Best Bed Step Stool for Elderly & High Beds (Updated Guide)

It is easy to forget the amount of strength and dexterity it takes the elderly and disabled to get in and out of bed. For individuals that are bed bound or those with mobility issues, it is important to add comfort to their lives.

The right bed step stool can make it easier for the elderly to navigate in and out of bed. This can eliminate the need for a caregiver to assist with this. Some people simply require a little boost to get in and out of bed. It can let them keep their autonomy and independence longer. It is also beneficial to those who are looking for a little extra help to get in and out of bed.

5 Best Bed Step Stools for Elderly Seniors

1. AOSSA Step Stool with Handle for Elderly


2. KAVIL Bed Steps for High Beds for Adults Safety Step Stool

3. AdjustaStep Deluxe Step Stool with Handle

4. DMI Step Stool with Handle & Non-Skid Rubber Platform

Bed Step Stool Buyers Guide

Bed steps for the elderly are a great idea for anyone that requires a little bit of help getting in and out of bed. There are a variety of models to choose from. These will sometimes be centered on the bed frame. They can also be freestanding, made with a sturdy frame. They are made of a variety of materials. These can include wood, plastic and steel. 

This can help take some of the stress off of muscles and joints that are experiencing weakness or issues with inflammation. Getting in and out of bed is much less painful and dangerous when it is done with a bed step.

Here are some tips and important factors to help choose the best bed step stools for seniors.

1. Enlist the Advice of a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist has experience in helping the elderly with mobility issues and getting in and out of bed. They know what kind of features to look for in a bed step. They will be able to recommend a model that will be useful. They understand the needs of the elderly and the disabled. They will know what the right materials are for this.

2. Choose One with a Non-Slip Surface

The surface needs to be slip-resistant (usually with anti slip rubber feet) to prevent accidents. This can prevent falls and injuries. It can also make it easier to get in and out of bed. A non slip resistant surface can support foot and ankle muscles. The bed step stool will be easier to grip (with a rubber grip), which will make it easier to use the bed step. 

3. Choose a Bed Step Stool That Can Be Recessed

Sometimes an adjustable step stool or bed stool needs to be recessed into the bed frame (especially for low beds or a different size bed with varying bed height). This allows room for individuals who may be sleeping on a queen or king-size bed and will be using the bed step. You also want to find one that has adjustable height step if possible. 

4. Think about Durability

A durable and attractive design is an important factor to consider. An elderly person may have to use the bedside step stools for a lifetime. Choosing a sturdy stool or bed step stool that is built to last with a good weight capacity is essential. It should be built to withstand the use of an elderly person. It needs to be able to support their ideal weight. This will eliminate future problems with injury.

5. Look for a Bed Step Stool That Is Easily Moved

If the bed step stool is on wheels, it can be pushed easily and as well as to get out of bed easier. This allows the user to get in and out of bed safely and independently. It can help reduce the risk of falls. Older adults or someone with limited mobility may have difficulty moving a traditional bed step without extra support. This can cause them to fall so you want to focus on fall prevention and extra security. Wheels can help with this. Additionally, if you can find a step stool that can be used with bed rails for the elderly, that can be quite handy.


Bed step stools for the elderly are a great way to help the elderly and disabled get in and out of bed. They can provide a little boost when needed. They are made of a variety of materials and come with a variety of features. This can allow anyone to choose the model that is best for their needs, budget, and preferences.

At Hear Glow, we provide simple tips on how you can choose the best bed step stool for elderly. Aside from hearing aids, we also provide helpful information on a lot of things, from gardening to safety tips for seniors. Let us strive to make the lives of the elderly better and more comfortable. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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