Safety for Seniors: Essential Anti-Slip Products to Have

Even a small trip or fall can result in serious injury as we age. This is especially true for seniors since their bones and muscles are more fragile. A simple slip or fall can result in a number of different health concerns, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Crushed toes
  • Head injuries
  • Lacerations and scrapes
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries

Most of these falls are avoidable. A recent study revealed that more than 40 percent of seniors who had a slip or fall said a slip-resistant surface would have prevented the accident.

Anti-slip products are essential in the bathroom. Falls are most common in the bathroom because the floor can be wet or slippery. Shower and bathtub surfaces are especially problematic because they may be wet or covered in soap or other slippery material.

Today, let's explore the essential anti-slip products seniors need. Here's what you need to know:

Toilet Safety Rails

If you have an elderly loved one, then you know that regular toilet safety rails are not always reliable. Toilet safety rails are intended for people who have difficulty getting up and down the toilet. However, these rails can be difficult to use. Many have bars that are bulky and awkward. They are also difficult to install and are not always strong enough. The result is that many people choose to forego using the safety rails.

Fortunately, there are now anti-slip toilet safety rails that solve these problems. These rails are designed to be easy to install. They are also easy to use. The special material they are made of is designed to be safe on the walls. These rails are easy to install and easy to use. The best part is that they provide plenty of support.

Toe Grips

If you have an elderly loved one living independently, then you know that they will likely use the bathroom daily. However, slipping and falling on the floor while using the bathroom is still possible. Toe grips are designed to prevent this. They are easy to slip on at a moment's notice. They are also affordable and easy to install.

Each pack comes with ten pairs of grips. They are made of soft, comfortable material that will not irritate your loved one's feet. They are also easy to clean and will not absorb moisture. These grips are specially designed to stick to the inside of the shoe. They are also easy to put on and will not slip off.

Anti-Slip Mats

Another problem common in the bathroom is moisture. Moisture can create a slippery surface that is easy to slip on.

Anti-Slip mats are designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls. These mats are made to stick to the floor and reduce the risk of slipping. They also come in a variety of different styles. You will find anti-slip mats in various sizes, styles, and colors. You can even find these mats in various materials that are especially suitable for the bathroom. Many are reusable.

The Bottom Line

Senior citizens have a higher chance of slipping and falling than the elderly. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to serious and permanent injuries. For seniors, the most common injuries caused by falls are broken bones.

To prevent these injuries, it is important to have anti-slip products in the bathroom. Anti-slip mats and grip are designed to keep your loved one's feet from slipping on the floor. They are also easy to clean and easy to install.

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