1 year, so buy now to surprise your loved ones!


  • Sturdy & lightweight

  • Easy-to-carry

  • No rassemblement require

  • Rust-resistance material


  • Not a very steady base

7- UHINOOS Garden Kneeler and Foldable Seat 

Product Specs:

  • Dimension: 23 x 12 x 19 inches

  • Color: Black, Green

  • Frame Material: Metal

  • Seat Material: Metal

  • Weight: 7 Pounds

UHINOOS portable gardening stool comes with soft EVA foam padding and steel structure. Now you can work and kneel for a long time in your garden without worrying about knee pain. Its compact design presents excellent support and grip to avoid any knee injuries. 

The built-in handles are durable and offer an easy grip on your arms. This kneeling bench is a perfect seat when it's upright and a combat kneeler when flipped over. This durable kneeler is foldable and easy to carry, saving you a lot of space. 

This multifunctional garden stool Comes with 2 detachable pockets for storing your tools. 


  • Heavy-duty structure

  • Foldable & lightweight

  • Multi-purpose 

  • Soft EVA foam mats


  • Can't bear up to 300lbs

8- Sunix Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat

This multipurpose kneeler is a perfect garden and convenient garden seat. It offers incredible stability for you to sit or kneel on your patio. Its comfy padding and sturdy stricture offer you a massive grip without hurting your back or knees. Flip it over to get a perfect kneeling bench!

Now you can save your clothes from dirt while weeding or planting. The Upgraded Sunix Garden seat is made of high-quality metal and ultra-soft EVA padding. It can handle up to 330 lb. 

You can place your gardening tools beside you in the two detachable pockets. This foldable kneeler can be folded flat easily, which makes it convenient to carry and store. EVA padding provides a comfortable yet ache-free gardening experience. It comes with 18 month warranty!

  • Frame: Metal

  • Seat Material: Fabric

  • Maximum Weight: 330 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 10.8 x 19.2 inches

  • Weight: 7.48 pounds


  • Foldable and lightweight

  • Easy to assemble

  • Comes with tool pouches and a seed organizer

  • Portable & compact


  • Not a soft seat

9- Ohuhu Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat

Product Specs:

  • Frame Steel

  • Maximum Weight 330 Pounds

  • Dimensions 23.62 x 10.63 x 19.69 inches

  • Weight 7.13 pounds

Ohuhu offers a wide range of premium-quality garden Kneelers and benches. This one comes with a Wider and Thicker EVA Pad. 

This upgraded kneeler is the best garden kneeler with handles and is made of anti-rust steel that lasts several seasons. It can hold up to 330lbs. Its foldable feature makes it perfect for storage with less space capacity. Keep your gardening tool in the 2 detachable pouches. 

Ohuhu Foldable Kneeler is an excellent gift for senior gardeners, men, and women who spend most of their time in yards. The foldable kneeler has improved performance with more comfort and stability. This durable kneeler is perfect for garden and yardwork to Make planting and maintenance more comfortable!


  • Durable yet lightweight

  • Thicker and wider pad

  • Solid handles for perfect grip


  • Foam could be much better

10- Aimerla Foldable Garden Kneeler and Portable Bench

  • Frame: Metal

  • Maximum Weight: 330 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 24 x 11 x 19.5 inches

  • Weight: 7.73 pounds

Stop looking for better options; Aimerla features innovative garden kneelers for people of all ages!

If you take a long time digging and planting, this garden kneeler is your need. This ergonomic garden kneeler offers a comfortable stool and protects your knees while gardening. Its Sturdy frame and foldable feature assure excellent strength and high quality. Its Rust-resistant frame ensures the value of money, and it lasts longer. 

This durable kneeler is made of heavy material and can handle up to 330 pounds. EVA foam padding ensures ache-free back and knee support when you're kneeling. 


  • Affordable

  • High-quality material

  • No assembly requires

  • Firm grip

  • Sturdy frame & soft foam


  • Not ultra-soft foams


We've selected some top-rated and perfect garden kneelers. You can choose a suitable one that is perfect for your garden. 

The selected folding benches own all the best kneeler qualities, i.e., great storage, durable material, lightweight structure, and ultra-soft cushion. Regardless of what garden kneeler you choose, ensure that it fulfills all your needs!

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