Elderly Bed Wetting Solutions For Seniors

If you have a weak bladder or know someone who does, you understand how inconvenient this problem might be. Besides the discomfort of a soiled mattress, it also requires a lot of resources and effort to get the bed back in shape. Luckily, with the market accessibility of bed wetting sheets for adults, the problems caused due to a bad bladder can be significantly avoided. Rather than replacing the whole mattress you can simply change and wash the urine-proof mattress cover.

You're surely thinking about how you can get waterproof bedding? Is that even possible?  It's natural to be bewildered because you don't think about getting one every day. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry since, in this post, we will shortlist the most reliable and worth purchasing bed pads as well as the best bedwetting protection sheets available for purchase.

Bed Wetting Solutions Buying guide

Deciding what product to purchase and where not to spend your hard-earned money could require a lot of critical thinking and can be difficult as well. As far as bed wetting sheets are concerned there are a lot of other factors you need to keep in mind while making an appropriate purchase.

For instance, you must consider the following factors before making purchase decisions. The bedding should be:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Must be bacteria-free
  • Cost efficient
  • Anti-allergic
  • There must be a dust mite shield
  • Fitted Style, Elastic Ends
  • Non-Slippery
  • It should contain a wide range of sizes

Based on our thorough research, we have come up with some of the finest bed wetting sheets available on the market. You can thank us later!

Here are your Top 10 best bed wetting pads and sheets for adults in 2022

#1) Priva Ultra Plus Sheet Protector:

Priva sheet protector is a well-known product for protecting your bed from wetting. Its Ultra variant is one of the most famous products you can find on the market today. Priva is designed with a unique soft grooved surface that is not only comfortable but also provides complete protection of the mattress from leaks and soiling.

Priva waterproof sheets are made with soft comfortable fabric even after absorbing urine. The mattress is waterproof, durable, and antibacterial. It also protects from bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens. It can be washed up to 300 times. Priva linens have been examined in labs and certified as waterproof, comfy, and free of dangerous substances. Furthermore, it is quite easy to wash in a washing machine and dryer.


Priva sheets have a large 24″ x 34″ dimension which can be fitted on almost every bed. 


  •         Good for up to 300 washes.
  •         10-year warranty
  •         Up to 6 cups of absorption
  •         Easy to use and wash
  •         Comes in a variety of sizes


  •         Thin material can be worn out with heavy use.
  •         The urine smell might develop a little faster.

#2) Tru Washable, Waterproof Bed Pad.

Tru is another famous brand of Waterproof bed pad buyers. It is a durable brand that has amazing waterproofing capabilities. This specific bed pad has two unique and key points. First, It keeps your bed dry, it provides the best possible comfort to the person laying on it.

Tru makes sure that there is no disturbance or soreness while lying on the bed in wetness. The waterproof pad has the capacity to hold up to 8 full cups of urine. Due to the design, it can be washed in the machine without any hassle and you just have to replace the pad every morning.


The size of each pad is (34′′ x 52′′), enough to accommodate toddlers and adults


  •         Can cover any and all bed sizes
  •         Has the capacity to absorb 8 cups of urine
  •         Anti-bacterial
  •         Easily washed and replaced; comfortable fabric


  •         • Lumps might appear when changing positions
  •         It’s wet absorbing capacity reduces

#3) Chummie Deluxe Super Absorbent Bedwetting Incontinence Waterproof Mattress Sheet

Chummie is a comparatively recent brand that is gaining popularity in both digital and physical markets. The Chummie Deluxe Super Absorbent bedwetting sheet is designed to keep your bed from getting soaked during the night. It is capable of absorbing urine, sweating, and every sort of bodily fluid.

The sheet consists of four layers of protection to provide maximum security and adequate comfort as well. The upper layer is made of a cotton polymeric compound, with a fiberfill layer and a high-density absorbent layer underneath. This can absorb up to 6 cups of urine easily.


The size of each pad is 54″ x 36″, the sheet is large enough to cover most beds and keep fluids off them.


  •         Maximum convenience
  •         4 layers
  •         Absorption capacity up to 6 cups of urine
  •         Washing machine friendly
  •         Warranty up to 1 year


  •         Starts to crumble if sleeping on it for a long time

#4) GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats

Among the best products available in the market is the GoodNites disposable waterproof mattress cover. In fact, it was named the number one nighttime protection brand in the United States. The sheets are made of a comfortable, wrinkle-free fabric.

They are developed to provide maximum comfort while sleeping. The MicroPocket technology used in the fabric of the sheets allows it to permeate many cups of liquids without affecting comfort.


The GoodNites sleeping mats come in packs of 36 sheets. The sheets are 36′′ x 54′′ in size, which allows them to comfortably cover twin and smaller mattresses.


  • Smooth and breathable
  • Micro-Pocket Technology
  • Laminated strips
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Highly Durable 


    • The covering area is insufficient if a person moves a lot while sleeping
    • The adhesion is too powerful

    #5) Dry Defender Washable Waterproof Mattress Sheet Protector Bed Underpad

    Dry Defender is a really well-known name if you search for the best waterproof sheet brand. Even more so, this brand has emerged as the ideal option for many people. The Dry Defender bedwetting protection sheets guard against urine, sweat, and fluid stains on your mattress. It is an excellent choice for protecting your bedding from any sort of fluids (which may or may not be a body fluid).

