Living with Hearing Aids: The Basics of Getting Used to It

You might be asking yourself, “How do people who live with hearing aids handle the transition? And how different does the world sound when amplified?” First, you should know that hearing aids are teaching devices. You have to wear it for a long time before you notice an improvement in your hearing. The device will enhance the sounds that have been distorted by the deafness, which you can’t hear before.

In the process of teaching, the device will make noises louder than usual. But to you, it will sound odd and not as clear as you wish it to be. However, it’s normal for you to feel awkward about it. When you are not used to such amplified sounds, it can be a bit hard to hear.

You will have to get used to it, and this can take a while. Eventually, it will make a difference in your life. And before you know it, you’ll be able to hear better than before.

Getting Used to Hearing Aid: A Step by Step Process

1. Get Your Hearing Test done

This is a necessary procedure to make you aware of any type of hearing loss. You can either do this at the time of application for aid or later if you are not satisfied with the first aid you got. The only downside to this test is that it costs money, but you have to spend for your own health and well-being.

2. Getting a Consultation

After you have done the hearing test, you can get a consultation to determine your level of hearing loss. The audiologist will advise you on different aids and procedures. This is where you decide whether to get the hearing aid or not.

3. Get Used to the Fit

You will have to use your hearing aid for a long time before you get accustomed to it. You must get it adjusted to your ear canal. A professional will help you with this. When you get it customized, it will fit better in your ear. You will be more comfortable when the hearing aid fits right.

4. Get Used to the Sound

When you have a hearing aid, you will notice the amplified sound. It’s not just the increased volume but also the noise level and sounds. This can be a bit hard on you. The whole world sounds louder than before. Even the smallest sounds can irritate you as they are clearer than before. It’s normal to feel weird wearing a hearing aid. But it’s a feeling that will pass.

5. Get Used to the Look

Some people look strange or different when they wear hearing aids. They are used to the hearing aid and happy to have it. But other people who haven’t used them before are likely to stare at you. Avoid getting upset by this. Let them think you are wearing a device, and they will soon get used to it.


People with hearing loss are encouraged to get a hearing aid. It helps them hear better and live a healthier life. You will be able to participate in any social activity and enjoy the world as a normal person.

The thing is, you may have to get used to it at first, but in time, you will learn to adjust and enjoy it. You’ll be able to hear better than before and no longer feel left out in any conversations.

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