Grocery Carts for Seniors: 7 Best Shopping Carts With Wheels For Elderly

Elderly life is not so easy. With the various physical ailments and limited mobility, daily chores like shopping can be difficult. Various products are introduced in the market to make the elderly life easy and comfortable. 

One such product designed to support the shopping needs of the elderly is the folding shopping cart. With ergonomic handles, padded wheels and lightweight design, these folding shopping carts for seniors make the shopping chore comfortable. Thanks to the lightweight design of the personal shopping carts, you no longer need to worry about lugging on those super heavy trolleys. Whether you want to be carrying and unloading groceries, laundry or other equipment such as sports equipment, it is now possible with rolling grocery carts for seniors with wheels. 

Shopping Carts For Seniors: Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks Shopping Carts Our Rating

#1 Best

Joovy Boot Lightweight Folding Shopping Cart for Seniors



VersaCart Transit Grocery Dolly for the Elderly



dBest products trolley dolly shopping cart for the elderly



Surpcos Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart With Rear Swivel Wheels


"Very Good"

Uniware 36-inch foldable wheeled shopping carts to carry groceries


"Very Good"

TICCI shopping cart to carry groceries

"Very Good"


Grocery Carts for Seniors Buying Guide

With the numerous designs of personal shopping carts for seniors available in the market, choosing one can be a little challenging. Here are certain things that you should consider while purchasing a foldable shopping cart. 

  • Type of material (for lightweight utility shopping cart)

  • The folding shopping cart should be made of high-quality material that lasts long. Metals like stainless steel frame and high-quality aluminium are the best as they are solid and sturdy. For covered grocery carts, high-quality polyester that lasts for a long would be a perfect choice. The material should also be lightweight and weather-resistant, so you can use it anytime. 

  • Type of wheel (for a grocery carrier)

  • Like the good grocery cart material, the wheel should also be strong to bear the weight. High-quality plastic wheels are the best. Wheels made of the same metal as the body would also work best. Make sure the wheel has a rubber casing o that you can easily roll it on all surfaces like concrete, gravel and grass. 

  • Design of the swivel wheels (ideally a folding shopping cart)

  • The utility shopping cart double front swivel wheels must have a swivel design so you can easily manoeuvre it. The forward and backward motion of the wheel should also be smooth so that you can quickly move it. 

  • Design of the handle (portable cart and easy maneuverability)

  • Since the folding shopping cart is pushed using a handle, the design of the handle should also be comfortable. The handle should have padding so the user does not get hurt while pulling or pushing. It is best to go for carts for seniors with an adjustable handle so that you can adjust them according to your height and comfort level. 

  • Heaviness (you want a lightweight cart)

  • The folding shopping cart should be lightweight so you can quickly move around. A lightweight trolley is easily manoeuvrable, and you can move around in crowded shops without much difficulty. Besides, the good grocery cart should also be compact, which makes it easy to manage in crowded areas.  

  • Usage 

  • Though the primary purpose of a folding shopping cart is to carry goods, you should consider where exactly you use it. Do you use it only inside the shop? Or do you take it outdoors while going for a walk? If you use the cart outdoors, you should consider the weather conditions. The cart should have a waterproof cover to protect the goods from getting wet.  

  • Foldability 

  • Shopping carts for seniors can occupy space, especially large ones. Thus, the cart you select should be foldable for easy storage. You should be able to fold and store the cart in the car's boot when you go shopping. 

    Best Folding Shopping Cart for Seniors (At A Glance)

    1. Joovy Boot Lightweight Folding Shopping Cart
    2. VersaCart Transit Grocery Dolly 
    3. dBest products trolley dolly shopping cart
    4. Surpcos Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart
    5. Uniware foldable wheeled shopping cart
    6. TICCI shopping cart

    Which Is The Best Folding Shopping Cart For Seniors?

    Joovy Boot Lightweight Folding Shopping Cart for Seniors

    This is a mesh utility shopping cart designed like a stroller. It comes with a removable mesh bag on top and additional storage at the bottom. The shopping cart is foldable, and you can easily fit it in the car's boot. The mesh bag has a strap, and you can easily carry the utility shopping cart around. The dual swivel wheels of the shopping cart rotating 360 degrees, thus offering great manoeuvrability. 

