TV Ears Review

TV Ears entered the market in 1998 and have been helping people enjoy shows or movies without the hassle of having to have the TV volume on max.

Having a hearing disability or being hard of hearing can present challenges to day-to-day activities that most people take for granted.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the two best TV Ears currently on the market; the Original and Digital models, and outline what makes these stand out compared to competing sound amplifying products.

But, before we get into the bells and whistles, we’re also going to give a brief rundown on how TV Ears work.

Believe us when we say that you won’t want to skip out on this review - this is just what you’ve been searching for on your hunt for a new pair of TV Ears.

Comparison Chart of the Best TV Ears Products



TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset System, Connects to Both Digital and Analog TVs, TV Hearing Aid Device for Seniors and Hard of Hearing, Voice Clarifying, DR Recommended-11741

​TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset System

Max SPL 125 db.
Ultra lightweight wireless headset
Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility
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TV Ears Original Wireless Headsets System, TV Hearing Aid Devices works best with Analog TV's, Hearing Assistance, TV Listening Headphones for Seniors and Hard of Hearing. Voice Clarifying, Doctor Recommended - 11641

​TV Ears Original Wireless Headsets System

Max SPL 120 db.
Ultra lightweight wireless headset
No Digital connectivity
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TV Ears Voice Clarifying TV Sound Bar - TV Speaker System for Great Sound and Hearing TV Dialog More Clearly - Compatible with Any Television - Clarifying Audio System for Hearing Impaired TV Viewers

​TV Ears Digital Wireless Speaker System

Max SPL 90 dB.
No Headset to wear or charge
​Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility
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What Are TV Ears and How Do TV Ears Work?
If you're looking at TV Ears for the first time, you may be asking yourself, “how do TV Ears work?” That’s fair.

TV Ears, whether you’re buying the model that goes inside your ears or speaker, both work to deliver crisp, clear sound so you can avoid screechy high volume setting.

By enhancing noise frequencies commonly unheard by those who are hard of hearing, TV Ears upgrade your quality of life and allow you to heighten sound quality, without having to burden anyone around you.

The innovative design offered by TV Ears allows users to comfortably rest the device on their chest and lay back in their favorite chair or section of the couch, easily avoiding troublesome encounters that may occur with normal over-the-head headphones.

Quick Take - TV Ears Top Picks

Before you get any further, here are our favorite three TV Ears.

1. TV Ears Digital

2. TV Ears Original

3. TV Ears Digital TV Speaker System

​Now we're going to review each product and go over each product's main features. With this, we'll also cover the main pros and cons shared by recent customers. Let's begin!

View the Best TV Ears Products

TV Ears Digital
TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset System, Connects to Both Digital and Analog TVs, TV Hearing Aid Device for Seniors and Hard of Hearing, Voice Clarifying, DR Recommended-11741

After the big hit of TV Ears Original, the company ensured their product could keep up with the new age of technology that was sweeping the tech world.

To combat this, TV Ears Digital was released and customers now had a great way to incorporate their already beloved TV Ears with Plasma and LCD Televisions.

With this, customers can use this model to connect to Dolby, SRS, and PCM systems.

Offering three-times the power of regular sounds amplifying headsets, TV Ears Digital enhances sounds up to 125 decibels.

As with other TV Ears, users have full control over the volume of their headset, separate to their TV volume, and can even mute sounds.

This is without a doubt the most popular models among those shopping for TV Ears, making this our top pick too.

As mentioned above with the TV Ears Original, this model also comes with excellent customer service, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

Bottom Line
When it comes down the the TV Ears Digital model, this product is a crowd favorite and for good reason.

The key feature that makes this particular model stand out compared to the TV Ear Original is its ability to hook up to non-analog devices such as Plasma and LCD televisions.

Thus, those who invest in these ensure full compatibility with advanced surround sound systems and any future upgrades that may occur.

Those considering buying a pair of TV Ears should certainly move forward with these. No more extra loud movie nights sitting next to your partner who wants the TV turned up or down.

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Why We Like It

Background noise is reduced while sound is amplified
Lightweight design allows users to comfortably relax while wearing them
Base is sturdy and dependent - easily stores headset while it’s not in use
Perfect for couples who want to have the TV turned up to seperate volumes
​​Our Rating


TV Ears Original
TV Ears Original Wireless Headsets System, TV Hearing Aid Devices works best with Analog TV's, Hearing Assistance, TV Listening Headphones for Seniors and Hard of Hearing. Voice Clarifying, Doctor Recommended - 11641

The TV Ears Original model is loaded with a number of features that are meant to enhance the delivery of sounds from your television.

