10 Best Transfer Belts for Elderly Seniors

A transfer belt with handles of high caliber is essential for individuals who face difficulty in moving on their own. These belts can greatly simplify and enhance the safety of transferring from one surface to another. 

Designed to offer stability and support during transfers, these belts can be especially useful for those with reduced strength or mobility. When selecting a transfer belt, factors to consider include weight capacity, size, material, and adjustability. The appropriate transfer belt can greatly improve a person's ability to move about independently and safely.

Why are Transfer Belts for Seniors Necessary?

A transfer belt equipped with handles is essential for safely relocating a patient from one location to the other location. The belt offers both stability and support to the patient during the transfer process.

Best Transfer Belt For Elderly

MABUA Physical Therapy Gait Belt With Metal Buckle ASIN: B01IXU7IS0

Mabua's gait belts are a blend of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton, making them easy to clean in a high-temperature washing machine. 

As the first company to offer improved safety loops, the Mabua gait belt features a single loop for optimal transfer and protection. These belts come in two sizes - 60 inches and 72 inches - and are equipped with a metal buckle for quick fastening. 

Available in four colors, the Mabua Physical Therapy Gait Belt is widely recommended by many medical professionals for use in ambulance & wheelchair transfers.



One loop for grasp and safety


Durable material


Machine washable


Easy to fasten the metal belt


Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt ASIN: B00I0ESIOS

This gait belt is made up of 100 percent cotton and features a sturdy metal buckle. Its adjustable length of 58 inches allows it to fit a range of waist sizes, and it can easily be cleaned in a machine. Its high-quality construction ensures the safety of patients during transfers. To learn more about this product, read this review.



100% Cotton


Machine washable


Metal buckle


Stable and comfortable


Secure Transfer And Walking Gait Belt With 6 Caregiver Hand Grips ASIN: B00M8DTHNI

Constructed from durable, soft nylon, the Walking Gait Belt-52, and Secure Transfer are reinforced with reverse stitching to ensutheirits longevity. The belt is designed to help caregivers assist patients with transfers, walking, and ambulation.

It features a wider back portion than most gait belts, providing a larger contact area for the caregiver to hold onto. There are six hand grips on the belt - 4 vertical and 2 horizontal - allowing the caregiver to choose the most effective leverage point. The gait belt can accommodate waist sizes ranging from 28 inches to 48 inches.



Quick-release and durable buckle


Machine washable


6 hand grips


4-inch back


One-year guarantee

Durable nylon belt material

Vive Gait Belt ASIN: B01MU7SV0J

A Vive transfer belt is an effective tool for caregivers to assist patients with ambulation. It is made up of 100 percent cotton webbing and can support up to 500 pounds. The belt features a quick-release metal buckle that is secure and adjustable, as well as elastic loops to keep any excess belt length from hanging down. 

The metal buckle is durable and specifically designed for walking obese patients, with teeth that create a stronghold. It holds the belt securely in place until the release latch is activated. The Vive transfer belt can be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and homes, to help transfer patients from beds, wheelchairs, and chairs. So, check out this Straightforward review for more information on the product.



Quick release latch

Not strong and durable

Guarantee of 60 days

Machine washable

Fit waist circumference up to 60 degrees

Meta buckle for strong and secure hold

Extra Padding 

Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt ASIN: B072XG1XHM

This gait belt is crafted from Strong cotton webbing and measures two inches wide and sixty inches long. Its steel nickel chrome buckle can support very heavyweights and the hard-wearing cotton webbing provides a secure grip. This belt, which is simple to clean and can be machine washed in hot water, is also accompanied by a one-year manufacturer's guarantee for added peace of mind.




Less thickness 

1 year warranty

Easy to unfasten and fasten

Made of 2 inches of cotton webbing

Steel buckle

LiftAid Walking Gait Belt ASIN: B07B9MM1QT

EBP Medical offers a one-year warranty on this LiftAid Belt, a quality and budget-friendly gait belt made of durable webbing material. It is specifically designed to help in the transfer and support of patients at risk of falling and can hold up to 300 lbs due to its sturdy webbing&tensile metal buckle. Additionally, the belt is very easy to clean and can withstand washing in high-temperature machines.



Machine washable

Less thickness

Pocket friendly 

Easy to fasten and unfasten

1 year warranty

Superior quality product

Weight capacity is up to 300 lbs

Medical Gait Belt By Trademark Supplies ASIN: B01C5XHADY

This heavy-duty gait belt is made from high-grade, super-soft nylon and features a 4-inch high back design for increased weight-bearing capacity. Six handle grips, both vertical and horizontal, are firmly sewn onto the belt to provide the caregiver with various leverage points for assisting the patient during ambulation. 

