8 Best Wheelchair Ramps For The Elderly

8 Best Wheelchair Ramps For The Elderly

Our elderly family members require certain kinds of ramps at specific phases of their lives. Today, different types of ramps are available for them. Some designs are for temporary usage, while others last longer. These are important for orthopedic health concerns and during recovery. The purpose of a ramp is to protect the elderly from major jerks and muscular strains while walking or moving. Some common ramps highly ideal for old people are wheelchair ramps, handicap ramps, and mobility ramps. 

What Are Wheelchair Ramps?

Wheelchair ramps support the elderly to pass through the doors of the homes. These ramps are inevitable for the elderly in wheelchairs as well. There are other names by which such ramps are well-known to their users. Different combinations of metals during their manufacturing makes them reliable to provide an anchor to the elderly without letting them lose their balance in a wheelchair. 

Are Wheelchair Ramps Necessary?

When you install an appropriate wheelchair ramp in your home, elderly family members can take great advantage of it in their routine. A ramp for a wheelchair reduces the potential risk of friction. Besides, the elderly can conveniently take themselves from one place of home to another. 

Things To Consider While Buying The Home Ramps For Elderly

There are specific factors that you have to keep in mind before buying a wheelchair ramp. The ramps’ width, weight-bearing capacity, durability, and quality matter a lot on all counts. 

  • Space of ramps for stairs for elderly

  • Make sure to check all the places in your house with stairs, bumps, and dents which require a ramp immediately. It will allow the elderly to use it for locomotion easily. The purpose is to proactively inspect the entire house to buy the ramps necessary for installation all at once. 

  • Width of ramps for elderly

  • The ramp you want to buy must be the same size as the wheels of the wheelchair. Any miscalculation can lead to complications in moving the wheelchair on the ramp. The width of the ramp matters a lot for safe and sound locomotion. 

  • Length of ramps for senior citizens 

  • Try to buy a ramp with a medium length. That is not too short and not too long for the elderly. The longer ramps are steeper, which can cause an abrupt slide and slippage while moving on them. For this reason, choosing a suitable ramp with a good length for the elderly is better. 

  • Ramp Materials

  • Certain materials make a ramp durable and highly efficient. An aluminum wheelchair ramp is one of the best ramp materials. It requires low maintenance. Such incorporation makes a ramp sturdy to endure the weight of the elderly with the wheelchair. 

    Wheelchair Ramps Safety Tips

    Using a wheelchair ramp at a degree of incline

    • The ramp should be completely opened throughout its length for safer and smooth movements and transitions. 
    • The ramps work best with little slopes regarding the safety of the elderly. 
    • Do not install the ramp on a high slope as it can complicate the transition for elderly people. 
    • Always position the ramp with its larger end to the highest point while its angular end is on the lowest. 

    Ramp-level landings

    • The highest point of the ramp must match the size of the wheelchair in all cases. 
    • If you want to place the ramp in front of a door, ensure sufficient space for the door to open and close naturally. 

    Top 8 Wheelchair Ramps For Elderly

    Let’s look at our top 8 picks with features, pros, and cons. 

  • Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp (6 ft) 

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0009QWAR6

    The ramp design is an ideal option for disabled and handicapped people. There are several attributes of this ramp that are enticing for its users. First, it boasts a subtle design that makes it a classic one. It is foldable, so the user can easily make it compact after the elderly have performed their locomotion in the house. 

    It can endure weight up to 700-800 pounds. The incorporation of metals makes it a heavy-duty ramp to perform its job remarkably in all circumstances. It also comes with a pre-attached handle so the user can hold and carry it during travel. 



    Provides amazing stability and traction 

    Users feel difficulty separating the wheelchair ramp into two pieces. 

    Excellent to use in a wet environment

    The metals at the wheelchair edges can be dangerous. 

    Easy to install

    It is a little bit heavy for elderly 

    Provides maximum space for stability 

  • HomCom Folding Portable Suitcase Mobility Wheelchair Threshold / Ramp (8 ft) ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00QMQL0MI

  • It is an attractive option for its users due to its outstanding features. The design consists of a dual nature in that it is feather-weight and sturdy simultaneously. It is due to the incorporation of aluminum in its entire structure during manufacturing. The ramp comes with some slots for easy cleaning. You can keep it tidy by cleaning the slots with a brush or a detergent. The handle is for carrying it from one place to another. The portable feature is also accommodative when it comes to traveling. 

    The ramp has firm and sturdy grips to prevent slippage and sliding during its utilization. Due to this fact, it is among the ideal ramps for people suffering from impairment and physical or mental disability. 



    Easy to install 

    It tends to bend in the middle due to its length. As a result, it cannot hold the maximum weight capacity. 

    Foldable design 

    Easy to carry and store

    Guardrails are available for the safety of the elderly.

  • Silver Spring Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp (5 ft) 

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B014WAXVMW

    The ramps from Silver Spring are available in many designs for the customers. The ramp features premium quality grit coating, aluminum design, foldable nature, and a handle to render it a property of portability. It allows the user to move different weights impressively. It works with the same efficiency for the users. The large variety permits the user to choose a favorable ramp for regular usage. 

