Hearing Aid Help for Seniors: Tips for Buying Hearing Aids

According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), less than 30 percent of seniors aged 70 and above have never used any hearing aids before even if they are affected by hearing loss.

This is because some may be a bit skeptical when it comes to using hearing aids, thinking that they may not work, unsure of how it will fit, and they may not like the way it may look. However, there are a few practical ways that you can help your senior loved ones understand and try wearing hearing aids.

Consider the Accessories They Need

Hearing aids are not just about the hearing aids themselves. They are a lot about the accessories that come along, such as the new batteries, the earplugs, the cords, the microphone, and the remote control. These accessories are used to make the hearing aids work. It is important to consider the accessories before purchasing a hearing aid for your loved ones.

Choose Digital over Analog

There are a lot of people who may want to try hearing aids but don’t because they think that they won’t be able to get used to hearing aid technology. There are some hearing aids that are not that intuitive, especially for older people who have never used hearing aids before, which makes it a challenge for them to figure out how to use them. However, all of these things have changed with the switch from analog to digital hearing aids.

Digital hearing aids are more sophisticated, making it easier, even for someone who has never used hearing aids before. For example, they can be adjusted to your desired settings and customized to your hearing needs.

Think about the Usability

It would be best if you could get hearing aids that are easy to use so you can make it easier for your loved one to wear them. You may want to look into getting a hearing aid that has a transmitter that can be used with an audio receiver and remote control. The remote control can be used to adjust the volume and other settings of the hearing aid. 

Make Sure It's Locally Programmable

One of the good things about hearing aids is that you don't need to travel to a special facility or to a doctor in order to use them. If you are buying your relative a hearing aid, you would want to be sure to get one that is locally programmable so that you can adjust the settings and the volume according to their hearing needs.

Choose the One with the Highest IP Rating

The IP rating of a hearing aid refers to the degree of protection against the intrusion of liquid, dust, and sweat. If your loved one is going to be wearing the hearing aid while they are doing their daily activities or when they are going to be spending a lot of time outside, then you would want to make sure that the hearing aid that you are buying for them has a high IP rating.


If you want your senior loved one to be able to live a life without worrying about their hearing loss, the best way to help them is by getting them hearing aids. 

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