The Best Clock Radio for Seniors and Why You Must Get Them

Our run-of-the-mill clocks, radios, and clock radios just won’t do for senior citizens. With their hearing and seeing challenges, our aging loved ones need devices attuned to their visual and auditory perceptions. Today, we’ll discuss what makes the best clock radio for seniors and figure out why only these brands will do.

Features You Must Look for

  • Big numbers: A clock's display should be designed so that it is easy to read. Bright, contrasting colors are the most effective for making it readable. 

For seniors, who may have difficulty with their vision, a clock with a black and white display may be easier to read. The white numbers and letters on a black background should be easy to make out, even from a distance.

  • Big buttons: It's important to have a clock with large buttons that are easily seen and touched. This is especially important for people with sight difficulties, as the bigger the buttons, the larger the text will be, making it easier to read. In addition, the buttons should be designed in a way that doesn't take away from the clock's overall look.
  • Loud sounds: Most alarm clocks don't advertise how loud they can get, but this is okay because they usually have enough volume for seniors. The best clock radio for seniors usually has vibrating attachments to put under the pillow that will shake it to wake people up. This, combined with the loud sound, should be enough to wake people who are hard of hearing.

However, the downside to these clocks is that they are just timepieces, not a combination of a clock and radio. If you struggle to wake up with an audible alarm, it might be worth getting a clock made for those hard of hearing and buying a separate radio for music.

  • Bonus features: Check to see what type of power source your clock has. If it is corded, ensure it is long enough and easy to plug in. If it runs on batteries, try to find one that doesn't require any tools to change them. The simpler it is to switch out the batteries, the better.

Getting a clock that looks nice and fits in with the décor of your home is important. Take the time to find a clock that complements the rest of your home. Doing this will help you choose the best clock radio for seniors.

Speaking of, let’s take a look at some of them right now:

The Best Clock Radios You Can Get

In Closing

If there are two words to remember for the best clock radio for seniors, it’s these: big and loud. The device must register visually due to its size and be heard upon sounding off. That way, your aging loved ones can still participate in your day and make lasting memories with everyone at home.

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