9 Best Eyeshadow for Older Women

Aging is a definite process for all of us. As we age, our eyes become more sensitive, besides all the skin around them. Wrinkles and lines start to pervade. However, there are some remedies that can address this problem easily. One of them is using eyeshadows. Appropriate eyeshadows can enhance the overall look of the eyes of older women. 

The eyelids can interact with their natural appearance due to different kinds of shadows. These eyeshadows come in different variations. Some are powdered, while some are cream-based. Using shimmery eyeshadows is not a wise choice for older women. These enhance the visible lines instead of concealing them. 

The best form of eyeshadow is powdered eyeshadow since these prove to be viable for hiding away the wrinkles and age lines around the eyes. These come with more pigments and last longer on the eyelids. It never penetrates into the skin and serves well. There are different eyeshadows available in the market. But it is important to choose the best among them. 

It is a difficult job but not for you. Because we are sharing with you the best eyeshadows for elderly females, it is important to know what colors of undertones are befitting for you. Some are cool undertones. At the same time, others are on the warmer side. Things can go wrong if you don't select appropriate eyeshadows for yourself or someone else. 

The price range also matters, and for that, you have to be careful. Always shortlist the ones that come under your budget and also are effective in their performance. 

Best Eyeshadow for Older Women

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Cream Matte Natural Eyeshadow ASIN: B00F0O2Q6M


It is a special cream-based eyeshadow for old females. Plum fairy is a cool undertone shade. It emphasizes the eyes and makes them pop. Also, it goes well with skin complexions. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is totally organic. 

It is a highly pigmented undertone. The components of this cream eyeshadow are different oils and shea butter, and Vitamin E. A complete formula that not only beautifies your eyes but also protects them from drying by keeping them hydrated. 



Matte finish and creamy texture

Pigments fade very quickly 

Blend easily and rich color payoff

Cruelty and gluten free


Paraben free

L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette ASIN: B01DX1OE2W

Purple cashmere is a matte eyeshadow. The palette has different sets of 5 shades that can be mixed and blended. The users can blend different shades for their looks. These are rich in pigments and last longer on the eyes. 

These give a smooth look to the eyes and appear to be soft. There are five shades of purple in this palette that are sufficient to make purple look easy. The undertones range from cool to warm for easy selection. 



Silky texture 

Colors oxidize on apply 

Matte finish 

Rich color payoff

Buildable colors

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow ASIN: B06XF25P4D

Matte chill is an attractive shade from the palette under discussion. It gives a soft texture to the eyes and an impressive matte finish. The formula of this shade or the entire palette is pigmented. 

The pigmentation undergoes different technologies that make it a rich shadow for usage. It does not comprise the skin at all. The shadow is not bulky and makes the wearer comfortable after they apply it to their eyes. 



Intense matte finish 

Too much falllout 

Blends easily



Comfortable wear and rich payoff

Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow ASIN: B01KHSV4NQ

Creme brulee is a cream-based eyeshadow. Another good option for old females who want something smooth and easy to wear. The formula of this eyeshadow is mixable and serves for several hours. 

The eyeshadow is shimmering and rich in pigment. It never compromises its quality, even if you wear it for many hours. The palette comes with a pre-built brush for feasible application of the eyeshadow with no hustle. 



Creamy texture

Gritty texture of shimmer particles 

Water proof


Rich pigments 

Long-staying and mess-free application 

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette ASIN: B00GDAYQ8S

The palette is another good choice when it comes to comfortable eyeshadows for elderly women. It comprises 13-14 spectacular shades of different undertones. The best part about the palette is that its eyeshadows are anti-aging. 

The shades are lighter and slowly range toward darker ones. These eyeshadows are totally blendable for creating amazing looks. Different peptides and collagen are present in it to hide the age lines around the eyes and over them. 



Best eyeshadow brand for mature eyes

Relatively expensive 

Sheer finish 

Suitable for both dry and wet use


Blendable colors

Matte texture 

Demúre Mineral Eye Color ASIN: B00922YRCE

Dusty rose is a matte eyeshadow. The eyeshadow works well on all types of skin colors. It does not harm or irritate the eyes, unlike other ones. Its features are its water-resistant nature. 

The eyeshadow comes with a lot of minerals to keep the eyes moist and hydrated all the time. The shade is lightweight and highly pigmented to beautify the eyes. 



Anti aging eyeshadow

Not blendable easily 

Matte finish 

Talc free and rice free

Waterproof and multipurpose


Stila Suede Shade Matte Liquid Eye Shadow ASIN: B07TB2VWJ9

Midnight espresso is a silky eyeshadow with a matte finish. The texture of the eyeshadow is creamy and does not increase the fallout risk. It is a heart-stealing nude that can be used for bold and dramatic makeup looks as well. 

It is a multipurpose eyeshadow. The formula of the eyeshadow is rich and gives depth to the eyes. It works well with any suitable shimmery eyeshadow. 