The belt also includes an adjustable quick-release buckle for added security during patient transfers. Designed for the comfort of the patient, this universal-size belt is a reliable choice for nurses and caregivers looking to transfer heavier patients without causing any discomfort or pain.



Universal size

Plastic buckle is not robust

6 handle grips

4 inches of high back design for comfort and support

Machine washable

Quick release buckle and adjustable

High-quality and durable material

Vive Transfer Belt With Leg Loops ASIN: B01IPYNQWG

This gait belt is made with strong nylon webbing and features 2 adjustable leg loops that help keep the belt in place and evenly distribute the weight of the patient. It also includes a durable metal buckle that can handle the weight of even bariatric patients. This belt, which can be easily fastened and unfastened thanks to its quick-release buckles, is adjustable to fit circumferences up to 55 inches in size. 

One of the standout features of this belt is its padded handle grips, they provide comfort for the caregiver while they help the patient walk. This belt is equipped with 4 vertical grips on its back and 2 horizontal grips on its sides, allowing the caregiver to select the most comfortable leverage point for both themselves and the patient during ambulation.



Extra secure leg straps

Time consuming

All metal buckle

Quick-release latch

Strong grab handles

60 days guarantee

Comfortable padded handles

Posey Handled Gait Belt ASIN: B002C5T6G0

The Posey Handled Gait Belt is a durable, more wide nylon belt designed for providing optimal support and comfort to patients during handling and transfer. With a waist size range of 30-66 inches and multiple handles, this belt is suitable for use by caregivers in a variety of settings.

The rear support band is padded and features seven handle grips, and a quick-release buckle, which is made of heavy-duty plastic for enhanced security. The belt also boasts vertical & horizontal grips that are firmly attached and strategically positioned to provide maximum leverage and minimize the risk of injury to both the patient and the caregiver.



greater contact area with patients

Not suitable for small waist sizes

Excellent for easy ambulation

Sturdy plastic

More leverage points for comfortable handling

Strong snaplock

GUOER Tommhanes Transfer Belt ASIN: B019H3VTE6

This waist support, which is expertly crafted from a combination of nylon & sandwich mesh fabric, features built-in pearl cotton for added comfort. It features 7 vertical and 3 horizontal handle grips, allowing caregivers to easily and safely reposition patients from various angles. 

The Tommhanes Transfer Belt is adjustable and features a reflective strip for nighttime use, as well as a user-friendly buckle with a slip-resistant adjuster ring. Suitable for waist sizes ranging from 32 to 52 inches, this support is ideal for aiding in wheelchair sliding, outdoor rehabilitation, and walking.



Breathable and comfortable material

Not suitable for small waist sizes

Night reflective strip

Safe gear for patients' outdoor rehabilitation

Slip-resistant ring

Hand washable

User-friendly buckle

Things To Consider While Shopping Transfer Belts For Elderly


Cotton gait belts provide comfort for the patient and prevent skin irritation, whereas nylon gait belts are more durable and easy to clean. It all depends on which factor is more important to you.

Number Of Straps & Handles

Examine the number of handles and straps on the gait belt. A higher quantity of straps and handles generally indicates increased flexibility.

Padded Handles

Padded handle gait belts offer a secure and safe grip, making it easier for caregivers to hold onto them. They also minimize skin irritation and chafing for the caregiver.


When purchasing a gait belt, it is crucial to consider the weight of the patient. To ensure both the patient and caregiver are comfortable, it is best to opt for a universal-size belt that fits all.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best transfer belts for elderly with handles?

There are numerous transfer belts on the market that come equipped with handles to assist with movement. A few highly regarded options include the EZ-Access Transfer Belt with Handles, the Sammons Preston Rolyan Transfer Belt with Handles, and the Posey Gait Belt with Handles. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs.

What are the noteworthy features of the best transfer belt for elderly with handles?

When choosing a transfer belt with handles, it is important to consider various features to ensure a good purchase. These include comfort during wear, adjustability for a personalized fit, handles that are easy to hold onto and won't slip, and the use of durable materials in the belt's construction.

What are the advantages of using transfer belts for elderly with handles?

One of the advantages of using a transfer belt with handles is that it promotes the safety of both the caregiver and the patient. The handles are easy to grip, which makes it easier for both parties to complete the transfer. Additionally, the belt provides a more safe and more secure transfer, and it can be used for patients of various sizes.


If you're seeking a secure and comfortable transfer experience, the efficient transfer belt with handles is a perfect choice. Its innovative design allows for effortless movement from one location to another. Additionally, this top-rated transfer belt with handles is reasonably priced and is accompanied by a money-back guarantee so there's no risk in giving it a try.

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