    • five star rating by one reviewier
    • Easy to use shopping cart as you can steer it with one helping hand.
    • Easy to manoeuvre and fold. 
    • The shopping cart is sturdy and cart holds and easily accommodate heavy items &  groceries. 
    • The Mesh basket is very easy to remove. 


    • You cannot adjust the height of the handle of the shopping cart
    • The folding shopping cart is expensive. 
    • VersaCart Transit Grocery Dolly for the Elderly

    Versacart are a foldable utility shopping cart that are made of heavy-duty canvas. It comes with double front wheels (dual swivel wheels) that offer excellent manoeuvrability. The two handles are ergonomically designed, and you can easily push the shopping cart. The cart is made of a rugged steel frame that offers strength and durability. The polyblend canvas bag is detachable, which makes it more user-friendly. The cart can be folded flat easily and stored when not in use. 


    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
    • It can hold weight capacity of up to 120 pounds. 
    • Easy to steer.
    • The cart comes with a flap that protects the goods from getting wet. 
    • The basket is easy to remove. 
    • Not too expensive. 


    • The dual swivel wheels tend to break easily.  
  • dBest products trolley dolly shopping cart for the elderly

  • This multi-functional trolley can be used as a shopping bag, utility shopping cart, or best grocery cart. It is made of weatherproof material and comes with a heavy-duty wheel that works best in all terrain. The utility cart is collapsible and portable; you can easily store it in the car's boot. The cart has seven compartments, including a rear pocket and inner pouch that lets you store your other personal items. The padded handle of the cart lets you push it with ease. 


    • A lot of storage space. 
    • Lightweight and hence is ideal for public transport. 
    • Easily foldable shopping cart
    • Very comfortable handle height. 
    • Padded handles reduce stress on joints. 
    • Not too expensive. 


    • You should arrange the items wisely to prevent the toppling of the cart. 
    • The stitches are not perfect, and the fabric rips off fast. 
    • Several customers complained about the rubbery coating inside the cart peeling off. 

  • Surpcos Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart With Rear Swivel Wheels

  • This easy-to-use shopping cart is made of a high-quality stainless frame that provides strength and durability. The cart comes with a detachable bag that you can place inside it. The bag is waterproof and hence provides complete protection. The cart is designed in three modes - shopping, oversized wheels and folding. You can change the mode depending on your requirement. 

    The unique cart features of the shopping cart is the three swivel wheels designed for stair climbing. The rotatable handle is ergonomically designed and easy to use by people of all heights. 


    • Easy to fold and lightweight in design. 
    • It can carry a weight of 220 lbs. 
    • Easy to move up and down with the three rolling swivel wheels. 
    • Three modes make it easier to use
    • Cart features comes with a hook where you can hang extra bags. 


    • The cart is small though it is marketed as ‘upgraded.’
    • The cart is not as sturdy as mentioned. 

  • Uniware 36-inch foldable wheeled shopping carts to carry groceries

  • This compact shopping cart comes with a polyester drawstring bag that is large enough to carry all your personal belongings. The small zipper pocket on the cart lets you carry your personal small items. The trolley dolly is super strong and comes with a EVA wheel design that are durable. The long handle with a non-slip grip makes it easy to push and pull the cart as needed. The trolley is extremely light and easy to fold and convenient storage.


    • The removable bag is detachable and hence easy to clean. 
    • Easy to fold for storage. 
    • Light weight that makes it apt for the elderly. 
    • Less expensive. 
    • Easy to assemble. 


    • The velcro is not strong enough to hold the bag in position. 


  • Kanchimi stair climber foldable shopping carts for the elderly


    This is a stair climbing trolley that is ideal for shopping and travelling. The trolley comes with heavy-duty tri-wheels that go smoothly on all terrains. This is a grocery cart with swivel wheels that you can easily fold for storage. The sturdy and big portable grocery cart base can withstand up to 220 pounds. The high-capacity bag is removable and has five small pockets for added functionality. The highlight of the trolley is the long handle which makes it more user-friendly. 

    • Light weight that makes it apt for the elderly. 

    • It climbs up the stairs smoothly.  

    • Easy to assemble. 

    • The trolley is flimsy and cannot hold heavy personal items. 


  • TICCI shopping cart to carry groceries


    This is an insulated waterproof shopping bag made of aluminium and rubber. This portable grocery cart is designed with multi-layered insulation that keeps the food fresh for a long. This lightweight stroller has a large capacity and comes with three pockets for storing small items. The upgraded reinforced bottom ensures stability and durability. The wear-resistant rubber wheel with a double bearing design lets the best grocery cart roll smoothly in all terrain. 

