Best Hearing Protection for Kids

After 50+ hours of research and review, we have concluded that these are the 16 best hearing protection products for kids.

People buy hearing protection for a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s to protect the integrity of one’s hearing when very loud sound is present.

On the other hand, when it comes to kids, there’s a bit more that goes into it. Children’s hearing can be damaged just like adults’ can. But kids can also be sensitive to loud noises for other reasons.

One major reason parents buy protective ear muffs is that children can be emotionally harmed by extremely loud or very sudden noise. A child will startle, cry, and may be more fearful any time you go out if she’s had this type of bad experience.

Buyers whose reviews we investigated also mentioned sensitivities such as those that can occur when a child is on the autism spectrum. Such children can benefit tremendously by having loud sounds muffled.

Hearing protection gear for kids is huge and it’s only growing from here. We investigated what makes some hearing protection headphones or earplugs more appealing to customers. Our team factored in how comfortable the head gear is said to be; color choices; noise reduction rating, price and more.


Snug Kids Earmuffs Hearing Protectors

Snug Kids Earmuffs / Best Hearing Protectors - Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders For Children and Adults (Pink)

Ideal protection from loud sounds
Kids on the autism spectrum can benefit
Fits children as young as 16 months
Adjustable and extra-comfortable
Comes with a 5-year guarantee
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MPOW 068 Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs

Mpow 068 Kids Ear Protection, NRR 25dB Noise Reduction Ear Muffs, Toddler Ear Protection, Protective Earmuffs for Shooting Range Hunting Season, for Toddlers Kids Children Teens-Blue

NRR sound-dampening sponge
Fits kids ages 3-12
Rotating ear cuffs
Reduces noise by up to 25dB
Folds up and comes with travel bag
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Hearing protection for kids comes in a variety of styles. Earmuffs with headbands are the most popular. You may also be curious about ear plugs made just for youngsters.

We uncovered 16 amazing options just for your child. Find the best noise reduction rating, cutest colors and coolest tech features with our favorite picks.

Best Hearing Protection Choices for Kids

Snug Kids Earmuffs Hearing Protectors
Snug Kids Earmuffs / Best Hearing Protectors - Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders For Children and Adults (Pink)

Parents and kids alike love Snug Kids, as more than 4,500 enthusiastic reviews show. Children who have sensitive ears plus those on the autism spectrum benefit from this set, customers say.

The muffs fit children as young as six months. They adjust easily upward until teen years, verified reviewers note. The protective headphones are extra-comfortable, so kids are more willing to wear them.

Children also love the look of these cool hearing protective muffs. Choose from 19 different colors and patterns, including kid-friendly kittens, blue camo and fanciful pineapples.

Verified buyers say the set protects ears from loud and sudden sounds. At the same time, there’s enough hearing so kids stay safe.

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Key Features

Ideal protection from loud sounds
Kids on the autism spectrum can benefit
Fits children as young as 16 months
Adjustable and extra-comfortable
Comes with a 5-year guarantee
Our Rating


MPOW 068 Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs
Mpow 068 Kids Ear Protection, NRR 25dB Noise Reduction Ear Muffs, Toddler Ear Protection, Protective Earmuffs for Shooting Range Hunting Season, for Toddlers Kids Children Teens-Blue

These aren’t your mama’s headphones, according to verified reviewers. There’s some serious technology that goes into these effective and comfortable protective earmuffs.

The headphones feature a “noise dampening” sponge to absorb sudden or very loud sounds. Along with the form-fitting cup, that adds up to a noise reduction of 25dB. And the materials are certified non-toxic.

The earmuffs fit kids ages 3-12 depending upon the child’s size, MPOW says. Adjust the headband and rotate the ear cups for a snug, comfortable fit.

Verified buyers say they like that the headphones fold. They’re easy to carry along once they’re placed in the travel bag that’s included with the purchase.

