How to Find the Best Portable Toilet for the Seniors

Going to the bathroom can be a complicated process for many seniors. You can avoid frustration and danger to the older seniors if you give them their own portable toilet. These toilets are made for senior people who need some assistance in getting on or off of the toilet without help from anyone. 

You can get them to help your senior loved ones stay independent because there are also times when you should let them have their privacy. Doing so can be a convenient toilet for both of you. 

Portable toilets feature a built-in step and a handrail, which can be very useful for those who lack balance or have difficulties walking. It also has a small seat, which can be used by older people with problems sitting down or standing up.

There are many types of portable toilets for the seniors. You can choose from a wheelchair toilet, an elongated toilet with grab bars, an elongated toilet with a seat extender, and even a mini commode with a removable bowl.

If you plan to buy one for your family member, here is a guide on what you should look for:

1. Seat Height

People have different needs from each other. Others are tall while some are short. When looking for a portable toilet for a loved one, make sure that your chosen seat is comfortable enough for them. It should be at the proper height to avoid straining the older person's back or knees. 

You can buy a portable toilet with three heights available- 14 ½", 16 ½”, and 18 inches. You can also opt for a wheelchair toilet with a height of 16 ½ inches, which is ideal for most people. Toilet seat risers for seniors are also available for seniors for further height assistance. 

2. Seat Width

The seat's width is also an important consideration. The standard seat width for most toilets is 14 to 15 inches. If your loved one needs to place their feet together when sitting down, consider buying a seat that is 15 inches wide.

3. Weight Capacity

Each portable toilet manufacturer puts a maximum weight a person can put on their toilet. When buying a portable toilet, ensure you will never exceed the manufacturer's weight capacity.

If you are carrying your loved one when using the toilet, then it should be designed to hold the weight of both of you. Check out portable toilets with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.

4. Comfort Level

If you or your loved one uses the toilet for long periods, it should be as comfortable as possible. For this reason, you should get a toilet that can be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, there are also toilet seat handles for seniors.

For example, get a toilet with armrests if your loved one has to stay seated for a long time. It can be advantageous if they take a long time to relieve themselves. Also, choosing a toilet with a high backrest can give support to their back while they're seated.

5. Lid and Splash Guard

A portable toilet with a lid and a splash guard helps prevent accidental splashes of waste. The lid can also provide additional privacy for your loved ones, especially if they tend to be shy.


Buying a portable toilet for your senior loved ones can be the best move you can make for them. It can allow them to remain independent and even help them to avoid accidents. It can also protect them from dangers they might encounter while using the main toilet. If you'd like to get a portable toilet for your senior loved one, make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above. It will surely help you make the right decision.

A portable toilet is only one of the things to give your older loved ones. Just like the three-wheel walkers for seniors or anti-slip products for seniors, it would be a valuable and practical item to give them. If you want to learn more about devices for older adults, HearGlow provides various items that can help improve their daily life. Check out our content and shop today!

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