10 Best Swivel Shower Chairs for Elderly Seniors

As adults age, they could have difficulty maintaining their balance and moving about without assistance. It can become challenging to perform even basic actions like using the restroom or taking a shower. For elderly people, bathrooms can be particularly risky because falls can occur easily in spaces without grab bars or other safety features. However, there is a fix! 

Elderly people can benefit from safer, and more pleasant showering with the use of a unique chair termed a shower chair. Special features in these chairs offer stability and support. There are plenty of fantastic options available if you're considering purchasing a shower chair for an elderly person in your life. We'll go into more detail about the top shower chairs available right now.

The Importance of Preventing Bathroom Falls for Seniors

Some people may find it difficult or even dangerous to enter and exit the bathtub to take a shower due to medical conditions like injury, dizziness, and pain. However, forgoing a shower can result in odor problems and skin infections. The majority of bathroom mishaps, according to the CDC, involve people falling while taking a shower. For people with physical limitations, a swivel shower chair can make showering and keep cleaners safer.

What are Swivel Shower Chairs for Seniors?

A swivel shower chair is a great option for those who struggle to enter and exit the bathtub. It enables them to take a shower while seated and feeling secure. The standard shower chair design and the transfer chair design are the two primary varieties of swivel shower chairs that are offered on the market. The transfer chair style sits halfway within the shower and halfway outside, as opposed to the conventional style, which is a swiveling chair. 

These chairs are especially useful when used with standing shower handles since they give users more security and support. For people with joint limitations, discomfort, orthostatic hypotension, vertigo, diabetic neuropathy, stroke, and other conditions that make bathing dangerous, they are the ideal option.

By sitting on a chair outside the bathtub and moving along transfer bars, the user can reach the shower in comfort and safety. This eliminates the possibility of falls during transferring. The chair is simple to swivel back into place outside the shower once the shower is finished. The chair's ability to rotate can make getting out of the water even simpler. The user can simply spin the chair's seat around to face the outside of the tub rather than lifting their legs over the tub wall from a standing posture, which can be risky.

This lowers the risk of falls by enabling them to swing their legs safely over the bathtub's edge while still seated. In conclusion, the user can easily and safely enter the shower and depart the bathtub thanks to the shower chair's transfer rails and swivel feature.

Best Swivel Shower Chairs For Elderly

  1. SP Ableware Sliding-Rotating Shower
  2. iLIVING ILG-638 Swivel Pivoting Shower Chair 
  3. Carex Easy Swivel Shower Stool
  4. Eagle Health Ergo Swiveling Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench & Shower Chair 
  5. GreenChief Shower Stool 
  6. Drive Medical PreserveTech 360-Degree Swivel Shower Chair 
  7. HealthSmart Swivel Shower Stool Seat
  8. LZLYER Shower Chair 
  9. 360° Swivel Shower Chair Shower Stool for Elderly and Disabled
  10. PPTT 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair

1. SP Ableware Sliding-Rotating Shower/Bath Transfer Bench With Back – White, Height Adjustable Legs, Bariatric (727142701) ASIN: B00IM7FE0Y

A unique Quick-Change Leg design on the 100% Polypropylene shower bench makes height modifications quick and simple. The height can be changed from 16 to 23 inches in quarter-inch increments with identification markers. 

The bench includes an integrated soap dish, a holder for the shower spray, and a slit for the shower curtain. It has a 450-pound weight capacity and is reliable and secure to use. No tools are needed, and assembly is simple. The carers are less stressed during repositioning thanks to the sliding seat's smooth motion. Transfers into the bathing area are easier because of the spinning swivel top.

For simple travel and storage, the back, legs, and arms are also detachable. For anyone looking for a secure and relaxing showering experience, this top-of-the-line shower bench built in the USA is the ideal choice.



Spinning Swivel Top

Do not side well

100% Polypropylene

Easy to assemble

2. iLIVING ILG-638 Swivel Pivoting Shower Chair for Bathtub and Shower with Padded Seat, Back and Arms, and Adjustable Height, Blue ASIN:B09WLXY6BQ

For individuals looking for a secure and pleasant showering experience, the iLiving Swivel Seat Bath Chair is an adaptable and durable option. Users can enter and exit the chair simply and safely thanks to its 360-degree rotating seat design. 

The chair's accessibility is further improved by the simple tilting armrest. Medical-grade closed-cell polyurethane (PU) is used to cushion the seat, backrest, and armrests for additional comfort. The surface is water-resistant and slip-resistant, making cleanup simple. Unlike standard hard plastic bath seats, which absorb cold, these paddings are warm to the touch. The position control latches on the iLiving bath chair enable the seat to be secured in any one of seven positions while rotating 360 degrees. 

For increased protection and safety, the non-slip suction cup base is attached to the five-level adjustable legs. The chair's height can be changed between 19.5" and 23.5". Users up to 300 lbs. can be supported by the precise, full-aluminum tubular construction, which is robust and rust-resistant. 

