Elderly Care 101: What to Know about Shower Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in a shower is a simple and practical solution for providing support and stability when entering and exiting the shower. Thus, they are also great tools for the elderly.

Those who have trouble with their balance can shower securely with the help of hold bars. Problems with balance are frequent and worsen with aging. Indeed, installing a grab bar in the shower makes the bathroom a safer place in general; however, there are a few things to consider before you begin.

Read on to discover what to know about shower grab bars.

Grab Bars and Bathroom Tiles

Tiles can be seen in a variety of bathroom designs and are usually durable materials. What this in mind, grab bars placed in specific restrooms are required to be tile-compatible.

With grab bars installed in tile bathrooms and showers, the elderly and senior citizens need not be afraid of accidents. They now have these options for safety and security.

What to Look for in Bathroom Grab Bars

First and foremost, choose the appropriate grip. Choose a tile shower grab bar from the options offered. Remember, most tile showers are dangerously slippery. As such, you need anti-slip materials and support tools.

Yes, the details matter. As such, make sure the grab bar you purchase can support the elderly’s weight, as some are made for people who are lighter, while others are designed for people who are heavier. You can seek the assistance of experts or get in touch with the senior’s nurse or doctor. 

Because each type has advantages and disadvantages, the person who will install the grab bar in the bathroom might also be the best person to consult when deciding between options. Also, keep in mind your preferences, the sort of tile you select, and the wall studs.

Getting the Right Angle for Grab Bars

If you are adding more than one grab bar, choose the ideal location for them. Then, you will also have to determine the orientation of the grab bar in its location. Ask yourself, “should the shower grab bar be horizontal, or vertical?” The different angles can make big differences.

While a qualified professional will understand the best setup, a do-it-yourself project will necessitate careful planning. This is because the most assistance will be provided by installing grab bars at the shower's entrance as well as on both sides of the shower. Install a grab bar at a suitable height for the area near the showerhead.

Installing the Grab Bars

To effectively install something, you'll need the right tools. Locate the studs, select where to lay the bars, and mark the locations where the holes will be bored. Drilling pilot holes, using wall anchors, and screws will be required to install these bathroom rails.

There are numerous videos that demonstrate how to install grab bars. These videos are especially crucial for those who will want to do this project on their own. Make sure you also research the instruments needed for this, as well as learn from discussions of the exploratory strategy and rail securing.


Simply put, adding safety and security measures is always a good idea. Now that you know all of this new information, you must also be well aware that installing grab bars in tiled showers is achievable. With the right tools, careful planning, and proper installation, we can now make all showers and bathtubs safer for seniors and the elderly. 

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