How to Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

It takes time to adjust to wearing hearing aids. You may sometimes forget to wear them. You may not wear them as often as you should. In the beginning, you'll probably want to remove them when you're watching television or listening to music because the sounds from the TV or stereo seem too loud.

As you become used to the sounds around you, you can make adjustments to both the TV and the hearing aids when you're watching programs. In time, you'll be able to hear conversations in noisy restaurants, at the office, and at parties.

You'll feel self-conscious during the period of adjustment. Don't let it stop you from wearing your hearing aids to hear. If you do, your adjustment will be longer and more difficult. You'll want to practice wearing your hearing aids at home and in quiet situations. You can also work on your awareness of sound direction when you're alone.

As everyone does, you'll have to experiment to see ֠what works best for you.

A Simple Guide to Help You Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

Tip #1: Wear Them at Home First Before Trying Them Outside

If you get used to hearing aids in the quiet comfort of home, you'll feel more at ease when you begin using them in settings like restaurants and parties. Wear your hearing aids every chance you get during the first month or so, no matter what you're doing.

Tip #2: Listen to Audio Books, Music, or the Radio at Home to Practice Hearing from Your Device

Once you have your hearing aids, try listening to a book on tape or music on your stereo or in a restaurant. When you're finished, ask yourself several questions. Did the sound distract you? Could you hear the words clearly? Did you enjoy it? These are important questions to ask yourself so that you can improve your listening.

Tip #3: Take Breaks Every Now and Then

Once you get used to your hearing aids, you'll want to wear them all the time. But it's a good idea to take them off periodically so that you won't get too dependent on them. 

You can really get used to hearing from your hearing aids, and when you take them off you may feel as if you've lost all your hearing. Take your hearing aids off for an hour every few days and you'll find that you will still be able to hear.

Tip #4: Don't Forget to Attend Your Follow-Up Visits

At your first follow-up visit, your audiologist will show you how to adjust volume and speech and environment settings.

Your audiologist may have suggestions to help you get used to your hearing aids. He or she will re-evaluate your hearing. Because hearing doesn't have to be perfect to be useful, your audiologist will work with you until you're satisfied with your hearing aids.

The Bottom Line: Getting Adjusted to a Life with Hearing Aids

Once your audiologist has helped you get the proper hearing aid settings, you'll be able to hear, but as with other things in life, it takes time. Don't give up; you'll find a way to use your hearing aids effectively.

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