Old People Diapers: Best Diapers for Seniors & The Elderly (2022 Update)

There are a lot of things to think about when you're shopping for diapers. You have to find the right size, the right brand, and the right fit. But when looking for diapers for older people, there are a few extra things to consider. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the best diapers for old age in 2022. We'll discuss the different features you should look for and give tips on choosing the right diaper for your loved one. So whether you're looking for your elderly parent or someone else's, read on to learn more about the best diapers for old age!

1. Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief Diapers for Seniors

This disposable brief offers one of the most comfortable adult diapers that are good for urinary and fecal incontinence. It is suitable for nightwear and also goes well for longer hours when one has to travel. Older people may have their kind of comfort by choosing to wear this brief against incontinence.


  1. Adjustable Tabs

It comes with adjustable tabs that are flexible to fit well, and at the same time, leaks are prevented very well. Even if the diaper is soiled, it helps maintain the shape.

  1. Absorbent Core

Tranquility Smartcore is one of its kinds of disposable briefs with a seamless absorbent core with cuffs around the leg openings. This keeps the area dry by absorbing all the moisture. It is important to have the surrounding legs dry to ensure no skin allergies occur.

  1. Breathable Panels

Breathable panels on the edges ensure the surroundings stay dry and fresh so that no skin problems occur due to diapers. 

  1. Wetness Indicator

The best thing about these disposable briefs is that they also come with a wetness indicator. When a change of diaper is needed, the indicator will turn yellow to blue.


  • Suitable for fecal incontinence along with urinary.
  • A highly absorbent choice for long hours, especially during nighttime.
  • Comfortable and indicates the required change with a wetness indicator.



  • The brief size is a little heavy and hence may not suit everyone.
  • It is a costly option.


2. NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-on Underwear Diapers for The Elderly

GoSupreme is a pull-on underwear diaper that is easy to wear and suitable for both genders. It also has several size options that allow a comfortable experience followed by a high absorbent rate. Since it is easy to wear, it is a very well chosen option for many adults.


  1. Snug Fit

GoSupreme has an excellent design layout that offers a snug fit around the legs, due to which the risk of leaking is almost zero.

  1. Excellent Absorbency

It is suitable for daytime and nighttime and allows you to stay dry for up to 8 hours with its excellent absorbent rate. So, sleeping in peace with this form of the diaper is always possible.

  1. Suitable for Active Adults

The best thing about this adult diaper is that it is not only suitable for bedridden adults; if you are active and are looking for something that offers maximum comfort during your routine, it is a suitable choice. It won't cause any trouble while you are busy with your daily activities.


  • Free from latex, hence no issue of rashes on the skin.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, from small to XXL.
  • It contains a wetness indicator.



  • The sizes differ from other brands; hence you need to size up.
  • They are a bit overpriced.
  • Turn out to be bulky when overloaded.


3. Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Tranquility Premium is overnight diaper underwear that offers a leak-proof choice for anyone looking for a solution for urinary and fecal incontinence. It ensures a peaceful sleep, offers endless comfort for long hours, and supports mobility. It comes with a pull-on style that makes wearing and taking off much easier.


  • Pull-On Style
  • This underwear comes with a pull-on style that is quite comfortable when it comes to wearing it. On the other hand, removing this disposable underwear is also very easy for bedridden people. Just tear the sides, and it will be removed right away.

  • Controls Odor
  • The biggest issue people may face while wearing diapers for longer is the problem of odor. By choosing this disposable underwear, one can rest assured that it will lock the odor inside and won't make you uncomfortable by controlling the odor well. So, even in public, while wearing this diaper, you don't have to worry about the odor.

  • Holds Sufficient Liquid

  • Tranquility Premium can hold up to 34 ounces of liquid which is a whopping high rate and hence is a suitable option for wearing overnight.


    • Cuffs for controlling leakage
    • Odor control mechanism
    • Very absorbent


    • The absorbing capacity of small sizes is less than the bigger ones.


    4. Tranquility Essential Age Care Diapers/Underwear

    If you want something that doesn't hinder your mobility and keeps you active all day without causing any trouble with urinary incontinence, you should try Tranquility Essential Underwear. It comes with a super absorbent capacity and is highly comfortable. It is not made with cloth but is a cloth-like material and hence is quite comfortable.


  • Cloth-Like Softness
  • The material used in making this underwear is more like cloth and does not have a latex finish. This aspect makes the underwear very comfortable, it doesn't make a noise, and you can move about the entire day wearing it.

  • Best Fit Pull On
  • Pull-on style underwear fits best above the waistline and holds its place intact. The hassle of leakage is absent and keeps the area dry and fresh.

  • Various Size Options
  • As much as Tranquility Essential Underwear is good for adults, it also is suitable for children who no longer fit in the baby diaper. It has plenty of sizes, and you can easily choose the one suitable for you among the seven options.


    • Absorbs quickly
    • Keeps the area fresh and leak-free
    • It does not cause rashes
    • Choice can be made in many sizes



    • Sizes may vary among brands, and you might need to choose carefully.

    5. Depend Fit-Flex Underwear Diapers for Elderly Women

    Depend Fit flex is a pull-on underwear disposable diaper designed specifically for women to have a perfect fit with no leak and odor. If you need a comfortable and long-term wearing solution, you must have this underwear. It will keep you comfortable and confident with perfect shape maintenance.


  • Comfortable Design
  • One of the reasons this disposable underwear is highly recommended is because of its design. It is very comfortable and doesn't look like those bulky diapers that shatter confidence. It has a very flexible and comfortable design to carry by women.

