How to Select the Right Furniture for Senior Citizens

Upholstered furniture can start to sag after a couple of years, frustrating for anyone who has purchased it. This doesn’t bode well for seniors who use them since they need the extra prop due to aching muscles and joints. Here are helpful tips for selecting appropriate items for seniors, such as couches or beach chairs.

Tip #1: Consider the Height

It is important to choose a sofa with the correct seat height for aging individuals because it can be difficult for them to get up from a low seat. A higher seat is easier to get up from. When ordering a custom sofa, you can ask the manufacturer for a specific seat height, but most retail sofas cannot be modified.

The magic number for seating is 18–19 inches because it allows the hips to rest at a 90-degree angle. This makes standing up from a seated position easier, especially for people with knee or hip problems.

Tip #2: Check for Component Quality

The highest-priced item is not always the best indicator of excellent quality. What makes good quality beach chairs for seniors, for example, are the components. The better the quality of your upholstered furniture, the longer it will maintain its shape. This is because the frame, springs, and cushions all support each other. If one element fails, it can also cause the others to fail. 

Over time, this can result in a significant loss of seat height. Getting in and out of your furniture can become increasingly difficult if you have joint problems. This is one time when the sum of its parts is much better than the whole.

Tip #3: Test and Invest in the Fabrics, Too

You may not think you need performance fabric, but you should still invest in it if you have pets, grandchildren, or even if you don’t. If you have a high-quality piece, you can always have it recovered, but do you want to?

Some great performance fabrics on the market are resistant to dirt, food, oil, and even ink. Crypton and Sunbrella are two brands that make great fabrics that withstand a lot of wear and tear. Several fabric vendors offer stain-resistant treatments on their fabrics.

Beyond those advantages, performance fabrics are not only resistant to staining but also hold their color better and can withstand more wear and tear. These fabrics are often tested for commercial use and given a Wyzenbeek score, which rates the fabric's durability. 

The Wyzenbeek test involves repeatedly rubbing the fabric until it shows signs of wear and tear, after which the fabric is given a “double rub” number. This number indicates how often someone can sit and stand up again before the fabric shows wear. Many performance fabrics have 50,000 or more double rubs, meaning they can withstand 50,000 sit-stand cycles before showing any wear. If your fabric gets stained, it will also be easier to clean without damaging the fabric.

Remember, don’t just look at the steep price. Consider the components and what they’re made from. Those’ll give you the best bang for your buck.

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