Gripper Socks For Elderly: 5 Tips for Choosing Non-Slip Socks for Seniors

Non-slip socks are available for seniors are a necessary piece of clothing for the elderly who want to maintain their balance and remain safe while walking. Unfortunately, not all socks marketed as non-slip are actually practical. 

In this guide, let's go over how to choose the right pair socks such as anti slip socks for your needs.

1) Find the Right Material For Gripper Socks for Seniors

The main idea behind the best non-slip socks is to solve slippery surfaces by using a textured material and cushioned sole. These proprietary textures are designed to not just keep your feet warm, but also to keep the feet from slipping around inside their shoes. This is often done with silicone grips and breathable material that is incredibly soft. We’re not talking about sandpaper here, either. Non-slip hospital socks will have a softer touch.

The downside to most non skid socks is that the material is very thin. When choosing the best anti slip socks for the elderly, especially if they have trouble bending over or have joint pain or swollen feet, you should look for a knee-high pair that is made from a thicker material. 

2) Get the Perfect One Size Fits for Non-Slip Socks For Elderly People

Non-slip socks are most effective when they are the perfect size for your feet. If they are too tight, they will create blisters and become uncomfortable. On the other hand, if they are too loose, they will slide around on slick floors or hardwood floors and not hold in place. 

A good pair of non-slip socks will fit snugly but comfortably. They should also come in at least one or two larger sizes (if not three) so that they will fit if your feet naturally swell due to the weather or if you have issues with blood circulation.

3) Find Non Slip Socks That's Easy to Maintain for Seniors

Non-slip socks are effective because they have a textured surface. This texture is created by very fine material that is woven together to create a tight pattern. Because they are so thin, however, it is easy for them to get snagged and torn. 

For this reason, you should look for a pair of non skid socks that are made from a durable material. Additionally, if you have other options, choose a pair that is made in neutral colors. This will help to avoid snagging and tearing. Black and brown are the best color options.

4) Choose an Insole for Gripper Socks That Works Well For Elderly

Non-slip socks will help keep your feet from sliding around inside your shoes. However, if you have issues with plantar fasciitis, you will still have pain when you wear shoes — no matter how good your socks are. 

Non-slip socks are most effective when your shoes fit properly. It's important for your shoes to fit well in order for the non skid socks to be optimally effective. For this reason, you must choose an insole that works for you.

5) Choose a Non-Slip Socks Pair That Will Last

Just like everyday socks, non-slip socks for the elderly aren't meant to last forever. However, they should last as long as possible and have many benefits.

The best way to ensure that your non-slip socks will last as long as possible is to be careful with them. Avoid getting them wet, and don't have them machine washed. If you can, choose a perfect pair that is machine washable and that you can hang dry quickly for daily wear and daily use.


Now that you know how to choose non-slip slipper socks, you can be confident that you are getting the right pair for your elderly loved one. A good pair of non skid socks will be comfortable and will help prevent falls and slippage.

If you want more resources for elderly care, we can help. HearGlow can help you find gripper socks for the elderly to ensure their safety while walking. Get in touch with us today to find out how.