    In order to achieve maximum waterproofness, it is made up of a vinyl layer (at the bottom). The top layer of the sheet, on the other hand, is composed of a soft polymer to provide a relaxing experience. Furthermore, The sheet can absorb up to six cups of liquids, which is greater than an average adult's bladder.


    Its 36′′ x 54′′ size allows it to comfortably cover most beddings. 


    • Soft top layer
    • 6 cups absorbing capacity
    •  Large surface area
    •  Washing machine friendly
    •  Warranty of up to 5 years


      •  Breathability is not sufficient
      •  Sizing issues reported

      #6) GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Incontinence Pad

      Gorilla Grip is a premium brand that claims its impermeable sheets are the greatest mattress protector for bedwetting! While everyone has different ideas, we can all conclude that this is a product worth considering.

      The non-slip pad helps you to sleep peacefully the entire night without having to worry about dampness or irritation caused by moisture. They are constructed to medical standards and have a four-layer design, which is common among the bestselling waterproof sheets it uses quilting on the upper layer, with leak-proof levels in between and a non-slip layer at the bottom.

      Moreover, the waterproof sheets' quality has been evaluated by private researchers and certified to be BPA and lead-free. To top it all off, Gorilla Grip provides an unbelievable 10-year warranty, which means you may purchase their amazing waterproof sheets and enjoy them for several years!


      With a size of 52′′ x 34′′, the sheets are large enough to cover most beddings.


      • 4-layer design
      • Washable up to 300 times
      •  Hospital grade pad
      •  BPA free
      • Warranty for up to 10 years


        • Moves slightly while changing positions

        #7) Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

        The Medokare waterproof sheets bundle is ideal for people with a weak bladder. They are designed to meet hospital standards and hence they are strong and durable.

        Each sheet has four layers for maximum absorption and can absorb up to six cups of fluid.

        Each layer is sealed to avoid leaks and the emission of smell. Meanwhile, the sheet's topmost layer is constructed of fibrous fiber providing a smooth feel.


        The sheet measures 23′′ x 36′′ and is suitable for a queen-sized bed or smaller.


        • Leak guard prevention
        • 36-bed pads in a box
        • 6 cups of absorption capacity
        • Multiple applications
        • Dust-free tissue


        •   No adhesives to keep the padding in place

         #8) Wet-Stop Quality Reusable Waterproof Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad

        The Wet Stop waterproof pad is an excellent value for individuals who don’t spend a huge sum of money on incontinence products.

        The pad is made of polyester, which provides an excellent balance of comfort and absorption. It will help keep liquid stains, dust, and insects at bay. This implies that with the protection of this pad, your mattress will endure a long time in its original condition.

        It is machine safe and recyclable, allowing you to use it repeatedly after you purchase it. Furthermore, because the padding is resilient, it will not wear out quickly even after repeated washing and drying. Since no chemicals were used in the manufacturing of the mattress, it will not cause skin reactions or reactions, giving rise to the term "hypoallergenic".


        The sheet measures 34′′ x 36′′, and the waterproof padding may fit twin-size and smaller beds.


        • Great comfort
        • Economical
        • Washing machine friendly
        • Recyclable
        • Durable


        •  Breathability is not sufficient
        •  Thin size

        #9) Nobles Health Care Premium Quality Bed Pad

        Nobles Health Care is a health-focused corporation, therefore its goods are designed to meet hospital requirements. The pad is made up of three layers that combine to give it an absorbing capacity of up to 5 cups. The pad's bottom is anti-slip, which means it will stay in place throughout the night and provide the user with a pleasant experience.

        The bottom is also composed of vinyl, which eliminates the possibility of liquid traveling through and becoming soaked in the mattress. The reusable bed wetting pads can be machine washed and dried. It is suggested that they be washed in hot water to extend their life.


        This bed pad is somewhat big, measuring 35′′ X 80′′, and can readily fit on beds of all sizes.


        • Large size 
        • 5 cup capacity 
        • Non-slip back 
        • Vinyl bottom 
        • Durable and easy to wash 


        • Sturdier than alternatives

        #10) BH Medwear Reusable / Washable Waterproof Bed Pad

        Another healthcare-focused brand is BH Medwear. As a result, it focuses on producing some of the best medical supplies, such as high-quality waterproof bedding.

        Polyurethane, cotton, and vinyl are used to make their reusable/washable waterproof sheet. This makes them one of the best blends of comfort and convenience available on the market. The vinyl layer serves as a waterproofing layer, while the high-density polyurethane serves as the primary absorber. They work together to keep the sheet dry all night.

        The reusable washable bed wetting pads can be machine cleaned. The high-quality construction ensures that the pads do not wear out quickly and may be reused without difficulty. The sheet can retain up to 3 cups of liquids, which is plenty for a typical adult bladder. 


        Each sheet in the set measures 35′′ x 80′′ and may be used on mattresses of all sizes.


        • Large size
        • Three layers
        • Up to three cups of absorption capacity
        • Washing machine friendly
        • Reusable


        • Smaller holding capacity
        • Bunches up on the bed  


        Among the uncountable bedwetting sheets for the elderly, we have tried our best to pick the finest mattress protector for bedwetting so that you don’t spend your time looking for the best wet-proof mattress or spend huge sums on inferior quality products. Bedtime is the best time of the entire day when we all enjoy our soothing sleep. Therefore, it is important that there shall be no interruption. We believe Life can get messy, but your mattress does not have to! 

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