6 Best TV Remotes for Seniors 2023

After retirement, seniors tend to watch more television compared to other groups, probably because they have more free time. Home entertainment systems with multiple remote controls are common. It can be hard for older people to try and figure out how to use each device's proper remote because of how complicated it is to do so.



TV Remotes for Seniors

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Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for Seniors



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Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote



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Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote



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Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control



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    Best TV Remote for Seniors (at a glance)

    1. Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for Seniors
    2. Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote
    3. EasyMote DT-R08W Universal TV
    4. Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Buttons
    5. Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control
    6. Boostwaves Universal Jumbo Remote Control

    Below, we look at 6 simple TV controls that older people can use to their advantage. Remember that you won't have time to sit by their side during their entertainment, so get them a remote control that will empower them and let them keep busy.

    1. Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for Seniors

     This Flipper unit includes all of its components designed to answer the difficulties of seniors for smooth and simple activity. Because the buttons are tactile and shaded, this TV remote with large buttons is excellent for people with visual impairments.  It has the power to control two devices, the TV and the link box, as well as a lock capability to keep an eye out for the modified most liked channels rundown and protect against accidental reprogramming

    This TV remote allows you to program up to 30 favorite channels. It works with most infrared TVs, cable devices, and sound bars.


    • Widely used; compatible with most infrared TVs, link boxes, and sound bars.
    • Can save up to 30 favorite programs
    • Locking capability for favorite programs list


    • The TV and link box won't turn on at the same time when you press the power button, therefore they can be partially off.


    1. Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote


    The Universal Big Button TV Remote is the finest TV remote for elders because of how simplistic its design is. It emphasizes six large, lighted green buttons that are one for/off, two-volume, two-channel, and one silent, making it easy for seniors to remember what each button can do. It is attached with a detachable wristband tie, ensuring that your loved one won't lose it mistakenly. Most cable devices and infrared TVs are compatible with this remote.


    It also has a "Quick Search" feature that enables quick filtering for your TV's code. Additionally, you may configure your buttons to execute specific commands exactly how you like them using the remote control for your TV or cable box. Additionally, it enables you to keep and lock the list of your top channels, making it an ideal TV remote for elders.


    • Intended to operate both a cable box and TV
    • Custom configurations are possible for the remote buttons.
    • The ability to lock favorite channels


    • All buttons are of a similar sort, which may be challenging for those who struggle to understand names. Some first-time programmers found it confusing.


    1. EasyMote DT-R08W Universal TV Remote


    The EasyMote DT-R08W Universal TV remote for elders is the white version of the Continues DT-R08B. With similar features such as the ability to operate both the TV and the cable box, quick search capability, 6 lighted buttons for enhanced visibility, and the ability to customize buttons to match your requirements.


    This remote also allows you to remember your favorite channel list and use the locking feature to prevent accidental channel-switching. You can quickly locate your favorite channel without having to search through the available channels. It comes with a removable waist tie to keep the remote securely fastened to your wrist so you won't lose it while using it.


    • Controls the TV and the connecting box.
    • The illumination of the background enhances visibility and operation.
    • Ability to create custom configurations for buttons


    • Color coding the buttons works better for those who have problems browsing than the background light


    1. Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Buttons


    A large button TV remote for the elderly is a beneficial venture, whether at home or in an assisted living facility. Sony's RM-EZ4 universal remote features large, easy-to-press buttons for convenient use. Furthermore, its blue-coded volume and mute buttons are located at the bottom right side, while the channel buttons are located to one side, allowing your friends and family to control these locations. Moreover, these buttons are tactile and can be put to good use. The RM-EZ4 is designed with separate TV and link box control buttons, which means no more wandering around trying to operate the two. This remote is compatible with most infrared TVs and cable boxes due to its coordinated infrared function.



    • Extremely helpful component with the option of browsing the channels or customizing them via the numbered buttons.
    • Compatible with most infrared TVs and connection boxes


    • Seniors' desire for an excessive number of buttons on the remote might complicate things, and with frequent use, the printed numbers may become less visible.


    1. Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control


    This Tek Pal universal controller has a very simple design with only 6 significant buttons on its surface remembering for/off, silent, the volume adds, volume decrease, channel forward, and channel in reverse parchment buttons. These buttons are both material and backlit for easy use, making them the finest TV remote for elderly people with sight impairments. Moreover, they come in a variety of shapes for easy identification.


    This universal remote works with most infrared TV and link devices connected to either a direct line or a satellite network and fits comfortably in the palm. It is powered by two AA batteries.


    • Buttons are identified by their shapes, materials, and illumination for easy use.
    • Compatible with satellite and direct line TV, as well as link box associations
    • Small dimensions and lightweight


    • It does not come with a user guide.


    1. Boostwaves Universal Jumbo Remote Control


    The size of this huge TV remote for elders will astound you at first. There is no significant reason for the dimensions of 11 x 5 x 0.75 inches. Furthermore, due to their size, the buttons are sufficiently large to support simple activities. The most significant advantage of the universal large remote is that it can handle up to 8 devices at once, including TV, DVD, VCR, Satellite, cable box, combinations, and other assistive devices.


     Its on/off button includes a timer that you can program to turn your device on or off when you set it. It also contains code search fasteners, which are useful when looking for devices to control it. In general, this is a TV remote that elderly people may use easily and comfortably.


    • Large TV remote for the elderly, with large buttons and background illumination
    • Possess control over up to 8 devices.
    • Clock integrated into the on/off button


    • A device with too many buttons can be hard to figure out how to use, especially if it is a complicated device.
    • Textual guidelines that are too small to be read by impaired eyes
    • Buttons are not made of material, so a hard press is required.

    As a result, a universal remote is rated as one of the most valuable devices in the home. Whether purchased to replace a lost remote, you just require one remote for all of your gadgets for convenience, or you require a basic TV remote for elderly people, there are aspects to consider.

    • This is the first and most important figure in deciding whether or not to use a remote. While a universal TV remote for the elderly or others should be compatible with most IR devices, this does not imply that they will function with all devices. Make another step forward to ensure that the remote you're obtaining is compatible with your home devices. While some may offer a list of gadgets that they are compatible with, if you are unsure, contact customer assistance to find out the number of gadgets over which it has some control. A universal remote should be designed to control at least two devices. Others can support up to 8 gadgets.
    • Consider purchasing a basic TV remote for seniors. They should be efficiently programmable, with large material fasteners that are simple to press. For some people, the fewer working buttons, the better. Some will only have six buttons: two volume controls, two-channel fasteners, a mute button, and an on/off switch. Most devices will include lighted buttons for people with vision problems. In this regard, purchasing a programmable TV remote for seniors can be extremely beneficial because it can be modified to their specific needs to decrease a lot of dealing.
    • Customer support. Client support should include both a written, easy-to-follow manual and accessible web-based help. Nobody needs to be snooty with a remote they can't use basically because they don't approach a little guidance.


    Seniors certainly enjoy the time they spent on entertainment. Instead of using separate controllers for each device, a universal remote puts them in a position of control and enables them to easily modify the volume, change channels, and carry out other tasks. In general, a good TV remote for the elderly will provide effortlessness, inner peace, and effectiveness during entertainment—exactly the qualities that seniors value most. When seniors are given a controller they can use without constant assistance from others, they feel encouraged and empowered.

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