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Key Features

NRR sound-dampening sponge
Fits kids ages 3-12; great investment
Adjustable headband and rotating ear cuffs
Reduces noise by up to 25dB
Folds up and comes with travel bag
Our Rating


Dr.Meter EM100 Kids Protective Earmuffs
Dr.Meter EM100 Kids Protective Earmuffs with Noise Blocking Children Ear muffs for Sleeping, Studying, Shooting, Babies 27NRR Adjustable Head Band

These noise canceling headphones are made with comfort in mind. That makes them ideal for kids with sensitive ears. They’re also great for children on the autism spectrum, verified reviewers say.

The ear cups are lined with non-irritating, cushiony synthetic leather. The headband is also lined. Verified buyers say their kids will wear these earmuffs even if they’ve refused other types.

The cups rotate a full 360° to fit your child comfortably. There are adjustable pins. This really is a fully customizable head set, according to verified customers.

Dr.Meter says the hearing protection muffs have a NRR of up to 27dB. All materials are safety-tested and are ANSI certified for safety.

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Key Features

100% customizable fit
Synth leather lined
Ear cups rotate and have adjustable pins
Reduces noise by up to 27dB
5 kid-friendly colors
Our Rating


3M Safety Peltor Small Earmuffs
Peltor Sport Earmuffs, Black, Small, 1/Pack

This handy pair of noise reducing earmuffs fits tweens/teens through adults. Verified reviews note that they’re beautifully constructed and last for years.

The Peltor ear set protects even in very loud environments, such as shooting ranges or racing events. This model comes in classic Black, which appeals to older kids, according to the company.

These hearing protection muffs come in size Small, so if you’re buying for adults too, keep that in mind. You’ll get plenty of cushioning for all-day wear. The headband and cups are synth leather-lined.

Verified buyers say they like that the headset is made in the U.S. with globally sourced materials. The Peltor model reduces noise by up to 22dB.

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Key Features

Fits “big kids” on up to adult size Small
Gorgeous classic synth leather in Black
Fully lined; fully adjustable
NRR of 22dB
Assembled in the U.S.
Our Rating


Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Earplugs
Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - Small Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Traveling, Concerts, Shooting Sports & Power Tools, 50 Count

These comfortable ear plugs are made for smaller ears. They won’t fall out and stay safely in the outer ear canal, according to verified reviews.

Customers like that these earplugs can be worn even while the child is sleeping. They say the plugs are perfect for loud events or simply for children with sensitive hearing.

Mack says the comfort is due to the low pressure foam. Each earplug is tapered. It expands safely and gently inside the ear.

Mack says the earplugs reduce noise by up to 29dB. That’s an impressive rating. Be sure to ask your child’s pediatrician whether she’s ready for internal earplugs –– most recommend ages 5 and older.

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Key Features

Extra-comfortable tapered design
Expands gently in the ear with very low pressure
Size Small for school-age kids
29dB NRR
Won’t slip too far in or fall out
Our Rating


Muted Designer Ear Protection for Infants & Kids
Muted Designer Hearing Protection for Infants & Kids - Adjustable Children's Ear Muffs from Toddler to Teen - Aero Gray

There’s plenty of room to grow with this popular choice. Verified reviewers say it fits their kids from toddlers to teens.

The headband is extra-wide and padded for comfort. It’s adjustable, and the ear cups are angled for a secure fit. According to the company, this model offers up to 27dB protection.

The ear cups are large to allow enough sound for your child to be safe, but protect against loud noises such as fireworks, concerts and sporting events. The set is ANSI certified.

Choose from six fun colors and fanciful patterns. Kids love the look of this headset, according to verified reviews. And the parents love the price tag.

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Key Features

Roomy ear cuffs; extra hearing protection
Wide, comfortable headband
Comes in six kid-friendly colors and patterns
ANSI certified
Up to 27dB noise reduction
Our Rating


My Happy Tot Noise Reduction Earmuffs
My Happy Tot Noise Reduction Earmuffs for Infants and Children. Hearing Protection Headphones, Fully Adjustable for 0-12 yrs. Low Profile Cups, Padded 'Snug Fit' Professional Earmuffs for Kids.

