What to Know about Fall Prevention for Seniors

Falls are very common among the elderly. For seniors and elders, additional fall prevention and safety procedures are essential in the home.

Adults aged 65 and older have one fall every three years, yet many of them do not seek medical assistance. Accidental falls can result in both minor bruises and sprains, as well as major problems like broken bones and stitches. These can cause discomfort and mobility concerns.

Broken bones, cranial damage, and even death are among the possible effects of a catastrophic fall. Injuries that necessitate a lengthy hospital stay and/or surgery have long-reaching consequences that go far beyond the monetary expense of therapy.

One's physical and emotional wellness are both jeopardized. Movement, attitude, and self-assurance often deteriorate throughout this period. As a result, there may be fewer social and physical activities, as well as an increase in dependence, isolation, and overall quality of life.

Read on to discover what to learn about fall prevention for seniors.

Causes That Play into Fall Accidents for the Elderly

Fall accidents are caused by both extrinsic and intrinsic causes. Extrinsic causes involve a senior's environment or conduct. Meanwhile, intrinsic causes involve medical or physical problems. 

Most falls and slips occur when elders change positions in the restroom, and in the middle of the night. Such accidents can have long-term consequences that are unpleasant to anybody’s lifestyle. To avoid this, you must reinforce safety in your home.

5 Tips to Ensure a Senior’s Safety at Home

1. Build a Safer Bathroom

Always sit on a stable chair in the bathroom or shower to protect your safety when showering. Sitting reduces the possibility of slipping and falling on slippery or unclean flooring. Elderly persons should be cautious while using bathroom rugs, bath mats, and toilet mats because they can cause them to trip and fall.

Remove any non-slip mats. Slip-resistant rubber mats should be used in their stead. Because it is critical for the elderly to be able to use walkers, restroom mats should be thin. You may also attach a non-slip rubber underlay to the mats to prevent seniors from falling in the restroom. You can also try attaching tennis balls on a walker for better stability.

2. Install Safety Grab Bars

Restrooms for the elderly should have grab bars and safety rails.Grab bars are installed in the toilet, bathtub, and shower. Installing grab bars in toilets makes getting on and off the toilet much easier.

With the help of grab bars and shower safety rails, seniors can keep their balance. Grab bars and safety rails should be easily accessible, and they should be positioned at a height that allows them to be gripped without the person having to reach too high or too low.

3. Keep Everything Organized

Slips and falls in the bathroom can be caused by having too many bath and hygiene products laying around. If, let’s say, a bathroom floor or shower room are routinely cluttered, a person may need to go down on their hands and knees to pick up an object that has fallen in the shower or on the bathroom counter. This may lead to more accidents.

Muscles and joints are typical sources of pain for the elderly. When you combine this risk factor with restricted movement, you increase the likelihood for a fall. As such, increasing the safety of the restroom for elderly persons can be accomplished by removing clutter, organizing supplies, and keeping commonly used objects on display.

4. Build a Safer Bedroom

Position a nightlight or a bedside lamp near the mattress to boost the amount of light accessible during the overnight hours. If the nearest restroom is a long distance away, consider purchasing a toilet that can be placed next to the bed.

5. Always Be Prepared with a First Aid Kit

Always keep your first aid supplies close at hand. Antiseptics, gauze, and adhesive bandages are all effective treatments for small sprains and minor injuries caused by falls.


If you live with an elderly at home, you should consider these tips. Remember, we must not only keep seniors comfortable and healthy but we must also keep them safe. By making sure a home’s environment is safe and, by standard, up to their needs, we can avoid falls and accidents altogether.

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