10 Bras & Bralettes for Older Women

Aging is a part of everyone's life. It can be a hard reality for somebody. However, the impacts of aging can be reduced. The best possible way is to stay happy and healthy. Now a person who is in the old phase of their life can stick to these rules in many ways. 

In terms of health, older people become prone to different diseases. They undergo mobility issues as well. Elderly women often have saggy breasts and fragile skin. Due to this reason, it is important to choose a reliable bra to avoid problems related to the breast and its optimum state. 

Why Wear a Bra?

The acceptance of bras in the lives of women has existed for so many years. Today, women cannot leave their houses without wearing a bra. This little thing is mundane but gives confidence to women of all ages. There are several types of bras common in our culture. 

The importance of bras not only lies in the confidence of the women. But it also gives them good physical shape no matter if they are alone or out in public. Due to this reason, the shape of their breasts remains intact and does not get changed even in the old phase of their life. 

Things To Consider While Buying Bra For Older Women

There are some important factors to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing an appropriate bra for old ladies so that there will be no complications in their regular usage of bras for them. 


Make sure the bra you are buying is of premium quality. There are different materials used in the production of bras. The price range of these bras also varies on the basis of the production material. So never rely on cheap bras for old women. 


The bras that are ideal for old women are comfortable. These don't annoy them in terms of natural usage. Elderly women should be ergonomic in their bras. These never irritate their skin and are a source of relief for them as well. 


Another factor to keep in mind is that the bra must be supportive. It should meet the breast size and must excel in the criteria of comfort for older women. There should be underwires in these bras that can make older women uncomfortable. By checking the bra straps for once, a person can get an idea of the degree of comfort rendered by a specific bra. 


An ideal bra is one that offers full coverage. In this case, size matters a lot. A perfect bra size would provide complete coverage to elderly women. Make sure the size of the bra you are getting is appropriate for the person. Or else it will fail to completely cover the breasts from all sides. This is important since accurate bras are for covering the breasts from all directions to offer complete support and comfort. 

Best Bras and Bralettes for Older Women

Wanayou Women's Zip Front Sports Bra ASIN: B0719Q121Y

Women's Zip Front Sports Bra Wireless Post-Surgery Bra Active Yoga Sports Bras

It is a viable bra brand. A perfect choice to make for older women. It has no parallel when it comes to the degree of comfort. Its zipper is an excellent feature and allows easy putting on/off of the bra for frequent utilization. There are no metallic hooks attached to this product. Due to this, it is a comfortable bra. 

It also comes with detachable pads that go well with all types of shirts. Such a bra is an ideal one to offer comfort and ease to older women. The production materials are polyamide and spandex, which are both comfortable. The rear design of this bra is to give support to the back of the user. 



Best bralettes for older women 

Relatively round around the edges 

Best for post-surgery use

Front closure available

Ideal for daily or active wear 

Removable pads

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Wire Free Back Support ASIN: B00GHIS3Y4

Another important bra to consider for old ladies. The bra offers complete comfort to the users. It keeps the shape of breasts intact and never compromises its quality as well. It gives complete coverage to the users and supports the backs. Keeping the back from any kind of strain and other orthopedic issues. 

There is an impressive closure at the front, and it can be used on a regular basis. It keeps the posture of the older women straight so that they don't misshape themselves unknowingly. The spandex used for this one is totally soft for older women. 



Provides extra back support 

Do not offer any definition 

Front closure

Wire-free design 

3 adjustable positions

Glamorise Women's Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift ASIN: B000VK0Z18

Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Support Bra Wirefree #1000

It's another reliable bra for elderly women. An excellent combination of comfort and support for them. It keeps the breasts lifted by giving them a good natural shape. There are no underwires connected to this bra. Another feature that enhances the comfort of the users. The cups are adjustable as well. So that the users don't have to worry about anything related to this bra, it maintains the shape from all possible directions equally. 

Never compromises the coverage and offers complete comfort. The bra straps are ergonomic and don't pinch the skin at all. Provide relief to the shoulders and keep them relaxed all the time. A good choice for those having fragile skin. 



Machine washable

Not suitable for sensitive skin 

Ideal for curvy women

Hook and eye closure

Contoured cup support

3 adjustable fits

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra  ASIN: B00FGAOGCC

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Front Closure Bra for Women, Wireless

This bra is unmatched for its comfort and support at the front and back sides of the users. It ensures that the bras are in a firm place. Keep them raised to maintain the shape. The stretchable fabric makes it not only soft but can fit any breast size, which is an amazing feature of this one. 

Additional materials are spandex and nylon for enhancing the level of comfort, especially in the case of old users. The straps are large and ergonomic. These don't compromise the soft skin of older women at all. The hook closure is present on the front side. The purpose is to make it feasible for older women for quick wearing of the bra. 



