Best Large Keyboards For Elderly & Seniors

As the number of seniors using computers grows, it is critical to find elements that make computer use easier. These elements must take into account vision problems, comfort concerns, visibility, cost, and more.

For example, elders with low vision have difficulty reading keyboard letters and keys. Meanwhile, pain may be felt by arthritic seniors. With these concerns apparent in senior users, we must look into the products that could cater to their needs.

Read on to discover the top five keyboards for the elderly today.

The Ablenet Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard

The Ablenet Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard is an excellent choice for senior folks who have vision problems. The keyboard is the same size as previous versions, but the text is magnified three times.

The symbols and characters are black, whereas the keys are yellow. In low light, the contrast makes the keys apparent.

All of the regular keys and functions are present on this standard-sized keyboard. On the topmost of the keyboard, you can create extra hotkeys for music, the web browser, and settings. With this, you will also not have to relearn how to type in the conventional American layout.

The Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard

The Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard comes with a five-color detachable backlight: Red, pink, blue, cyan, and chartreuse. The backlight can be adjusted using the brightness dial which makes a great option for eye and vision-friendliness. It can also be removed. 

Those with low vision may appreciate the huge writing on this keyboard. The standard-sized black keys are illuminated by the illumination. The light-up feature may be set to be quite bright, providing good visibility at night. 

This plug-and-play keyboard also works with all devices, and offers Internet, multimedia, and calculator shortcuts.

The Chester Creek Vision Board 2 Color

The Chester Creek Vision Board 2 Color offers a one-of-a-kind model with lettering and 1-square-inch keys. This is the finest keyboard for folks with weak eyesight because the lettering is large. One will no longer miss or push several keys. The contrast between the white keys and the black text is fantastic.

The lettering is in an American style. It may take some time to acclimate to the larger keys if one is simply used to a normal keyboard. To save space on the keyboard, the right number keypad was removed.

The top-mounted spherical function buttons are small. It is compatible with both PCs and Macs. This keyboard also features two USB ports.

The EnableMart Large Print Keyboard

The EnableMart Large Print Keyboard is a simple black keyboard with large, white letters. Compared to the earlier versions, the improved contrast is visible even in low-light settings. This is an excellent solution for senior folks who have vision problems.

The top row of this keyboard features shortcut keys for multimedia, home, and email. However, the buttons cannot be programmed. 

The EnableMart Large Print Keyboard can be connected to a computer or laptop via USB. It works immediately without the need for installation.

The EZ Eyes Large Keyboard

The EZ Eyes Large Keyboard stands out with large black characters on a yellow background.

One thing to note is that it lacks the most critical shortcut keys, this device has fewer buttons. This may appear to be a bad thing, but it actually simplifies and lowers the cost of the keyboard.

It is PC and Mac-compatible, easy to set up, and spill-resistant. This could be handy for elderly people who have shaky hands. If anything becomes stained, simply dry it off.


In this day and age, the elderly are adapting well to the use of laptops, mobile devices, and social media. As such, they need equipment that will help them reintegrate themselves into this modern society. Thankfully with these keyboard options, we can ensure that our elderly loved ones are always comfortable, taken care of, and simply considered.

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