Seniors, those with disabilities, and expectant women with varying needs can all use the 20" inner seating width comfortably. The iLiving Swivel Seat Bath Chair assembles quickly and easily without the use of any tools. It is simple to transport and clean because of the frame's modest weight. If you want to take a shower in safety and comfort, this high-quality bath chair is the ideal choice.



Adaptable and durable

360-degree rotating seat design

Medical-grade closed-cell polyurethane (PU)

3. Carex Easy Swivel Shower Stool - Adjustable Rotating Bath Seat and Shower Chair for the Elderly with Storage Tray ASIN: B00OSENEAC

Adults who wash in comfort and safety can do so with the Carex Shower Seat. Users may enter and depart the bathtub with ease thanks to the seat's cushioned design and 360-degree swivel. Maximum safety is ensured by the swiveling shower stool, which locks into position when full weight is applied. 

This shower seat has four height-adjustable legs with five settings ranging from 14.75" to 20.75" and can accommodate up to 300 lbs. It's an excellent solution for tiny shower rooms because the legs are square and spaced 12 3/4" apart. The Carex shower stool is strong and long-lasting, supporting people up to 300 lbs. For enhanced safety, the legs are composed of non-corroding metal with non-slip tips. 

The shower stool assembles quickly and easily without the use of any equipment. Under the seat of the bath chair is a useful storage tray that's ideal for holding shampoo, soap, and other small shower necessities. By using this storage tray, users may keep everything within easy reach without having to stand up. 

The leading manufacturer of shower benches and chairs for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and older individuals are Carex. The company's commitment to durability and safety extends to this shower stool as well. The Carex Shower Seat is robust and multifunctional, offering adults a safe and pleasant seating option while they bathe.



Adjustable Stool

Durable And Sturdy

Storage Shelf

4. Eagle Health Ergo Swiveling Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench & Shower Chair Reg. (78668), Safe, Patented, Comfortable, Tool-Less Assembly, Height Adjustable ASIN: B08B45MBTW

The tub bench bath chair by ERGO is made with comfort and safety in mind. It is a dependable solution for individuals who want assistance in the bathtub or shower because of its sturdy heavy-duty frame, big contoured seat, innovative locks on both ends, anti-slip rubber tips, and safety belt. It is simple and comfortable to get into the tub or shower thanks to the big ergonomic seat's 360-degree swivel and 90-degree lock. This design eliminates the necessity for scooting, lowering the risk of infections and skin tears as well as minimizing carer aches and pains. 

The ERGO model, which has more than 20 years of experience in designing secure and cozy bath solutions, is the first sliding transfer bench on the market. Instead of frigid aluminum frames, it has a bigger seat and a unique formulation of warmer-to-touch plastic. It is simple to use and customizable to your needs thanks to the tool-free assembly and height adjustment features. Our Amazon Storefront offers bespoke options and longer lengths.



Ease & Comfort

Multi-Function Design

Larger Seat 

5. GreenChief Shower Stool 300lb, Rotating Bath Seat with Free Grab Bar, Adjustable Shower Chairs and Benches Bathtub Seat for Elderly, Senior, Handicap & Disabled,14-19 Inch Height ASIN: B07PZ9FLGW

A safe and tool-free medical shower chair, the GreenChief Shower Stool assembles in just two minutes. It also includes a complimentary grab bar and shower sponge to make your showering experience better. This stool's swiveling seat is ergonomically intended to spin 360 degrees with your body, lowering the possibility of falls and skin tearing. 

For the elderly, adults, people with disabilities, and pregnant women, the stool's height may be adjusted in 6 distinct positions, with settings ranging from 14 to 19 inches. Its 300-pound weight capacity and corrosion resistance make the heavy-duty aluminum frame reliable for prolonged usage.




360 Degree Rotating

Heavy Duty and Durable

6. Drive Medical PreserveTech 360-Degree Swivel Shower Chair with Arms & Back, Grey ASIN: B08YG3TNK6

Comfort and safety are priorities when designing the Imported Shower Seat. It has a small shape and a 360-degree swivel movement that automatically locks at 90-degree intervals to reduce skin irritation and friction wounds. This lowers the likelihood of hazardous transfers by making entering and exiting the shower or bathtub simpler and safer. 

Along with movable armrests that can be placed out of the way for simple transfers, the shower seat has a height range of 15 to 22 inches. Additionally, the seat's left and right sides have built-in cutouts that make it simple to sit down and access the shower spray. The shower seat is made of rust-proof metal, which makes it sturdy and capable of supporting 350 pounds.