Light in weight

Runny consistency 

Creamy texture

Smooth application 

Works well without primer or base


BYS 12 Shade Matte Eyeshadow Palette ASIN: B06W5J5MP3

The palette has 12 shades in total. The features of the palette are enough to make you fall in love with this one. Due to this reason, there are many lovers of this palette. The shades are all dramatic and come with a mixable formula for the ease of the users. 

The shades make the eyes pop and render them a certain depth. There is a large mirror attached to the palette and a separate brush for feasible applications. Another good choice for senior women is to get rid of their age lines and wrinkles in a beautiful way through this amazing eyeshadow palette. 




Heavy fallout 


Cruelty free and matte finish 

Comes with a mirror 

Applicator brush included 

Mommy Makeup Any Wear Creme ASIN: B00QPOY7NQ

The shade called anna is a beautiful one from the palette. It does not fade away after some hours. Also, one shade can be used as a blush color and a lip color. It is a multipurpose eyeshadow for users. The texture is a combination of cream and powder. It is also water resistant and serves longer users. 

The users don't have to apply it again and again, which is a common problem with several eyeshadows. There are Vitamins A and E in the formula to give moisture to the eyes. Make it lightweight and comfortable. The shade anna is a warm undertone and is a famous one from the brand. 



Multipurpose and smudge free

Little bit drying 



Conditions the skin 

No creasing 

Paraben-free and cruelty free 

What to consider while applying Eyeshadow Over 60?


It is important to remember different problems in this aspect. Old women have to wear glasses in most cases. It gets difficult for the easy application. Their eyesight is weak, and it can interrupt normal and easy eyeshadow application. 

In this case, they might need assistance from someone else. Also, those older females who have orthopedic conditions and mobility issues and can barely move their hands or fingers can also find the application hard. 

Hooded Eyes

The eyes develop a hood as we age. Well, hooded eyes can be natural even when you are not old. There is the vast majority of young people that has hooded eyes. Hooded eyes have smaller eyelids, and this is why eyeshadow application needs to be done with more care. Different makeup techniques can deal with the hooded eyes seamlessly. 


Wrinkles are a harsh reality of the old phase. Due to the presence of wrinkles, the skin gets transparent and fragile. The lines also develop at the same time. The eyeshadow can get piled up between these lines, thus messing up the entire look. 

It also leads to the caking of makeup products on your face. The best way to avoid wrinkles is to keep the skin as moist as possible. Use a hydrating eye primer before applying any type of shadow to give your eyes a protective barrier to keep them from drying and risk irritation as well. 

What is the Best Eyeshadow for Older Women?

It is always reliable to keep some factors and differences in mind to purchase the best eyeshadow for older women so that there will be no complications in terms of safe and frequent usage of the products. Below are some factors that are helpful for you to make a good choice.

Cream or Powder

Cream and powdered eyeshadows are two typical forms. Powdered eyeshadows are comfortable, while cream ones are easier to apply. There is no chance of hydration for the eyes in terms of powdered eyeshadows, while cream ones are good at hydrating. Powdered shades get stuck between the lines and look terrible, while cream shades evenly apply on the eyelids and also give a spectacular finish. Hooded eyes always go well with powdered eyeshadows. 

Matte or Shimmer

Shimmery shades are not reliable for older women. These give eyes a dramatic look that many older females might be uncomfortable with. Plus, the wrinkled eyes don't suit well with the shimmery shades. Matte shades are reliable in this case since these are helpful in concealing all those lines away from your eyes and wrapping the process with a matte finish. 

Color of eyeshadow for Seniors

Natural tones are just for seniors. They can further try different shades that come under a natural tone. Pastels like nudes, beige, and other warm tones would be dependable. Vibrant colors instead make your wrinkles pop and intensify their appearance as well. 

Final Words

A perfect shade on your eyes cannot only give you confidence but can also make you feel delighted. Eyeshadows are good assets to conceal your wrinkles and unwanted fine lines. In this post, we have given you major brands with their eyeshadow palettes from which you can select easily. 

It is important to know that you always stick to something that makes you comfortable in your skin. Don't go with false suggestions at all. Instead, see what suits you the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it easy or difficult to apply eyeshadow?

Yes, it's absolutely easy to apply eyeshadow. There are different methods for applying eyeshadows. Either use a brush or your finger. These are difficult in terms of usage for beginners. These come in different textures, and one can choose from these textures as per their needs. 

Can eyeshadow create irritations in a senior's eyes?

Yes, it is possible in some cases. There are specific constituents in the chemical formulation of eyeshadows that irritate the eyes. Also, some components can be allergic to the users. Different additives, chemical compounds, and parabens can harm the eyes. 

What color eyeshadow should a woman over 60 wear?

Powdered shades go well in all circumstances. It hides the wrinkles impressively and stays longer. There is less amount of fallout of the product as well. These are richer in pigment. Cream shades can also be used. It depends on what suits you well. So in all cases, always find out what is eligible for you and keep using it. 

Experts believe that powdered shades are always the best fit for older females. Using nude and beige shades is important. Even proper application of shades would prove fruitful in concealing wrinkles and extra fine lines around the eyes that can make someone lose their confidence too. 

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