Seniors Are At Risk for Overpaying by Thousands of Dollars to Treat Hearing Loss

Recent technological breakthroughs in hearing aid technology allow seniors to address their hearing issues for 90% less than patients paid just 5 years ago.   

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Local News - When a spouse dies, it can be the most devastating time any of us will ever face in our lives.  

After 20, 30, or even 50 years of marriage, being left without your constant companion can be a real life nightmare.  Not only is your heart broken, but your day to day existence changes radically as well. 

Many spouses find themselves locked up in their house with nothing to do and no one to spend time with.  Often, this leads to depression and other medical issues.  

The isolation felt by many surviving spouses can be unbearable. And it’s not just as easy as saying “go find some activity to get involved in.”  

Easy to say when you’re not the one who has just lost the love of your life.  

But there’s another problem that can make newly widowed people feel alone in the world…

Hearing loss. 

Often, when one spouse starts losing their hearing, the other spouse becomes the interpreter.  They act like a human hearing aid, repeating everything that anyone says so that the love of their life knows what’s happening around them and can take part in conversations.

But when the interpreter passes, it can make the survivor even more isolated than normal because they don’t know what is happening around them and they can’t easily communicate with others. 

After asking people to repeat themselves over and over again, human contact can become frustrating and emotionally painful.  The increased isolation can bring depression and fear.

The obvious answer is to get a hearing aid.  

The answer to this issue is for the survivor, when needed, to go get a hearing aid and start re-entering or re-building their social life.

Of course, if you go to a doctor to get a hearing aid it can cost $3000-$5000..and insurance may not cover that expense.   That means our survivor may be left to pay the entire fee by themselves. That can be financially impossible, and it is totally unnecessary.  

The Good News

Just like any other technology, hearing aids have become less and less expensive over the years.  Those savings have not been passed down to the consumer, however, because hearing aids were previously only available through hearing aid stores. 

The store has to pay for advertising, large retail outlets, and commissions for salespeople...yes commissions!

The limited availability combined with the substantial expenses have conspired to keep consumer prices high.  However there’s good news…

The Internet is rapidly increasing the availability of hearing aids for the average consumer.  That increased availability has drastically reduced hearing aid prices without lowering the quality of the devices. 

The HearBloom Difference

HearBloom is a tiny, almost invisible hearing device that cost you less than $100.  

Once in your ear, no one will notice it unless you tell them it’s there.  And it’s as powerful as any “doctor purchased” hearing aid you’ve ever experienced, guaranteed!

If you have moderate to severe hearing loss and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced hearing aid, HearBloom might be the perfect solution for you too

There’s no professional fitting needed and they are so small you can’t see the HearBloom unless you’re looking for it. And because we cut out all the middle men, doctors, and sales offices we can offer you the state of the art HearBloom for less than $100.   

You can find out if HearBloom is for you and try yours today at HearBloom is backed by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk.  

There’s no reason to suffer with hearing loss for even another second.  Go to and let us help you get your life back!

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