Affordable Hearing Saves Employees Job...And More

Local News - For less than $100, Dave saved his job and learned to delight in “hearing the birds” again. And you can too by just clicking here  

Dave Jones is not your average retiree.  On any given day you might see him lifting weights or riding his Harley through the streets of his new adopted hometown, a suburb of Orlando FL about 30 minutes away from the Magic Kingdom. 

Before Dave and his wife, Jo, moved to their current city they retired to the Florida Keys.  And while they both loved the island life, Jo knew it wouldn’t last.  

“He’s always been a worker.  He can’t stand to sit still and rest.  In the Keys the main pastime for retirees was leisure.  Whether it was fishing or sailing or snorkeling or just spending the day enjoying the beach, everything was about leisure.  After a few years Dave couldn’t stand it anymore. He always needs something to do.” 

So when Dave and Jo found their new “adopted hometown,” he immediately went out to get a job.  Not because he needed one. Just because he wanted to have an excuse to talk to people and a place to be a few days a week.  

Then tragedy hit.  Dave started having trouble hearing the people he was working with.  

“For someone like me, who has spent my life working with people, it was like suddenly being cut off from the world.  Not only that, my employer was starting to question if I was able to do my job. When he would watch I would appear an old fool trying to talk with people.”

Dave went to have his hearing checked.  Sure enough the test confirmed what he already knew…

His hearing was deteriorating.  

Dave went into a mild depression.  He was well off with a pension and his social security, but he couldn’t afford $5000 or more for a hearing aid in order to keep a part-time job.

Soon enough, he made up his mind to quit before he got fired.

Then something miraculous happened.  

Dave was searching for a solution online when he saw an article about the HearBloom.  For just $99 the makers of the HearBloom claim that their small, almost unnoticeable hearing device could give Dave his life back.  

He figured for less than a hundred bucks, what did he have to lose?

So he ordered, and in a few days his HearBloom arrived.  

He followed the simple, easy to understand instructions and started using HearBloom immediately.  

That day at work, Dave could hear everyone loud and clear.  

Now Dave tells anyone who will listen, “This is the best thing you’ll ever spend your money on.  I spent $100 and not only could I hear my customers, I walked outside and heard the birds chirping.  Best move you’ll ever make.”

If you have moderate to severe hearing loss and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced hearing aid, HearBloom might be the perfect solution for you too. 

There’s no professional fitting needed and they are so small you can’t see the HearBloom unless you’re looking for it. And because we cut out all the middle men, doctors, and sales offices we can offer you the state of the art HearBloom for less than $100.   

You can find out if HearBloom is for you by trying yours today at  Your HearBloom is backed by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk.  

There’s no reason to suffer with hearing loss for even another second.  Go to and let us help you get your life back!

*Please note, name and personal details have been changed for privacy reasons.

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