Here’s another hearing protection choice that you’ll be able to use for years. That’s because the headband is adjustable to fit children from ages six months to twelve years, according to enthusiastic reviews.

The My Happy Tot model has an impressive 4.75-star rating with hundreds of verified reviews. Customers say they like everything from the low cost to high performance.

Kids like that the headband is cushioned and soft. The headset can be worn comfortably for hours, according to verified customers.

For an extra measure of comfort, the ear pads deflate slightly to fit your child’s head. Parents say they like that the head gear is made with BPA-free, non-toxic materials. Choose blue or pink.

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Key Features

Low cost; high quality
Wide, comfortable head band
Fits kids from infancy to 12 years
Ear pads have “give” for extra comfort
Choose Blue or Pink
Our Rating


Heartek Kids Padded Ear Protection Muffs
HEARTEK Kids Earmuffs Hearing Protection with Travel Bag- Junior Ear Defenders for Children, Padded Baby Ear Protection, Infants, Small Adults, Women - Adjustable Protectors Noise Reduction Ear Muffs

Heartek is a trusted brand. Parents say their kids are happy to wear this super-sturdy hearing protection set. Kids also like the fanciful color choices, including Electric Lime, Camo and Lavender.

This pro-quality set delivers 27dB protection against loud and potentially harmful noise. Besides concerts and loud events, kids on the autism spectrum benefit from these headphones, verified buyers say.

The ear cups have been designed to fit not just the size of little ears but the shape of the ear against the head. That means a superior fit and seal against noise.

The headphones collapse so they’re easy to tote along to any event. Hearktek offers a 100% guarantee plus a 5-year warranty.

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Key Features

Comes in a variety of cool colors
Shaped and sized ideally for little ears
For concerts, loud events or for children with hearing sensitivities
27dB hearing protection
100% satisfaction guarantee
Our Rating


Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuffs
Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection - Ages 0-2+ Years - THE BEST EARMUFFS FOR BABIES & TODDLERS - Industry Leading Noise Reduction Rating - Soft & Comfortable - Baby Ear Protection

Baby Banz are one of the most popular picks we investigated. What sets them apart is that they can be worn even by newborn babies. Parents with concerns about hearing sensitivity say they appreciate the protection Baby Banz can give.

Baby Banz are priced economically. Verified reviewers say they’ve bought more than one set so they always have a pair on hand.

The ear cuffs are extra cushiony. And the headband is padded, too. At the same time, Baby Banz has removed the usual bulk you can get from headphones.

Choose from more than 20 colors. There are fun print selections, too (baseballs, for example). Whichever style you choose, your baby gets a whopping 31db noise reduction.

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Key Features

Suitable for newborns up to preschool
Impressive 31dB NRR
Padded; super-soft to wear
20+ color choices
Less bulk means better comfort for baby
Our Rating


Walker’s Game Ear Folding Ear Muffs
Walker's Children-Baby & Kids Hearing Protection/Folding Ear Muff, Camo

Verified buyers say it can be hard to get kids to wear ear muffs. Walker’s Game has made these a tempting choice with fun colors and even a camo print choice kids love.

The set has large ear cups so kids’ ears stay comfortable. It’s padded too, including along the adjustable headband.

This hearing protection gear is comfortable enough for hours of wear, according to verified reviews. When you need to tote them along, they fold into a compact travel size.

Verified buyers say they’re perfect for loud situations, such as sports events or fireworks. At the same time, they allow enough non-harmful sound so your child stays safe. Choose from four appealing colors.

