GPS Tracker for Elderly: 9 Best GPS Tracking Devices & Bracelets for Seniors

Do you have elderly loved ones who you are concerned about? Do you want something that keeps you connected with them despite the distance? Well, GPS trackers for the elderly are becoming more and more popular, and could be a one stop solution to keep a track of your seniors easily. They allow you to keep tabs on your loved ones without always being next to them. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of GPS trackers available and their features. Here you will have a look at the list of the best GPS trackers for the elderly in 2022. So, in case you are looking for a tracker for yourself or a loved one, stay tuned!

GPS Tracker For Elderly Buying Guide

It is essential to check on your seniors; therefore, a GPS tracker for the elderly proves to be of much help. It gives you a sense of peace to know about the location of your seniors when they are not home. 

However, choosing the appropriate tracking device for the elderly is crucial among several different options. You need to look into several factors that allow these trackers' suitability for your seniors. 

Here, in this buying guide, you will learn about some of the essential things to consider when choosing a GPS tracker for the elderly.

Size of the Tracker

The size of a GPS tracking bracelet for the elderly is significant. You should opt for something portable enough to be carried by elders easily. Something heavy and massive in size might not be suitable for carrying everywhere. Therefore, one must look for ease so that seniors don't mind taking their tracker with them all the time.

It should be wearable, like a bracelet or watch, or as small as it could fit the bag, so carrying it all the time isn't a hassle for the elders.

User Friendliness

A GPS for the elderly must be sufficiently user-friendly. At the age where seniors are, it gets challenging for them to keep living and moving alone everywhere. Sometimes, their health conditions don't allow them to have a vigilant memory. Hence, it is imperative to have a simple tracker that is easy to use.

The more straightforward a GPS tracker will be, the better it will be for the elders because they won't have to struggle with its working mechanism.

Distress Button

Emergencies must be considered whenever you have an elder at home. Therefore, when looking forward to investing in tracking devices for seniors, it is vital to choose the one with a distress button. This button could be pressed in case of emergency, and they could alert you about any situation they are in.

This distress button is an outstanding feature that should always be considered when choosing a GPS tracker for seniors. This will help immediately call the family members if something goes wrong.

Device with Alerts

The GPS for seniors has the prime purpose of keeping the caregiver alert about their movements. Some devices are straightforward and might not have extended features, but choosing a personal tracking device for elderly that gives alerts is always suggested. Such trackers would provide caregivers with alerts when the seniors change their locations, do not follow a schedule, or are out of the safe zones.

The elderly tracker also comes with a geofence feature, which allows creating boundaries for your elders, and if they cross that boundary, you are notified. The notification could be through an app, text messages, or emails. Sometimes most of these trackers offer a notification through all the resources.

Efficient Battery Life

It is essential to choose a personal tracking device for the elderly that is backed with good battery life. Sometimes, elders may forget to charge their tracker; sometimes, they are at a location where they have no such access for charging. So, a tracker with good battery life is fundamental. Also, the device must alert seniors when the battery is low.

Some GPS trackers for seniors come with separate battery support. Such support can be used in an emergency when the primary battery has already been exhausted.

 SecuLife Personal Tracker GL300 GPS Tracker

When you need a good and reliable senior citizen tracker, nothing could be as good as the SecuLife personal tracker. It is an affordable option and is backed with many features that allow seniors to move around easily.

No matter how old a person is, they wish to explore things and life around them, so choosing such trackers could be helpful. This one is an affordable option with only a monthly subscription fee of $10. 

It is straightforward and takes as few as five minutes to set up. Moreover, the best part is that this tracker is portable and can easily be carried with no added baggage for the elderly.


  • Emergency alert button
  • Affordable choice
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy to use


  • A subscription fee is needed

Family 1st Compact GPS Tracker

If you are looking for something exceptional in terms of a GPS tracker for your elders, you should look at the Family1st compact GPS for elderly. It is portable, easy on pocket, and straightforward for elders to use. 