  • Supports Active Routine
  • Depend Fit Flex is good for bedridden women. On the other hand, it also suits women on their toes the entire day. It supports mobility well and offers users a leakproof and odor-free comfort zone.


    • Leak Proof diaper 
    • Excellent odor control
    • Latex free, and hence the risk of skin allergies don't exist.


    • The waistband is a litter weaker, and a pant is needed for support
    • Might not withhold for longer hours; needs frequent change.

    6. Always Discreet Underwear for Women

    Always discreet is among women's most reliable brands of disposable underwear, allowing them to have a very comfortable and leak-free experience regarding urinary or fecal incontinence.


  • Tested for Allergies
  • Always Discreet is a medically tested disposable underwear that ensures that it has no such aspect in its making that may cause rashes or skin allergy when worn. Hence it offers a safer option for women who need something for their urinary or fecal incontinence.

  • Unique Drying Mechanism
  • It is always known for its excellent moisture control for all of its products, and even this underwear comes with a rapid dry core ensuring the fluid is turned into gel to avoid leaking.

  • Comfortable Sizing
  • It comes with an ideal size comprising a length of about 22 cm which is neither too long nor too short. Hence, it ensures an excellent comfort level without losing confidence.


    • Backed with odor control scent.
    • Perfect fitting.
    • Gel control technology to lock the fluid.
    • Both genders can wear it.


    • Due to gel and scent, some people might face skin allergies.

    7. Prevail Per-Fit Briefs for Incontinence

    If you're looking for a solution for urinary and fecal incontinence for the elderly, you must choose Prevail Per-Fit Briefs. They fit perfectly, are available in different sizes to cater to people with all waist sizes, and have a super absorbent capacity.


  • Comfortable Mobility

  • These briefs are made using a very thin but super absorbent layer that ensures comfort, supports mobility, and controls the fluid well. So, by choosing them, you can easily move about and do your work without worrying about its shape, even when soiled.

  • Fastener for Protection

  • The sides of this brief are provided with the fastener strips that control the diaper from leaking when soiled. This aspect of Preavial allows users to wear this diaper for a longer time and with the peace that it won't leak from the sides.

  • Plenty of Sizes

  • The best thing about these briefs is that there are so many sizes that people with all kinds of body shapes and waist sizes would be able to grab a suitable option for themselves. 


    • Supports stability of shape when soiled.
    • Odor control mechanism.
    • Easy to wear and remove


    • The flap that tucks the diaper is a little loose, and if loose might leak the diaper.

    8. TENA Underwear for Women

    Tena has designed this incontinence underwear for women, ensuring it fits every size of waist up to 127 centimeters. This underwear is backed with a larger center space that offers comfort between the legs and has a quick absorbent capacity, allowing leakage with its absorption mechanism.


  • Absorbs Quickly
  • TENA is known for its extreme fluid holding capacity and is ideal for long hours since it offers 100 percent fluid absorption.

  • Light in Weight and Comfortable
  • The weight of this underwear is quite low, so it won't cause any discomfort upon soiling.


    • Easy to wear and remove.
    • It offers a comfortable fitting.
    • It does not leak from the sides.


    • It needs to be changed frequently as wearing it for a long time may cause soiling.

    9. Attends Premier Brief

    Attends offers a premier brief that is equally good for both genders, and its size range moves between medium and extra large. It is a comfortable choice of incontinence briefs that control the fluid with its latest dry core technology.


  • Dry Core Technology
  • Its dry core technology is the leading ease-offering solution that locks the fluid and doesn't let it spill. Hence, this diaper's leak proof system makes it super comfortable even when worn for longer hours. 

  • Odor Control

  • Attends Premier briefs are also featured with an odor control technology suitable for keeping you free from odor stress. Even if you wish to use it for daily activewear and support mobility, you can do so with no odor problem. It keeps you confident enough to move in the crowd.

  • Comfortable Coverage

  • The coverage of Attends Premiere Brief will amaze you; while wearing it, you will feel that this product hugs you and has no falling ends despite being soiled. The material made is also super soft, hence avoiding rashes.


    • Breathable material for comfortable wearing
    • Odor control
    • Medium to extra large sizes available
    • Supported with leak guards.


    • Pulling up with force might cause it to tear.

    10. Abena Abri-Form Briefs

    Longer-hour protection may very ideally be attained using Abena Abri-Free Briefs as they offer a capacity of holding 0.9 kg of weight and goes well for 12-hour protection. Even if you wear it for longer, you will have dry and fresh skin with no leaks.


  • Controls Leak

  • It comes with leak guards that control fluid flow very well and has also been finished with an ideal outer part that keeps the skin free from rashes and allergies.

  • Side Tapes 

  • This brief has been manufactured with side tapes capable of refastening to ensure that the fluid remains inside and doesn't leak.

  • Wetness Indicator

  • This brief is also backed with a wetness indicator that ensures to signal you when your diaper is full and needs a change. This aspect of this brief saves from many leaking accidents.


    • Comes with a wetness indicator.
    • High absorbing capacity.
    • Comfortable for long-term wear.


    • Ripping the tapes off after long wear might be difficult.
    • It lacks breathability to a certain extent.

    Choosing a high-quality and suitable diaper for every age group is very important. Especially during old age, people need to have a good diaper to ensure that seniors don't end up leaking or facing any trouble due to urine incontinence. 

    The above-suggested options are not only good for urine incontinence but at the same time support fecal incontinence. While choosing these diapers, one should be careful to choose a breathable, odor-controlling, super absorbent, and comfortable choice so that when worn for hours and hours, it does not cause trouble.

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