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Key Features

Kid-friendly colors; kids want to wear this set
Fully adjustable to fit your child perfectly
Large-size ear cups
Padded cups and headband for comfort
Folds into compact travel size
Our Rating


Vanderfields Hearing Protection Muffs for Kids
Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids - Hearing Protection Muffs For Children Small Adults Women - Foldable Design Ear Defenders Protector with Adjustable Padded Headband for Optimal Noise Reduction - Green

Here’s another hearing protection choice that will fit your child for years. The Vanderfields model is small enough for young children but will fit up to a small/young adult.

The set is extra-padded, and verified reviews say they’re comfortable for all-day wear. Buyers say kids with sensitive ears and those on the autism spectrum benefit from this headset.

While it’s sturdy, the set folds easily for travel. According to verified customers, it’s lightweight so kids don’t mind putting it on. There are six cool colors, like Green Trooper and Purple Power.

Vanderfields backs your buy with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your child doesn’t love their hearing protection, return for your money back.

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Key Features

Cool colors appeal to kids
Padded ear cups and headband
Lightweight; comfortable to wear
For sensitive ears and for kids on the autism spectrum
100% satisfaction guarantee
Our Rating


Zohan Nebula Kids Ear Protection [Upgraded]
ZOHAN EM030 [Upgraded] Nebula Kids Ear Protection Safety Noise Earmuffs, Ultra Comfortable Hearing Protection Muffs for Children Have Sensory Issues

The design of this hearing protection gear is out of this world. Kids love the Nebula, Rap or Unicorn design. That means they’re happy to wear it, verified reviewers say.

There’s plenty of cushion inside the ear cups. Verified reviews say the cups are nice and comfortable while covering a wide area over the ear.

Zohan upgraded this headset –– there are no metal parts that could hurt kids. And they reduce noise by an impressive 70dB.

You’ll get a set of instructions so you can adjust the headset perfectly. You also get the confidence that comes with Zohan’s one-year satisfaction guarantee.

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Key Features

Highest noise protection –– up to 70dB
New upgraded no-metal design
Three super cool designs
Padded and comfortable
Comes with Zohan’s one-year guarantee
Our Rating


Alpine Pluggies Ear Plugs for Kids Ages 5-12
Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs - Noise Cancelling Ear Buds for Kids Age 5-12 - Ear Plugs for Small Ear Canals - Kids Ear Protection for Flying and Swimming - Hypoallergenic Reusable Earplugs for Kids

Pluggies are a definite step up from traditional foam earplugs. These are double-flanged for a secure, comfortable fit. They won’t fall out or get lost inside the ear, according to verified reviews.

Each earplug comes with a pull tab for safe removal. They’re made just for little ears; the fit is ideal for kids ages 3-12.

One thing verified buyers love about this hearing protection choice is that they allow some sounds in. That means kids can stay safe, while their ears are protected from loud noise.

To make them more appealing, these fun earplugs come with stickers. The set contains six stickers and two Alpine Pluggies in a convenient plastic travel box.

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Key Features

Form-fitting double flange design
17dB noise reduction; safe because kids can still hear sound
Super comfortable
Six stickers to personalize the Pluggies
Comes in a sturdy plastic box
Our Rating


Vic Firth Isolation Headphones for Kids
Vic Firth Kidphones Non-electronic Isolation headphones For Kids

Verified buyers say Vic Firth hearing protection headphones muffle sound. They allow some sound, though, which means they’re safer for busy kids to wear.

The set looks like traditional stereo headphones. However, they’re non-electronic; kids aren’t hindered by wires or other devices. Just slip them on and go.

The headphones come in a unisex royal blue color. The ear cups are extra padded and made entirely from non-animal materials, which verified buyers say is important to them.

Another thumbs-up feature is the price. Vic Firth headphones are priced so you can easily get more than one pair. Verified reviewers say they keep one set in the car and one at home so they’ll always have hearing protection on hand.