It is supported by Alexa and hence adds value and specifications to the tracker for users. The battery life of this tracker is also very seamless and it could be used for upto 2 weeks without any hassle.

Although it has a limitation that it works for US residents only if you also reside in the US, this is one of the best possible solutions for you to look at.


  • Waterproof
  • Long battery runtime
  • Offers real-time tracking
  • 24/7 customer support


  • It has limited geographical location access in the U.S


Logixtar GL310MG Mini GPS Tracker

Logixtar GL310MG GPS tracker is a one-stop solution that has various benefits for your elders. This tracker allows the monitoring of senior citizens round the clock. 

It gives real-time updates about their location and also offers the feature of adding geofence boundaries.


Creating such boundaries will notify you immediately if your elder is leaving or entering that unsafe zone. Also, it has an SOS button that allows seniors to indicate an emergency.


It offers coverage of more than 180 countries and can easily be connected to the cellular network for working. Bluetooth charging is also provided in this GPS for the elderly, which helps in various ways when it comes to charging the device.



  • SOS button
  • Geofencing 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • It can be used on iOS as well as android


  • A little expensive


Geozilla GPS Location Tracker for Elderly

Geozilla GPS tracker is a reliable and affordable way to track of elderly you have around you. It comes with many features, and the most important thing is its smaller size, which adds to its portability and allows people to carry it with them easily.

It has a rechargeable battery and works well with WiFi and a cellular network. Irrespective of your location, this device will keep you notified about your loved ones. Also, after you have purchased a plan, you will be awarded a free one-year subscription that would be easier for you to assess.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • It is workable all over the world
  • Works with WiFi and cellular network


  • Response time is slow
  • Notifies through app only

Obelunrp Sos Bracelet Gps Location Emergency Bracelet 

Obelunrp Sos Bracelet is a very convenient GPS tracking bracelet for elders that allow them to be tracked at all times. It is more than a GPS tracker and will enable you to set the alarm for medication as a reminder. 

This bracelet allows you to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. It has an SOS emergency button that helps elders to press it in time of emergency. It works perfectly with cellular networks as well as WiFi. 

Geofence is chosen, and a boundary is created to make the lines and safe zones. It is a waterproof bracelet; no matter if it is a rainy day, your elder can quickly wear it.


  • Waterproof bracelet
  • Works at all locations
  • SOS button available


  • Might give late information sometimes

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Portable GPS Tracker

The tracking experience with Spy Tec is excellent, and it has many features that offer a commendable experience to everyone who chooses to purchase it for their elders. It is easy to use and has a very sleek design being too light in weight.

Battery life is crucial when choosing a GPS tracker for elders, and Spy Tec has an extraordinary battery life and can go on to work for up to 2.5 weeks. It offers alerts via SMS, app, and email.


  • No stress of charging
  • Accurate time tracking of elderly
  • Alerts on text messages, email, and also on the app


  • Works in the US only
  • A subscription fee is needed

Laxcido GPS Smart Watch

Laxcido GPS SmartWatch is not just a GPS tracking bracelet for elderly but has numerous other benefits. It allows tracking of the elderly and has SOS burn, which, when pressed by elders during an emergency, makes calls to the family members. Also, apart from SOS calling, normal voice calling can be conducted through the GPS tracking watch by the elders.

There is a feature of adding geofencing to this smartwatch so that if the users leave a designated area or a safe zone, their family members are notified. It has a step counter and alarm clock and keeps track of the previous three months.


  • Easy to use
  • Various features for users
  • Consistent customer support


  • Does Not work in all the countries
  • The battery is not as impressive as other options



It is an easy-to-use GPS tracker for elders with real-time GPS tracking. The best part is that it is tiny in size and light in weight. The tracker is suitable for everyone and has various features. It keeps you updated about your elders and is a reasonable option when looking for a good GPS tracker.