    • A sturdy push good grocery cart for seniors that can withstand the weight. 

    • Easy to assemble. 

    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

    • The handles of the good grocery cart are fixed. Thus, it can be difficult for tall people. 

    • Several customers complained about the rear wheels falling off. 

    Grocery Carts for Seniors FAQ's

    Are there grocery carts designed specifically for seniors?

    As we age, our grocery shopping habits change. We may not be able to move as quickly or lift as much weight. For these reasons, many stores are now offering senior-friendly carts. These carts have been designed with the unique needs of seniors in mind. They may have a taller handle to make it easier to push and a lower shelf so that items are within reach. Some even come equipped with a seat, so you can take a rest if you need to. If your local store doesn’t offer senior-friendly carts, ask them to consider it.

    The benefits of using a grocery cart for seniors

     Grocery carts can be a big help for seniors who have trouble carrying all their groceries in one trip. They can also be used to transport other items, like laundry or small pieces of furniture.

    Carts can make it easier to get around the store and reach items on higher shelves. They can also help seniors avoid falling or dropping items.

    Using a grocery cart can help seniors stay independent and save money by avoiding costly delivery fees. Carts can also help reduce the risk of injuries from carrying heavy bags.

    How to choose the right grocery cart for a senior

     As we age, it becomes more and more important to choose the right tools to help us with our daily tasks. For seniors, this includes finding the perfect grocery cart. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right grocery cart for a senior:

    First, consider the size of the cart. A larger cart may be more difficult to maneuver, so it’s important to find one that is the right size for the senior.

    Second, think about the type of handles. Some carts have handles that are easy to grip, while others have handles that are more difficult to hold onto. It’s important to find a cart with handles that the senior can easily grip.

    Third, think about the wheels. Some carts have wheels that are easier to maneuver than others.

    The features of a good grocery cart for seniors

     When it comes to grocery carts for seniors, there are a few key features that are important to look for. First, the cart should be easy to maneuver. It should have a wide base so that it is stable and doesn’t tip over easily. The handle should be easy to grip and comfortable to hold onto. The cart should also have a seat so that seniors can take a break if they need to. Lastly, the cart should have plenty of storage space so that seniors can fit all of their groceries.

    There are a few different brands that make carts specifically for seniors. Some of the more popular brands include Carex, Wishbone, and Drive Medical. All of these brands offer carts with the features mentioned above. Prices for these carts vary depending on the brand and the specific features, but they typically range from $50-$100.

    Are there carts for shopping with wheels?

    Yes, there are shopping carts with wheels. These carts are usually made of metal or plastic and have either two or four wheels. They are designed to make it easier for people to transport groceries from the store to their home. Some of these carts also have a seat so that seniors can rest while they are shopping.

    What is the difference between a grocery carry cart and a granny cart for seniors?

    When it comes to grocery carts, there are two main types: carry carts and granny carts. Carry carts are the smaller, more compact option that is typically used by people who are able to lift and carry heavy items. Granny carts, on the other hand, are larger and have a seat for seniors or those with disabilities who can't stand for long periods of time.

    So, what's the difference between these two types of carts? For starters, granny carts are generally much bigger than carry carts. They also have a seat for the user to sit in, which can be a lifesaver for seniors or those with disabilities who can't stand for long periods of time. Additionally, granny carts typically have more storage space than carry carts, which can be helpful for those who need to transport large items.

    What is the best folding shopping cart for seniors?

    There are a few things to consider when choosing a grocery cart for seniors. The first is the size of the cart. Some carts are too large and bulky for seniors to maneuver, so it’s important to find one that is the right size. The second is the type of wheels. Some carts have wheels that are too small and can get stuck easily, so it’s important to find one with larger wheels that can navigate smoothly over different types of terrain. Finally, consider the handle. Some handles are difficult for seniors to grip, so it’s important to find one that is easy to hold onto.

    The best folding shopping cart for seniors is one that is the right size, has large wheels, and has an easy-to-grip handle.

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    Folding shopping carts are a boon for older people as they make life easy. Whatever the weight of the product you purchase, you can easily carry it around in a shopping cart. Though there are different types of folding shopping carts available, make sure they are sturdy and durable. It is best to go for grocery carts with waterproof covering so that your belongings remain safe, whatever the weather condition is. 

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