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Key Features

Sized just right for kids
22dB NRR; enough sound gets through to keep kids safe
Royal blue unisex color
Cushiony padding
Low cost; customers say they own more than one
Our Rating


Walker’s Game Ear Youth Active Ear Muffs
Walker's Game Ear Youth Electronic Muff, Green

One of the best things about Walker’s Game Youth earmuffs is that they’re not just miniatures of the adult version. Instead, they’re shaped to fit a child’s proportions, according to reviews.

Users also absolutely love that they automatically compress when sounds get dangerously intense. At about 80dB, a gentle compression forms the cups closely around the child’s ears.

They’re fully adjustable and comfortable. The colors are very appealing to kids. Choose Green, Pink, Blue or Mint.

All you need to operate these comfortable hearing protection earmuffs are two AAA batteries. They can also be used without batteries; the shape means they’re always a secure fit.

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Key Features

Usual NRR is 20dB
Gently compresses when ambient sound reaches 80-85dB
Four appealing color choices
Adjustable headband
Attractive price point
Our Rating


Simolio Bluetooth Hearing Protection for Kids
3 Pack SIMOLIO Bluetooth Headphones for Kids,Hearing Protection Children Headphones Wireless,Bluetooth Kids Headphone with Music Share,Kids Safe Headsets for Girls,Boys,Wireless Headphone for Toddlers

Simolio is offering one sweet deal here. Buy a set of three hearing protection headphones and you save as much as $20 per headset over the competition, verified customers say.

You’ll also get a cost savings in their 2-pack. Colors vary, so check at the time of ordering. They’ll usually come in combinations of Pink, Mint, Grey or Yellow.

This set is reasonably priced, especially for a Bluetooth-ready device. You get three Volume Limit Levels and you never need to worry about kids’ hearing being damaged by loud sound, according to buyers.

There’s a mic and share point with each set. The headphones fold up for easy travel. Customer service is excellent, according to verified buyers. Please also note that there’s a 12-month warranty with your purchase.

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Key Features

Bluetooth capable
Comes in packs of two or three; you save money
Automatically adjusts to loud sounds
Appealing color choices
Comes with 12-month warranty
Our Rating

Hearing Protection Choices for Kids: Buyer’s Guide
You’ve probably found several great choices for your kids above. But most consumers want to be able to do their own bargain hunting. So here are the basics to keep in mind to get the best hearing protection for your kids.

Consider What Size Hearing Protection Your Child Needs
Size does matter. Your idea of “child size” may be different from the manufacturer’s.

This will be particularly true if you’re buying headphones for a toddler or infant. Some of the choices we checked out are made specifically for babies, and some start very small but adjust upward. Check this out before you buy.

Check the Noise Reduction Rating
The noise reduction rating, or NRR, tells you how many decibels sound is reduced by when the hearing protection is worn.

So an NRR of 20dB doesn’t mean it muffles sounds louder than 20dB. It means it reduces whatever the noise level is by up to 20dB. For example, if the noise at a concert is 85dB, your child will still hear up to approximately 60dB of noise.

Is the Hearing Protection Visually Appealing to Your Child?
We know –– your sweetie isn’t that shallow! But ours are. Actually, many kids, just like adults, are more eager to wear technology if it looks great.

Many of the options we checked out come in cool colors, and some have patterns kids really go for. Your child will be more likely to wear her hearing protection if it has her favorite animal or pattern on it.

Consider the Comfort Level
Comfort is definitely key! Look for soft, smooth ear cup padding, headband padding, and soft, moldable earplugs.

You can feel comfortable buying today’s generation of hearing protection for kids. Manufacturers really have thought of everything. Whatever your child’s needs, you’re covered, as long as you do your homework first.

We took some of the guesswork out with the 16 best hearing protection choices above. If you find gear your child absolutely loves, we recommend getting a second set. This way you’re covered if one gets lost. And you can keep the extra in the car so your child never has to do without.

Protect your child’s hearing now. He’ll thank you later for it.

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