The battery life is exceptional and it can last about 14 days without charging. The most important thing is that it keeps you updating all the time. Every other minute you will be updated about every move of your elder, which is one of the best things about this GPS tracker for elders.


  • Easy to carry
  • Light in weight
  • Timely updates
  • Long life of the battery


  • Packages are a little high


LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker that keeps your mind in peace and that your elders are safe and sound is always one of the ideal choices. This GPS tracker is very efficient and is waterproof, so there is no hassle of rain. 

The tracker offers consistent alerts on text and email so that you can always be notified about the elders and their location. Apart from the basic features, it also has extended features through which you can apply geofencing and restrict their movement to the safe zone only. In case they cross the restricted boundary, you will be alerted. Moreover, the tracker also is compatible with mobile data and WiFi. 


  • Easy to use and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Works with mobile data and WiFi


  • Sometimes delayed notifications take place
  • It works in the US only


What is a GPS tracker and how can it help the elderly?

 A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to track the location of a person or object. GPS tracking can be used to monitor the whereabouts of elderly family members, children, pets, and even vehicles.

GPS trackers can be helpful in keeping loved ones safe as they age. Family members can use GPS tracking to check in on elderly parents or grandparents, to make sure they are where they say they are, and to ensure their safety. If an elderly person becomes lost or disoriented, their GPS tracker can help family members find them quickly.

GPS trackers can also be used to monitor the driving habits of elderly family members. By tracking their location and speed, you can see if they are driving safely and within the posted speed limit. This information can be helpful in making sure that your elderly loved ones are staying safe on the road.

Benefits of using a GPS tracker for elderly people

 There are many benefits that come along with using a GPS tracker for elderly people. One of the most beneficial aspects is that it can help with safety. If an elderly person becomes lost, their caregiver can easily track their location and ensure they are safe.

Another great benefit of GPS tracking for the elderly is that it can provide peace of mind for both the individual and their caregiver. It can be difficult to keep track of an elderly person if they frequently wander off or become confused. With a GPS tracker, caregivers can have the reassurance that their loved one is always safe and accounted for.

Overall, GPS tracking provides a number of advantages and benefits for both elderly individuals and their caregivers. It offers a high level of safety and security, as well as peace of mind, which can be priceless.

How to choose the right GPS tracker for an elderly person

 As the number of elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease grows, so does the need for GPS tracking devices that can help family members keep tabs on their whereabouts.

When choosing a GPS tracker for an elderly person, it’s important to consider what type of device would be most appropriate for their needs. For example, some trackers are designed to be worn as a pendant around the neck, while others can be clipped onto a belt or placed in a pocket.

Consider also how easy the tracker will be to use. Some devices come with pre-programmed emergency contact numbers that can be called with the touch of a button, while others require the user to input this information beforehand.

Setting up and using a GPS tracker for an elderly person

A GPS tracker can be a great way to keep tabs on an elderly person, whether for their safety or simply to keep track of their whereabouts. Here are a few tips on how to set up and use a GPS tracker for an elderly person:

1. Choose a GPS tracker that is easy to use and wear. For elderly people who may have dementia or Alzheimer's, it's important to choose a tracker that is easy to operate and comfortable to wear. There are many tracker options available that come in the form of pendants, watches, or even clip-on devices.

2. Set up the GPS tracker according to the manufacturer's instructions. This usually involves syncing the device with a smartphone or computer. Once the device is set up, you'll be able to track the person's location in real-time via an app or website.


There are many choices when looking forward to the best GPS trackers for elders. However, each device has its pros and cons and also features. Depending upon your own choice of features that you need for your elders, you can choose from the list above.

The tracking devices for elderly are a blessing in several ways and allow you to get a hold of the whereabouts of your elders. This way, no matter how far you are from your elders, you are always connected to them and can easily keep a check on what they are doing and where they are. Also, they can quickly notify you in case of an emergency with the SOS button. All these aspects of a GPS tracker for elderly have created a lot of ease for their family members, so it is pretty popular.

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