5 Best Tall Toilets For Elderly Seniors - An Ultimate Buying Guide

Tall toilet seats are helpful for older people. These seats have the ability to save them from jerks and hip fractures. The elderly can feel the ease of getting up in a secure way through these seats. 

One of the prominent pros of these seats is that they're not only for elderly people. Instead, people of all ages can use them for feasibility. Some of the benefits of these toilet seats are the convenience of using them without bending and lowering. 

The elderly with the problem of arthritis will find these useful. It can prove to be an accurate gift for them. These seats are therapeutic for orthopedic issues. Such seats are available in different sizes and heights. In such a case, the average height would be suitable for old people. 

However, it is important to consider the factors like safety, comfort, height, and ease of use before purchasing these seats. This post will help you with different aspects of all toilet seats and their collateral impact on the lives of elderly people. 

Let's start with no further ado!

Things To Consider Before Buying Extra Tall Toilets For Elderly Seniors 

Below is the detail of the factors you need to know to get the best fit for your older family members:

  • Height of the Toilet

  • The height needs to match the ease of the user. It means for the elderly who use a wheelchair, the height of the toilet seat should fit its height so that there will be fewer or no chances of risks or mishaps. 

    The average height of a tall toilet is around 18-20 inches which is beneficial for those people who have orthopedic impairments like a problem while bending and extreme pain in knee joints. Seats above the height of 20 inches might be a good choice. 

  • Height of the Individual

  • People of all ages can fall in love with such seats due to the higher degree of ease and comfort. It also depends on the height of the person who is using the toilet. 

    When buying a seat for your elderly family members, keep their average height in mind. Too small and too big toilet seats can be a nuisance for them. If you find it confusing, then your physician will guide you through it. 

  • Weight of the Individual

  • Obesity can become an impediment for the elderly when using the toilet. Heavier old people find it difficult to get up from their seats. It is important to consider a robust seat that can bear the weight of the elderly you are buying such a seat for. 

    For obese people, it is important to buy a seat that is not too high. It would help them get up in a less hectic way. 

    There can be other factors regardless of the weight of the individual. Due to this fact, make sure you are considering all the possible factors before making your decision. It will help you cope with the possible complications. 

    Best Taller Toilets for Seniors 

  • 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet (ASIN: B01MZC14DG)

  • Are you looking for the most suitable ADA toilet approved for individuals who are not mobile like others? This toilet seat is important to consider due to its attributes, like 20-inch average height. Also, it is ideal for tall elderly people and impaired limbs.

    It is the best choice for those who want bathroom independence and deal with self-caring issues. The distance from its top to the bowl is 20 inches. It is adjustable as it contains additional height for fixation as per comfort. 

    It has good quality and is safe to use for the elderly. It gives an edge over other variants and brands in terms of extra height. It also helps people who can barely stand straight. It also saves water because the distance of the rim from the bowl is about 9 inches.



    Easy to install higher toilets for seniors

    For powerful flush you need to calibrate the mechanism 

    No noise while flushing

    Easy to find the spare parts

    Warranty of 3 years

  • TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet (ASIN: B00313JTN2)

  • TOTO Drake toilet is on the list of renowned and preferred higher toilets for seniors. It boasts the features like a higher tank and elongated bowl. It is a compact toilet seat which means it does not gather a large room. The materials used in its manufacturing are ceramic and chrome. Owing to these qualities, it is ADA-approved, hence, ideal for both commercial and residential installation purposes.

    TOTO Drake is reliable on the basis of efficiency, functionality, and performance. It comes with a 1.6-gallon tank capacity and 125% larger flush valves than the rest of the toilets available in the market. It resists clogging due to the attachment of a 3-inch pipe and more jumbo siphon jets.

    It has a replaceable tank which depends on the lid size. If the Seat contains a big lid, you can change the tank and make adjustments with your ease. It supports insulation to resist condensation. In this way, it assists in saving water through evaporation. 

    Another amazing property is the attachment of G-Max flushing technology that minimizes noise. The Sana gloss finish in its bowl does not let the build-up of molds and mildew accumulate, as well as protects its surface from the stains that might gather up in the toilet. 



    ADA Certified high toilet for elderly

    Seat is sold individually 

    Very comfortable to use for seniors 

    Maximum flushing technique

    Warranty of 1 year

  • Kohler K-3818-0 Memoirs Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated (ASIN: B005E3MCAO)

  • This Kohler toilet features a Stanley design that makes it identical to the architectural appearance of the Memoirs collection. It comes in dual pieces that have the function to save water in a modern and traditional style due to remarkable flush technology. 

