10 Best Lightweight Luggage for Seniors

Retirees and seniors frequently traveled and made the best of their leisure at home and abroad. In general, tourists of all ages agree that if your baggage isn't up to par, it will ruin your vacation. The goal, then, is to acquire suitable baggage for your journeys. 

However, how does one go about picking out the best suitcase when they are older in years? Strong, moving baggage with well-distanced wheels, extremely simple features, grips, and multiple sections should be your top priority when shopping for a briefcase.

Let’s look at lightweight carry-on luggage for elderly. 

Best Lightweight luggage for seniors 

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels ASIN: B00BXDPF7G

We love traveling with a variety of different luggage, but one of our favorites is the Delsey Helium Aero. Polycarbonate, the substance from which it is manufactured, is both lighter and surprisingly durable. It's quite pliable, so it'll flex when it takes a hit. That's why your briefcase won't break if you accidentally tread on it; it will simply buckle inward.

Anyone who values security and order in their belongings will find the Helium Aero to be an excellent choice. An external section is included, which is unusual for hard-sided luggage. You can organize your belongings in a way that makes particular things easy to find or just store them apart from the rest of your items in the major pockets.

This lightweight luggage even has four double-spinning tires that slide smoothly and softly. The telescoping wheeled handle of your briefcase will allow you to effortlessly navigate the crowded terminals of any airport.



TSA friendly lock

Not as lightweight as mentioned 

External front compartment

Cannot lock the external compartment

Expandable capacity

American Tourister Stratum XLT ASIN: B07S155V65

Good suitcases can also be found in American Tourister. Since Samsonite is their parent organization, you can expect similar quality. You save money because your suitcase won't have the Samsonite name on it. It's perfect as lightweight luggage for overseas trips or domestic use.

ABS plastic, used to make the American Tourister luggage, is not as sturdy as Polycarbonate. However, it is more scratch-resistant, so your suitcase will stay in top condition for longer. The heaviest suitcase in the collection has a weight of 8.7 pounds, but the smallest baggage, Stratum XLT, has a weight of only 6.3 pounds!

The American Tourister duffle bag features dual storage areas. One area is divided into two sections by a full-length zipped panel, whereas the other contains flexible zipped pockets and cross-straps. It's great, and you can even add to the storage space if you need to.

The Stratum XLT's four single-spinning tires roll silently and effortlessly. You can roll it about the airport with the help of the telescoping handle, and you can pick it up without much effort thanks to the side and top grab handles.



Different stage wheel handles

No locks for safety

Spinning wheels

ABS exterior 

Spinner is expandable

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage ASIN: B071NJ24R9

If you don't have a lot of cash to spend on baggage, AmazonBasic's lighter-weight luggage is an excellent option. It's the most reasonably priced luggage we've looked at here, coming in at around fifty dollars. Take it into consideration if you are strapped for cash.

The strong ABS plastic used to make this bag makes it extremely scratch-proof. Unfortunately, ABS isn't the most durable material. Thus a strong enough blow will cause the shells to shatter.

This carry-on has two separate packing sections and is completely lined inside. One has a flexible cross strap and a zipped separator across the entire panel. The three zipped compartments within the bag are perfect for stowing away valuables.



Affordable lightweight luggage for seniors

No locks for safety 

Silent and smooth spinner wheels

Wheel handles are flimsy

Expandable capacity

No grab handles at the bottom

IT Luggage Los Angeles 2 ASIN: B08KTZ995L

We can't have a list of the greatest light briefcases without including the world's lightest baggage. A number of the world's lightest luggage may be found in the IT Suitcase brand, which also happens to be quite reasonably priced. One such case is the Los Angeles two, which, in its lightest configuration (carry-on size), weighs only 3.81 pounds.

The length of the handle can be adjusted, albeit it is not as long as the grips on standard double-barrel wheels. This briefcase isn't the best value, but it's worth considering if you value a large carrying capacity, a comfortable handle, and a wide opening. You may recognize IT baggage by its distinctive handle design, which is unique among brands.

The main structure of a Los Angeles two briefcase is constructed from two-tone cloth, while the frame is built of fiberglass. Two wrap belts and four slide pockets help you stay organized inside the roomy main area that is entirely covered with polyester.



Unique wheel designs

No spinning wheels

Extremely lightweight to carry

No locks for safety 

Compartments are spacious

Wheel handle does not lock into position

Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Frequent Flyer ASIN: B07YL5WDWC

The Victorinox Werks Traveler is a fantastic option if you're not too price-conscious. It has some great characteristics that will make your life better, especially if you frequently travel for work.

The suiter compartment is designed to prevent wrinkles in your suits when traveling. The padded compartment for a laptop up to 15 inches is another nice touch. As an added bonus, it contains a dedicated tablet compartment to keep your valuables secure.

This small carry-on is special since it features a USB charging connector, which the larger luggage in this set lacks. I'm a sucker for lightweight baggage that's also compatible with my electronic devices, and this one seems promising.

The main area is quite roomy, and it comes with both cross handles, and an interior zipped pocket. The suiter/divider portion contains zipped compartments on each side, allowing convenient organizing of your items. The primary storage space may be expanded by a maximum of 5.5 inches.



