Make an Elderly Person's Home Safer with These Tips

As our loved ones age, we may start to worry about their safety more. The physical changes that come with aging can make them more likely to fall or get hurt, so it's important to make sure their home is a safe place for them to live independently. Here are ten ways to do that.

Make an Elderly Person's Home Safer with These Tips

1 - Look into Fire Safety

A fire can cause serious damage to an elderly person's home, and not just in the way of destruction of their belongings. A fire can easily burn an older person or cause them to get burns while trying to put it out or exit the home. You need to make sure your loved one has a smoke alarm and that you check it regularly to make sure it's working properly.

2 - Keep the Electricity Safe

The more you can prevent an elderly person from getting shocked, the better. If you can divert wires from places passing through walls, you can cut down on the risk of shock. You should also make sure that their doorbells, phones, and computers are all working properly and not causing them to get shocked.

3 - Get a Gate for the Stairs

If your loved one is living in a multi-story home, you need to make sure they're safe going up and down the stairs. Make sure they have a gate on their stairs to prevent them from falling in the middle of the night.

4 - Get a Chair Rail

If your loved one has trouble seeing the steps on the stairs, they may not be able to judge distances. Chair rail is a great addition that will still allow them to see the steps and make it easier to navigate the stairs safely.

5 - Get A Grab Bar in the Shower for Seniors

Grab bars are a staple in elderly people's bathrooms, as they can give them support when they get in and out of the shower. It can also be used as a lever for getting up out of the shower.

6 - Get A Rubber Mat for the Shower for the Elderly

If your loved one has a hard time standing and getting up, you should get a rubber mat for their shower. If they can't stand on their own, they can use the mat to steady themselves while they get out of the shower.

7 - Buy them a Set of Hearing Aids

Older people often start to lose their hearing, which is often an early sign of Alzheimer's disease. The harder it is for them to hear, the more likely it is that they'll be injured. Buy them a set of hearing aids, and encourage them to wear them as much as possible.


As your loved one ages, it's important to make sure their house is a safe place for them to live. The first step is making sure your loved one has a plan for getting them into a safe home if an emergency takes place and then working to make their home safe.

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