The company offers customers their unique patented technology that adjusts audio to effectively clarify sounds, ensuring those around you don’t have to suffer just because you want the TV turned up.

They also incorporate transmitters that utilize innovative Speed of Light Infrared Technology (SoLIT) to send sound your TV Ears, all while avoiding interference with items such as phones or pacemakers.

These user friendly TV Ears are designed to quickly and easily connect to your TV, satellite box, or cable box, avoiding headaches that can comes with other noise amplifying devices.

The Original model is set up for analog connectivity only which can be troublesome for those with high-tech televisions or advanced surround sound systems.

One of the massive benefits that come with TV Ears Original is the amazing customer service and 30-day money back guarantee.

Bottom Line
Overall, the TV Ears Original are a great model for those looking to enhance audio playback and allow those around you to comfortably control their own volume. They are comfortableand very easy to set up.

Additionally, these come with a great warranty and support team to answer any questions you may have. Some customers did not enjoy the fact that these were analog only, but TV Ears does have a digital model too.

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Why We Like It

Under the chin design allows you to recline and relax
Television volume and headset volume have seperate controls
Comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Replacement ear tips are easy to re-order and comes in bulk sets
3.5 mm audio jack easily connects to a multitude of devices
​​Our Rating


TV Ears Digital TV Speaker System
TV Ears Voice Clarifying TV Sound Bar - TV Speaker System for Great Sound and Hearing TV Dialog More Clearly - Compatible with Any Television - Clarifying Audio System for Hearing Impaired TV Viewers

After seeing the popularity surrounding both TV Ear models, the company knew customer would be craving more.

To help deliver clear and crisp audio playback for those who are hard of hearing and want to listen the the television at a different volume that their partner, TV Ears released TV Speaker System.

The sleek design will blend right in wherever it’s placed and actively be clarify dialogue via the innovative Voice Clarifying Circuitry.

Additionally, a headset jack is located on the front of the speaker and accommodates any standard aux cord plugin.

Packed with a handful of great benefits, there are some critical pros and cons that were brought to our attention we want to share with you.

Let’s hear what recent customers had to say about their experience while using this model and find out if this is the right match for you.

Bottom Line
The TV Ears 5.0 Speakers provides users with a wireless speaker aimed to ensure television sound or music can easily be heard without the use of TV Ears.

This user friendly speaker can easily sit in the corner of any room or on a nearby table while transmitting noise, allowing you to enjoy your favorite show or movie every night of the week. Overall, excellent option!

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Why We Like It

Bass dial lets users increase spoken dialog and turn down heaver sounds
Other background noises are not amplified with the increase in TV volume
Sound in amplified to twice the power of a normal TV
Straightforward to hookup, user friendly, 30-day money back guarantee
​​Our Rating

We hope this review of the best TV Ears has contributed a great deal to your next purchase and you’re now on your way to utilizing an outstanding product made by TV Ears.

If you have a Plasma or LCD TV, be sure to go with TV Ears Digital, but if you have an analog TV, then you’re safe with moving forward with TV Ears Original.

Keep in mind, if you’re not on the hunt for TV Ears, TV Ears Digital Speaker System may be just what you need. Turn up the sound without having to hinder those around you - best of both worlds.

The bottom line is that TV Ears has been delivering excellent products since their inception.

They’re products continuously deliver results and are sure to deliver authentic sounds in comfort.

If this review was helpful, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know. We love hearing from our readers.

TV Ears Buyer's Guide
Users agree that TV Ears are a great choice for those who need a little audio boost. On the other hand, the product has become so popular that the brand now offers dozens of choices. In order to help you decide which TV Ears are right for you, we’ve put together the purchasing guidelines below.

We’ve taken into consideration budget/value, performance, the type of TV you have and what your needs may be. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Cost of a TV Ears Startup Set
While we all wish we could choose any item we wanted without a second thought, nearly every buyer considers the price point when making a major purchase.

Luckily, TV Ears are quite affordable, especially for what you’ll get out of them. Reviewers say their TV Ears paid for themselves in just a month or two of use. That’s pretty subjective, but we agree. Here are basic price ranges for starter sets (please note: prices are subject to change):

Wireless Analog starter system: $65-95
Wireless/Analog combination starter system: $68-150
Wireless Digital starter system: $70-175
Wireless Speaker System: $175-200
IMPORTANT: Make sure you’re purchasing the complete system if this is your initial purchase. Replacement headsets, speakers and ear tips may show up in your search depending where you are looking. These are individual parts and while it’s not a bad idea to keep some of these items on hand, you want to be fully up and operational with your initial purchase. (More on this below.)