    It can lift wheelchairs that weigh between 500-600 pounds. Your needs determine the type of ramp you require. For example, a small, foldable ramp would be a great choice if you travel frequently. In the other case, large ramps work ideally. 



    It has guardrails for safety purposes.

    It is a one-piece design and not foldable.

    It is easy to set up as it has pre-drill holes.

    There is no carrying handle available. 

  • Rage Powersports Multi-Fold Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Ramp (8 ft) ASIN: B00F9G8I6S

  • The Rage Powersports have some amazing power ramps for wheelchairs and scooters. These are a great asset for people who always crave convenience. In addition, patients suffering from any kind of impairment can avail of great advantages of this power ramp. It can navigate the scooters and wheelchairs precisely without compromising the person. 

    The structure is non-slippery. It is durable due to aluminum alloys and other metallic combinations. You can take the support of its portable nature to carry it to different places with utmost ease. You can select different ramps from the brand according to your requirements. 



    It comes in both a walking ramp for the elderly and a power chair.

    Some users may feel difficulty installing it.

    It provides high traction and stability.

    Easy to foldable 

    1. Titan Ramps MF8 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (8 ft) ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00EUJKDC2

    The MF8 by Titan ramp is another splendid choice for the elderly. It is highly durable for weights up to 500-600 pounds. Unlike other variants, it has a unique way of folding. The user has to tighten and loosen the screws while folding and unfolding the ramp on all counts. If you see it folded, you will realize that it is much smaller than its original state. For this reason, it is among the most portable ramps on the market. You can conveniently carry it in a compact form and take it wherever you go. 

    The ramp features a non-slip texture of the surface for protected navigation. The ramp can also be fixed by screwing it for the long term if it is necessary in your case. Besides, the aluminum structural design and weather resistance are the features that keep it from climatic fluctuations. 



    It is foldable and compacts to ¼ its size.

    It is not good to use as a walking ramp.

    Easy to store and carry.

    It has a palm-friendly and soft handle.

    Easy to install it due to pre-drill holes

  • Titan Ramps MF6 Aluminum Multi-fold Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Portable Ramp (6 ft) ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00EUJF17E

  • The MF6 ramp is a little smaller than the previous one. Even though it predicates holes for screwing it permanently, it is not safe for bare walking. However, it is reliable for utilization, including wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters. After the installation, it remains in a firm position for several years without the slightest change in its functioning. 

    Some prominent features of the ramp make it compelling for implementation. These are its weight-bearing capacity, durability, weather resistance, and portable nature. The MF6 ramp is a bit different from the rest in terms of its handle for carrying purposes. The handle is manufactured from a user-friendly material called Nylon that does not cause fatigue to the hand of the user if they have to carry the ramp for long hours. 



    It has a palm-friendly and soft handle.

    It is not good to use as a walking ramp.

    Easy to install it due to pre-drill holes

    It is foldable and compacts to ¼ its size.

    Easy to store and carry.

  • Goplus® Portable Aluminum Non-skid Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp (7 ft) ASIN ‏ : ‎ B074K78TNJ

  • It is a multifunctional ramp for the users. It not only supports moving the wheelchairs, but you can also walk on it. It does not deteriorate or break down due to extra weight. It can withstand weight up to 500-600 pounds. Several features make it a good contender among other ramps available in the market.

    You can procure its benefits according to your demands. It can serve you permanently and on a temporary basis as well. Different patients and the elderly are satisfied with its performance. It has a huge tensile strength to perform its job without any mishaps. 



    It is a lightweight and portable wheelchair ramp.

    It comes in one piece and cannot be separated for easy lifting.

    It has an angled lip drilled and comes with holes which help in easy set-up.

  • Titan Ramps Aluminum Wheelchair Entry Ramp & Handrails (10 ft) ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01L9T27AQ

  • The ramp is a favorable one for general purposes. It gives an edge to its users because of the feature of handrails. You can depend on this one for a long time because it does not rust sooner. It means this ramp consists of rust-proof materials that improve its overall performance. You can walk on the ramp and move the scooter and wheelchair. It can endure the weight with utmost precision. Unlike the other variants mentioned above, it has the most weight-bearing capacity. It can lift weight up to 700-850 pounds easily. 

    It is a sturdy product that renders different benefits to the users. No matter what purpose you want to use it for, its outstanding features will not cease to amaze you. It is undoubtedly a huge asset for your elderly and any other patient who cannot walk independently. 



    It is constructed with solid materials.

    It is not portable and comes in only one piece wheelchair ramp.

    The carrying capacity of the wheelchair ramp is 850 lb.

    It is bulky in size and not easy to store. 

    It has extended lips at the front and back for transitions. 


    Ramps are integral for homes and buildings like offices and hospitals. Particularly the hospitals are procuring several benefits from ramps that have made it easy for the medical staff to roll wheelchairs to take the patients to different rooms. 

    You can find a ramp that is befitting to your requirements. Some ramps are not for bare walking, while others can serve the purpose of moving wheelchairs and support walking. It is better to research before buying a suitable ramp for your elderly. Different designs available are not for confusing you but to make you select the most appropriate ramp to accommodate your elderly in the long run with ease and satisfaction. 

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