Suiter section 

More than 7 lbs weight

USB port

Relatively expensive 

Expandable capacity

IT Luggage Bossa Nova ASIN: B07F33YZRY

Take a look at this additional piece of IT Luggage's World's Lightest selection: the Carry-On. The Bossa Nova has a length of 27.6 inches and weighs 4.51 pounds. That's quite astounding, especially considering that most of the other featured carry-ons weigh approximately twice the same or more. Still, they are classified as lightweight.

The four double-spinning tires on this lightweight suitcase are smooth, quiet, and robust. This IT Luggage bag, like the other one I showed you, has a large, wheeled handle.

Not only does it not stick out into the main storage area, but it also feels quite solid in your palm. The baggage has sides and top grab handles, as well as padded, ergonomic grips.

The absence of the handle and wheel tubes provides more storage space on the inside. The bag has one huge zipped pocket inside and two wrap straps to secure your belongings.



Spacious interior and compartments

No capacity for expanding

Relatively affordable

No locks

Lightweight luggage for elderly

Little pockets

Samsonite Freeform Carry-On Spinner ASIN: B0815LFX3D 

The Samsonite Freeform Baggage Roller stood out as the best option because it is the next era of lighter-weight bags while still being competitively priced. The polypropylene shell is extremely lightweight, and the rigid pattern protects the bag from scratches and scuffs. Indeed, it showed virtually no signs of wear after our numerous bat and drop tests; we would feel very satisfied if we were required to report it.

This carry-on bag from Samsonite, the company says, has more interior room than its competitors' versions. Without resorting to the expansion mechanism, we were able to bring along everything we needed. 

We like the shoe compartment and the zipped compartment for our most precious belongings; however, we wish we could use both at the same time. Your possessions will be held securely in place by the compression straps, and the TSA-approved lock will allow airport security to access the luggage without hurting your belongings.



Durable and sturdy design 

No organized compartments 

Stylish and eye catching design and colors


Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack  ASIN: B07HSLRWCV

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack wowed our reviewers because it is sleek, spacious, and functional in a wide variety of scenarios. To begin with, the ballistic nylon fabric and TPU-coated polyester of this backpack have withstood all of our rigorous durability testings without a single scratch. 

Our second favorite feature is how the main area opens like a suitcase rather than a traditional backpack. Despite its lack of rigidity, the pack has enough form to facilitate organized packing, and its many pockets, some of which are removable, are both practical and of varying sizes.

It contains a padded compartment for your computer or tablet, a zipped compartment on top for your belongings, and lash loops for connecting your coat with a carabiner. The backpack's weight-spreading harness process provides supreme comfort for long periods of wear. In particular, we liked how the belts molded to our shoulders and chest.



Well-organized compartments

Relatively expensive 

Different styles of carrying 

Stylish aesthetic and rugged

Lipault Plume Cabin Spinner ASIN: B0968V6SRZ

Lipault - Plume Carry-On Cabin Suitcase Spinner Luggage for Women

The laboratory also adored Lipault's Plume Cabin Roller. In addition to the two toiletries bags, we were able to stuff everything on our checklist into this 5-pound soft side duffel bag hybrid. Unlike most cases with a hard shell, this one has a few flat pockets on the outside. However, keep in mind that once the briefcase is filled, you won't have much room left for other items.

Our reviewers noted that the wheels ran nicely, but the grip seemed flimsy. Similarly, our bat test revealed no evident damage to the Plume Spinner, as would be expected from a premium outside the model. The sleek matte finish is appealing, and it seems to be simple to wipe clean. Despite the high cost, we recommend this carry-on for short journeys.



Weighs only 5 pounds

No expander

Resists scratches and scuffs

Wobbly handle

Rolls smoothly

Travelpro Maxlite Air Carry-on Expandable Hardside Spinner ASIN: B09RNCJJB8

The Travelpro Maxlite Air, at only 6.1 pounds, was a clear winner in the looks category. It is made of shatterproof plastic and features a denim-like ribbed structure on the outside to hide scuffs and scratches. After we pushed it off a chair and hit it with a bat, we expected to see some damage, but we didn't.

We were able to cram everything into the two internal pockets, but the bag was too large to be considered a carry-on when we expanded it. Also, it would have been wonderful to have compressive cross or pad straps.

Though it looks like it has eight tires, this briefcase actually has four sets for double rollers. According to our guinea pigs, it handled bumps and turns quite well on two casters but was less balanced on all four.



Shiny textured resists scratches and cracks 

Small capacity

Provide Perfect balance 

No expander 

Durable yet stylish

Slightly unstable on 4 wheels 

Things To Consider While Buying Best Lightweight Luggage For Elderly 

It is important to keep in mind that endurance is still a factor.

You don't have to give up strength by giving priority to a lightweight design. Protecting gadgets and avoiding the crushing of your belongings are two reasons to choose for hard side luggage. However, not all rigid bags are as scratch-resistant as others, even if they are typically easy to clean.

Consider the conveniences offered.

The main purpose of carrying only the essentials and maintaining compliance with any airline weight restrictions is just one of the many benefits of traveling with lightweight luggage. For this reason, it's important to shop around for a model that suits your specific needs in this regard. You can get them with features like telescoping handles, padded grip handles, an extendable strap, as well as a cart sleeve to make rolling the bag along the ground a breeze.

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