Built For Safety

Convenient Cutouts

Quality Construction

7. HealthSmart Swivel Shower Stool Seat with Storage Shelf, Rotating Shower Chair for Bathtub, Tool-Free Assembly, White ASIN: B006IP4570

For anyone wishing to make their time in the shower or bathtub safer and more comfortable, the Swivel Shower Stool is an inventive and practical solution. This bath chair rotates 360 degrees, making getting in and out of the shower or bathtub simple. For a suitable height for users of all sizes, the stool's movable legs can be extended from 18 to 20 inches. 

The stool also has a storage shelf beneath the seat for convenient access to shower necessities. With no tools needed for construction and a locking mechanism that keeps the seat stable for increased stability and support, the shower stool is made to be simple to use. The Swivel Shower Stool, which has a 16-inch seat diameter and a 400-pound weight limit, is a durable and dependable bath chair alternative.



Adjustable Legs

No Tool Assembly

Additional Stability And Support

8. LZLYER Shower Chair Toilet Bathtub Portable Bath Stools Rotating Round with Swivel Seat, Adjustable in 6 Height,Transfer Aid for Disabled, Seniors, Bariatric,Pregnant Woman ASIN: B097HQSPMN

The Bath Chair is a flexible and beneficial addition to any bathroom because it is made to accommodate the various needs of various groups of people. All users will experience the chair comfortably and securely thanks to its adjustable height. The bath chair is firm and safe thanks to non-slip rubber foot pads, giving people with mobility concerns peace of mind. 

The chair's structure is made of strong, lightweight aluminum and can hold up to 330 pounds. Because of its portability, individuals who need to move it from room to room will find it to be more convenient. 

The chair is perfect for bariatric patients, elderly people, people with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to sit while bathing. The seat's ergonomic shape offers comfort, while its wider design offers more room for activities. Your bathroom and shower area will become safer and more convenient once you install this space-saving bath seat.



Strong, lightweight aluminum

Perfect handicap shower swivel chairs for elderly people

Hold up to 330 pounds

9. 360° Swivel Shower Chair Shower Stool for Elderly and Disabled, Heavy Duty Bath Chair with Arms and Back, Non-Slip Bath Seat Safety Obese, Hold Up to 400lbs ASIN: B099NRDGNG

For individuals who need assistance using the restroom, such as the elderly, the disabled, and patients, the HJHY 360° Swivel Shower Chair is a useful and practical option. The chair has a sturdy turntable made of aluminum alloy that can be easily rotated 360 degrees, allowing getting in and out of the shower or bathtub quickly and easily. 

The bath chair has several essential features that improve the user experience, such as a backrest and armrests for comfort, armrests made of non-slip and waterproof memory foam, and an adjustable height feature that can be adjusted at four different levels. The bath chair's seat board is composed of 3 cm thick PE material with porous water drainage holes that ensure a non-slip surface and prevent water accumulation. 

The chair's highest load-bearing capability is 400 lbs, and it also boasts exceptional strength and stability. This is because the chair is safer and more sturdy when in use because of its fish-scale welding fulcrum, reinforced base, and non-slip rubber feet. Users of the HJHY 360° Swivel Shower Chair can feel secure and at ease when taking a shower or bath.



360° Swivel Shower Chair

Perfect Size

Anti-Slip Safety And Strong Bearing Capacity

10. PPTT 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair, Rotating Rounded Bath/Shower Stool with Removable Tray and Swivel Seat Adjustable Shower Chairs for Elderly Senior Handicap Disabled ASIN: B09332MSYF

For people who struggle with balance or movement, the Shower Stool Seat with Removable Tray is a creative solution. Personal belongings and shower accessories can be kept on the removable tray, making it simpler to access them while seated. The seat itself is padded for comfort and swivels 360 degrees. For added safety, the seat locks into place when full weight is applied. 

This adult shower seat has 6 height-adjustable legs with 6 settings ranging from 18" to 22", making it a great option for people who need a small shower chair in confined spaces. It is made to support up to 300 lbs. For elders, those with disabilities, or people who are handicapped, it is the ideal ergonomic aid. The shower stool was designed for optimal stability and safety, with non-rusting metal legs and non-slip tips. 

The bathroom stool chair is simple to put together and doesn't need any special tools. For adults who desire a place to sit while bathing, it makes a great bath seat. This shower stool is made to last and give comfort and safety for years to come thanks to its solid and long-lasting design.



Shower Stool Seat With Removable Tray

Adjustable Stool

Durable And Sturdy

Wrap up

It is crucial to comprehend the purchasing process before investing in a swivel shower chair. For such a product to be covered by insurance, a doctor's prescription is required. The next time you see your doctor, bring up your fear of falling in the bathtub; this may help you acquire the prescription. 

As one grows older, safety should be the top priority. Preventing falls is crucial, and a shower swivel chair can play a significant role in this aspect. If you or your loved ones have anxiety about falling in the bathroom, investing in a shower chair could be a wise decision. With the various models available, one is bound to find the perfect one that suits their needs and preferences.

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