Analog v. Digital TV Ears
In this review we’ve covered both analog and digital TV Ears options. You may be wondering which is right for you.

We feel choosing either analog or digital is the best place to start before whittling down what options you’ll need. Here are the pros and cons.

For the most part, which you’ll choose will depend upon what type of TV you have. TV Ears Original was released 20 years ago. They’re still a great option, but since that time, Plasma and LCD technology has emerged.

If you have a Plasma or LCD television or if your TV has Surround-Sound, you’ll want to choose digital TV Ears. They connect to Dolby, SRS and PCM systems. At the moment, digital TV Ears are the overall favorite among buyers.

On the other hand, TV Ears Original work seamlessly for analog TV systems and include a variety of very cool features. Patented SoLIT technology sends sound to your model without interference from other electronics, such as pacemakers or iPhones.

For your most convenient buy, TV Ears also come in systems that accommodate both analog and digital usage. If you have both of these technologies in your household or plan to travel with your TV ears, this is another option.

TV Ears Amplification Capabilities
All TV Ears are made to amplify and clarify sound so you can hear your TV better. How much amplification you need will factor into your choice.

While those with severe hearing loss may need amplification as high as 125 decibels, be careful not to turn your amplification up too loudly. Extremely loud sound directly into the ear can cause or worsen hearing damage. Look for an adjustable amplification model to accommodate the perfect level of sound amplification for you.

Wireless Capability
It seems like everything is wireless in the world of electronics today. While that may be an exaggeration, it’s no secret that wireless tech can greatly enhance your ability to move around during wear. It’s definitely the wave of not just the present but the future.

Ultimately, though, the choice is up to you. If cost is a consideration, wireless TV sound amplification devices are sometimes less expensive. Another consideration is how active you plan to be while viewing. If you need to jump up from the couch or chair frequently during TV viewing, wireless may be the way to go.

TV Ears Wireless Speaker System
One of the coolest developments in this technology has been the wireless speaker system. This will bump the price a bit, but it’s incredibly versatile (it works with both digital and analog headsets, for example). You place it near your chair or couch and the transmitter connects with your headset.

TV Ears models are nearly all wireless, but this additional speaker can deliver superior sound. Whether you want to make that leap yet is up to you. Some users prefer to start with a lower-cost system that’s specific to either analog or digital TVs. These too offer amazing sound boosting and quality.

TV Ears Replacement Parts
Some parts of your model will need replacing sooner than others. Your speakers, for example, should last you quite some time, but clean, new ear tips are a good idea every month or so.

Our recommendation: don’t jump right in with a replacement headset or speakers. These should be in good working order right out of the package and should last. If you find either of these is losing power soon after purchase or simply stops working, contact the manufacturer to see about a replacement.

TV Ears Warranty and Returns Policy
Speaking of replacements, what happens if your product seems defective? While returns are low for this product line due to high quality control, we feel buyers are more confident if they know they can return or replace defective items, so make sure your TV Ears model comes with a returns policy.

If you’re not sure about the terms and what the warranty covers, contact the manufacturer through the Amazon product link.

Final Thoughts
Being able to hear clearly brings you back into the fun of things. Choosing a product like TV Ears can bring the fun of watching TV back to those who have been struggling with hearing issues. And because they’re so affordable, there’s no reason to miss out on a single word.

In addition, TV Ears is a trusted brand with more than 20 years of customer use and reviews. That’s a real plus!

Make sure you do your research before buying. Different styles and models will work for different purposes. Your MOST important consideration, according to realtime users, is whether you have an analog or digital TV. Not all TV Ears models work for both of these categories, so make sure of that first and foremost.

Experiment with the volume level that’s comfortable for you. Please be careful with your ears: while TV Ears are made to be very safe on your ears and hearing, constant very loud noise of any kind can have a negative effect. As you use your TV Ears system more, you’ll find the best volume for you.

By the way, these also make a great gift. Some people are sensitive about hearing loss, so make sure you’re on very close terms with the recipient. We know she or he will absolutely love this thoughtful gift idea.

It’s our pleasure to bring you this TV Ears Buyer’s Guide. Have a product you’d like to see reviewed? Contact us, and we’ll consider it for a future Guide. Click here to contact us.

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