Hook and eye closure

Straps do not stay in one place

Suitable for light and medium support

Wide straps reduces shoulder pressure

LEADING LADY Women's Meryl Cotton Leisure Bra ASIN: B00PKL3QSM

LEADING LADY Women's Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra

Cotton comfort is everyone's favorite in terms of bras. It is highly significant for the ease and support of older users. The bra is a good choice to make for its flexible nature. It stretches itself to adjust to the size of the user. Offers the users comfort and protects their breasts from sagging or drooping. Also, the bra is a reliable one for the protection of soft skin. 

The closure type is hook-and-eye which provides extra benefits to old users. The rear design of the bra is large, and the bra itself is a wireless product from the company. The bra remains in one place and never dislocates from its natural position, no matter how much the user relies on it. The bra also serves well during the night with equal ease and comfort. 



Front closure

Not machine washable

Cotton stuff

Full coverage

Wire free support

Ideal for convenient breastfeeding 


BRAVADO! DESIGNS Body Silk Maternity & Nursing Bra ASIN: B01KIUH5UO

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra

Another good option for special bras for older women. The straps are flexible and ergonomic for others who breastfeed. Similarly, it's reliable for old ladies as well. The production materials are spandex along with nylon to increase the comfort level for women. 

The bra gives a good grip to the users as well. Remains in one place. Keep the breast intact at the same time. The bra never loses its style and benefits the users in the long run. The cups are of flexible nature and offer full coverage to the users. The foam pads and bra straps are removable. 



Best and ideal for mothers

Not best for shallow breast sizes 

Wire-free and seamless design

4-way stretch fabric

Ideal for nursing

Warner's Women's Easy-Does-It No Dig Wire-Free Bra  ASIN: B07D1MR319

Warner's Women's Easy Does It Dig-Free Band with Seamless Stretch Wireless Lightly Lined Convertible Comfort Bra Rm0911a

Senior women would fall in love with this bra option. An unmatched choice for the comfort and support of old users. It protects the bras from losing their shape. Also gives all women a certain confidence to walk in society fearlessly with this bra. 

There is a band located at the bottom of the bra that keeps the bra in one place. It never penetrates the skin leaving certain marks on it, unlike other bra types. The straps are crisscrossed and can be adjusted easily. 



Machine washable

Not suitable for all body types

Wide bottom bands available to prevent digging in 

Criss-cross straps

Adjustable front straps 

Deyllo Women's Full Coverage Plus Size Comfort Minimizer Bra ASIN: B09QS5BLMQ

Deyllo Women's Full Coverage Plus Size Comfort Minimizer Bra Wirefree Non Padded

It is another reliable choice for senior users. It comes with features like comfort, ease, and support for them. The production fabric is a soft and comfortable one that is breathable. It has a skin-friendly nature and does not feel heavy on the chest at all. 

The product is available in a large range of sizes to pick from as per your requirements. The straps are ergonomic to provide comfort and anchor to the skin. These also provide relief to the users. The cups don't have any wiring and are comfortable for frequent usage. 



Skin-friendly and breathable fabric

Straps length is not adjustable 

Ideal for plus sizes

Available in cup sizes

Full coverage

Adjustable and wide cushion straps 

Elomi Women's Plus-Size Cate Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra ASIN: B011X6AZWM

Elomi Women's Plus-Size Cate Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra

If you need something comfortable along with style, then this is the right choice for you. It also works well with the nature of the breasts of older women that are more prone to drooping and are sensitive. The combination of different fabrics makes this bra a superior choice to make while purchasing. 

The cups also come with a special design to not only support the breasts but also keep them lifted. The bra is ideal for remaining in one place no matter how frequently you use it. The cups offer full coverage and are attractive in terms of their design and appearance. 



Provides full coverage 

Not ideal for all body types

3-piece cup support 

Not machine washable 

Underwire for keeping everything in place

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra ASIN: B01EJBZVKO

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

It is a special vintage-looking bra type. This is a good decision for those who love the realtor style. The cups have a distinct shape to keep the breasts rounded in shape. These are for increasing breast support. The bra straps are for anchoring the shoulders and back during a tiring and exhausting day. 

The bra makes your waist appear slim when you go out. The fabric is flexible, and the straps are also adjustable as per the user's requirements and needs. A complete package that offers you several benefits on all counts. 



Full coverage

Not best for all body types

Adjustable straps

Side support panels

Double layer underwire cups


Tips to Find the Best Bras for Older Women

Sometimes it happens that users don't find their long-used bras much more comfortable. There can be many reasons behind it. Let's see some of them below!

  • The breast shape and size undergo changes due to the onset of menopause.
  • The skin becomes fragile and sensitive in old age.
  • The breasts start to droop, losing their firmness.


It is important to buy the right bra for older women. The process can get hectic. But we have tried to impart you the basic knowledge to make this process easier. All the factors that you must consider to weigh down different bras on their basis to select the best from them. 

Also, all the viable bra types for senior women would serve them impressively in the long run without undergoing damage and other faults, unlike cheaper and low-quality bra types. 

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