Can Cotton Swabs Cause Hearing Loss?

Healthy ears are essential to maintain your hearing throughout your life. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation going around about how to care for them. The poor practices around your ear health can drastically harm your capacity to hear, from improperly cleaning to exposing them to extremely loud noises. 

If you want to protect your hearing, consider following these warnings for your ear’s sake.

Stop Using a Cotton Swab to Clean the Inside of Your Ear

Many people assume that cotton swabs are designed to be placed into the ear canals. That, however, is completely incorrect because the earwax that forms inside and around your ear is vital for keeping your ears clean. 

Using a cotton swab in your ear could push wax deeper into the ear canal, causing an obstruction. As a result, wax buildup in your ear can adversely impair your hearing and balance.

Instead, consider using this safer alternative to q-tips for easy war wax removal. Click the images below for more information. 

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Avoid Ear Candling

Ear candling was a method that was thought to be beneficial in removing earwax. However, there is a lot of scientific evidence that it is ineffective and puts you at risk of leaking wax into your ear, which can lead to eardrum perforation.

Stop Playing Music at a High Volume

While it’s easy to turn up the volume on your headphones, doing so can harm the microscopic hair cells that allow you to hear. These tiny hairs are needed to translate sound waves into electrical impulses that our brains can understand.

Limit Your Exposure to Noise Pollution

One of the primary causes of hearing loss is noise pollution. Concerts and loud job sites can be harmful to your hearing. In these situations, earplugs can help prevent hearing loss.

Your hearing can be damaged in situations where you need to shout to the person next to you so that they can hear your voice. The sound levels are hazardous to your hearing health and may result in permanent hearing loss. 

If you can’t hear after a loud noise incident, go to your nearest hearing clinic for a free hearing test to ensure that rehabilitation or other measures can be taken.

Stop Neglecting Annual Hearing Examinations

One thing you don’t want to do is put off your hearing test. Don’t think that getting a hearing test once is already good enough. It’s recommended to get a hearing test every year, whether or not you have hearing loss. 

Taking the test every year is a form of preventive measure because hearing loss can occur gradually. If you visit the audiologist frequently, you will most likely be able to detect early signs of hearing loss and take appropriate action.


You can go to a clinic that has highly trained audiologists ad can provide you with the individualized care and attention that you require and deserve. This is to ensure that your hearing is in good working order and has not changed due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances. 

Another helpful option is to ask your primary care physician to include a routine hearing assessment in your regular check-ups; it will be much more convenient for you.

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