7 Great Tips to Coax a Senior Parent into Using a Cane

As our loved one's age, it can become more difficult for them to get around without assistance. This is even more true if they suffer from any type of mobility impairment. For many seniors, using a cane can be a great way to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

However, getting a senior parent to use a cane can be a challenge. They may be quite resistant to the idea of using a cane, feeling that it makes them look weak or frail. They may also be concerned about losing their balance and falling.

There are a few things you can do to help your senior parent overcome their reluctance to use a cane. 

1) Showcase Worry and Communicate Concern

If you're worried about your parent's safety, make sure to communicate this to them. Showcase your concern in a caring and respectful way. Let them know that you're only suggesting they use a cane because you want to help them stay safe and independent, reassuring them that using an assistive device is not a sign of weakness.

2) Note the Likeliness of Fall-Related Injuries

Help them understand that using a cane can help reduce their risk of falling and injuring themselves. In conjunction with that, try to have a conversation with them about the benefits of using a cane. Explain that a walker can help them stay steady on their feet, which can lessen and avoid the risk of falling and losing their balance. 

3) Request a Balance Test

If your parent is hesitant or stubborn about using a cane, you can request that they get a balance test done. This will help to assess their risk of falling and injuring themselves. If they do well on the balance test, you can hold off on bringing up the subject again and save it for the future.

4) Have Them Talk with Other Cane Users

When a loved one is still on the fence about using a cane, have them talk with other friends and family who may be cane users to talk everything out. This can help them to see that using a walker is not a sign of weakness but rather a tool that can be utilized to help them stay safe and independent.

5) Figure Out a Compromise

When struggling to convince your parent to use a cane, try to come up with a compromise. For example, you can suggest that they only use the cane when they are going to be out of their house for a longer period or when they are going to be walking long distances.

6) Allow Your Loved One to Pick Out Their Cane

Your loved one is likely to be more likely to use a cane if it is one that they like. This means that you should allow them to pick out the walker that they want to use. Let them browse a selection online to help them pick out the perfect assistive device.

7) Give Accessories for Personalization

Another method of helping your loved one feel more comfortable using a cane is by giving them accessories that they can use to personalize their cane. For example, you can provide them with cane covers or cane toppers in the color they like.


Be patient and understanding with your parent as they make this decision. It can be challenging to convince a senior parent to use a cane, but with the right communication, you can get your loved one the assistance they need.

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