Upgrading Hearing Aids: When You Should Do It

Thanks to hearing aids, people dealing with hearing loss are able to improve the quality of their life. Now, they are able to join conversations and be more social, allowing them to interact with other people with minimal hindrance. Unfortunately, those dealing with hearing loss and don't use hearing aids may deal with loneliness and other mental health issues, including Alzheimer's.

Seeing as hearing aids are merely technological products, they won't last forever. Since most electronics have low life cycles, your hearing aids would also need to be replaced at one point, and the trick here is knowing when it's time for a substitute.

The great thing about this is that there are warning signs you should take note of to ensure you get to replace your hearing aids before it's too late. With that being said, below are some signs that tell you it's time for the hearing aid upgrade!

Sign #1: You've Had Your Hearing Aid for Four Years

It is easy to forget that hearing aid life cycles are usually four years, though there are those who can use their hearing aids for six years. If you have been using your hearing aids for four years, we recommend you get new ones because there is a chance that the device is no longer working efficiently.

Sign #2: Your Hearing is Worse or Not Improving

Since the purpose of these devices is to improve your hearing, the idea is that once you get them, you should notice an improvement in your hearing. However, if you notice that your hearing is worsening instead and you never get used to them, you're better off getting a change.

Some individuals are able to use the same hearing aid for years without any issues. However, these people are more of the minority than the majority. If you have been using your hearing aids for four years and notice your hearing is worse or not improving, it is time to replace them.

Sign #3: Change in Lifestyle or Work Environment

When you change your lifestyle, your hearing can be affected by it. Additionally, suppose you have just been relocated to a new area or shift from working at home to a physical environment. In that case, you might have a tough time adjusting to the new environment. When this happens, your hearing may also be affected.

If your hearing is affected by changes in your lifestyle or work environment, you might also need to get a replacement.

Sign #4: There are Better Hearing Aid Products

Hearing aids are constantly improving, which is why technology is able to manufacture ones that have more features than before. If your hearing aids have reached the end of their life cycle and better ones are now available on the market, it is time for a replacement.

The Bottom Line: Change Your Hearing Aid Once Your Start Noticing These Signs

If you have been using your hearing aids for four years and have started noticing these warning signs, it is time for a replacement. When you have these signs, it is best to have the hearing aid check to see if it's the device or something else that is causing the issue.

Once you know it is the hearing aid's fault, you can have it replaced, saving you more money in the long run.

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