    It can flush about 1.28 gallons in one go. In this way, it helps to save 16500 water gallons annually. The working phenomenon is a force of gravity flash technology. Its aqua piston allows the water to get inside the toilet bowl by making a 360 degrees angle. It helps accelerate the intensity and the pressure of the flush.

    It is also equipped with the natural gravity force by a flush valve at a ratio of 3:2. The goal is to make the water flow with a good amount of pressure and intensity. It helps with the water bills by saving each and every water drop during the action of flushing. 

    Kohler K-3818-0 is made with a durable canister that covers 90% of the internal portion from abrasive exposure to the external environment. It makes the Seat entirely leak-proof. The height of this Seat is 17 inches. It is beneficial for people who are tall and want a comfortable bathroom experience. It is regarded as one of the tallest ADA toilets. It comes with a variant of biscuit color and has other color options like white and sandbar.



    Water saving toilet seat

    You have to buy the seat separately.  

    No leakage because it has double canister

    Powerful technology of flushing

    More room for sitting

  • KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated  (ASIN: B002UYKXW4)

  • This brand features simple yet quick installation techniques. It has a metallic bucket under the tanks without boltholes. There is no need for manual drilling for the installation. That's why it is important to consider when the user needs zero water leakage through the toilet seat. 

    This Kohler Cimarron toilet comes with a powerful flush engine and the aqua piston that assists the water flow at a 360 degrees angle. The users find this reliable because it carries the WaterSense label and it follows the EPA waste cleaning guidelines strictly. The best part is that it does not use much water like others. The average water consumption by this toilet seat is about only 20% compared to other variants. 

    It uses 1.28 gallons for each flush. In this way, it is dependable to save water because it secures a considerable amount of water of up to 16,500 annually compared to the 3.5-gallon toilets. During this action, it does not compromise its performance and quality. 

    It is also useful for people who are tall and find sitting or standing difficult while using the bathroom. Old people with orthopedic conditions will love this product which is the exact manifestation of their needs and ambitions when it comes to comfortable toilet seats. 



    Certified high rise toilet for seniors 

    Difficult to clean it

    Soft texture seats of high toilets for seniors

    More room for sitting for tall people

  • American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece (ASIN: B004K4NHSY)

  • The American Standard Cadet 3 allows flushing action in just a single push. It can retain water up to 1.28-gallon owing to its huge water retention capacity. It also helps with saving water by up to 20% on a regular basis. The trip level and siphon jet work in accordance with maintaining the claims and performance of the toilet seat. 

    It comes with a hidden trap way and a large bowl which help in feasible cleaning and maintenance purposes. In addition to it, this toilet seat has a power wash rim which is useful for the seamless flushing action. It also boasts a rounded front edge that goes well with compact bathrooms. 

    Besides, it involves the use of technology like the FloWise, which is important for such advanced toilet seats to save water. It cancels the noise due to the smooth functioning of the lids and seats. 

    American Standard toilets enhance the overall feel and appearance of every bathroom. These are befitting to be installed in private and guest bathrooms. These are important to explore for a perfect bathroom experience with no extra effort while sitting or standing. The powerful flushing mechanism is good enough to eliminate all the waste from the toilet. Also, it does not get dirty and damaged due to frequent usage over the years. 



    Prevent molds and stains 

    Difficult to install this raised toilet for elderly

    Soft texture seats and easy to maintain

    Warranty of 5 years

    Final Thoughts

    There are many factors that determine an individual's decision whether they should get a new toilet seat or not, like the budget, quality of the toilet seats, space for installation, and many others. Where some people cannot afford a new toilet seat like the above ones, there are also some people who cannot neglect the fact of the significance of tech-based toilet seats for their elderly. 

    Tall toilet seats are definitely a good investment on all counts. From budget to long-term usage, these fit all the needs of an individual. Also, in terms of health and safety, these seats have no parallel. These can not only keep the elderly protected while using the bathroom but also won't influence their health in a negative manner. These are quick fixes to many of your daily problems regarding limb impairment and bathroom comfort. 

    Having a tall toilet is essential when you don't want to influence your elderly in a harmful way. Sometimes they have to stoop too low, which makes getting up much more difficult for them later. It can lead to muscle strains that can trigger excruciating pain also. The backs of the elderly are fragile and such seats are therapeutic to serve them longer in this regard. Such seats remain comfortable even if they have to use them for long hours. 

    Some seats are pricey, but you can consider other variations that are in your budget. There are different options available in this case, depending on your ease. You can not only explore the above-mentioned seats but also dig deeper into other variants available. Whatever you select, it should be suitable according to the needs and comfort of the elderly family members. 

    It will now be much more vivid for you to get a comfortable and friendly toilet seat to give a good experience to your elderly. You can now choose from these toilet seats to serve old friends in a much more productive way with a satisfactory investment and not compromising on the quality as well. 

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