10 Best Board Games for Elderly Seniors

As we age, it's crucial not just to maintain physical fitness but also to engage in activities that challenge the mind. There are many ways to do this, such as playing memory games, solving stimulating puzzles, or indulging in classic card games.

Several research studies have shown that engaging in games, particularly board games and card games, is highly advantageous for older adults. Studies reveal that these types of recreational activities help to preserve cognitive abilities, mental acuity, and memory maintenance. 

You may already know that playing board games can also assist in warding off the early onset of age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's. This is because board games aid in keeping the brain active and working properly.

Board games enhance not only cognitive abilities but also foster social connections. These games provide an opportunity for individuals to interact and also strengthen their relationships with one another, which is particularly beneficial for preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation in older adults. 

In addition to these social benefits, there are many other advantages to playing board games. For a more in-depth understanding, be sure to read the article linked in this post. And now, let's dive into our selection of top board games for the elderly.

Best Handheld Solitaire Game For Elderly

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game ASIN: B00IL5XY9K

Scrabble, a beloved word game, has stood the test of time since its creation in 1938 by architect Alfred Mosher Butts. He crafted the game to incorporate both luck and strategy into one. The objective is to earn the most points by the end of the game, achieved by playing words on the board and utilizing bonus squares.

For older adults, playing Scrabble can be particularly beneficial as studies have shown it can decrease the likelihood of developing dementia and Alzheimer's. It's never too late to start taking measures for cognitive health, and what better way to do it than through an enjoyable board game with loved ones?



Brain development & memory retention for older people

People with weak vocabularies do not enjoy the game.

Improves vocabulary & strategic thinking

Proven Popularity Game

Family Classics Chess by Pressman -- with Folding Board and Full Size Chess Pieces ASIN: B0007OWJ7G

Chess, a game that predates even Scrabble, has its origins in the ancient Indian game of "Chaturanga," dating back to before the seventh century. A two-player strategy game, it utilizes a board with sixty-four squares in an 8x8 grid. For those unfamiliar, the objective is to corner your opponent's king in a position called checkmate, where it can no longer be protected from capture. The game is a test of skill, requiring players to anticipate their opponent's moves and make calculated decisions to secure victory.

Chess, a board game that challenges the mind, is an excellent choice for older adults. It promotes cognitive stimulation and enhances problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning. Furthermore, studies have shown that playing chess can reduce the risk of age-related cognitive issues such as dementia, making it a worthwhile pursuit for seniors to engage in.



Solitaire games for elderly improve cognitive abilities

Rules are simple but strategy is complex

Simple rules game 

It requires a lot of practice. 

Easy to Play

Different variations like Masonic Chess


For those who relish dice games, Yahtzee is a fantastic option. Created by Milton Bradley and initially distributed by Ohio as Yatzie. It is now under the ownership of Hasbro, the company that manufactures Monopoly and Scrabble. 

The objective of the game is to accumulate points by achieving specific combinations with the roll of the dice. Careful attention must be paid to keeping the dice within the box. Each game consists of 13 rounds, during which players must decide which categories to score points in.

It is important to note that once a rating group has been selected, it can no longer be used for the remainder of the game. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the game is declared the winner. Yahtzee is commonly suggested for older adults as it keeps the brain active and may help to prevent age-associated cognitive decline.



Solitaire games for elderly with proven merit

For first-time players, the game may be difficult.

No complicated rules

Easy to play for seniors

Fun and entertainment in free time

Boggle Classic Game ASIN: B01N6PS4L0

Another offering from Hasbro Gaming, Boggle, was initially distributed by the Parker Brothers. The game was discovered by Allan Turoff, and the objective is to generate as many words as possible within a given set of rules and a specific time frame. To begin the game, players shake the covered dice and place them in a 4x4 tray, ensuring that the top letter of each cube is visible, as this is where the words will come from. Once the timer starts, players write down all the words they can find from the letters on the dice.

As you play, keep in mind the three-letter minimum rule and the restriction of using each letter cube only once per word. Once the time is up, put your pens down and prepare for the scoring process. Keep in mind, though, that any repeated words written by players will be disregarded before the scores are tallied.



One of the best elderly parent solitaire card game

Boring game if you cannot create a word

Best for those who love word games

Not good for those with slow handwriting

Relaxing game for eyes of elderly 

Big Letter BANANAGRAMS: Family Word Game With Easy To See And Handle Letter Tiles ASIN: B07284ZSPX

The Big Letter edition of Bananagrams is similar to the classic version but with larger, more contrasting letters to aid visibility for older or low-vision players. Not only is it a fun game, but a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the AMDF in their efforts to improve the vision for those in need.



Suitable for players of all ages

Poor quality game

Big letters are best for vision problems

Ticket to Ride ASIN: 0975277324

For seniors who enjoy travel and adventure, Ticket to Ride is the perfect game to bring back memories of their younger days exploring North American cities and landmarks. Not only is it a fun and entertaining option, but it also promotes cognitive activity and can be enjoyed with grandchildren as a means of educating them about different cities in North America. This travel-themed board game is highly recommended for the elderly.



Fun and exciting elements

Complicated instructions of game

Good for elders who want to refresh their memory

Excellent board game for a fun game night

Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities ASIN: B000EN5ZLW

Hive is a highly engaging and Prize-winning board game that will keep players of all ages, including seniors, focused and entertained. Despite its challenging nature, the objective is simple: protect your hive while trying to defeat the opponent's queen bee. The manufacturer recommends this game for players aged eight and up, and many customers have found that it is particularly beneficial for keeping the brain sharp in older individuals. Your grandparents will surely love this unique and stimulating game.



Suitable for seniors

Not recommended for those who do not like complex strategies

Lightweight and portable game

Perfect for outdoor play 

Monopoly ASIN: B01MU9K3XU

Monopoly is a timeless board game that appeals to adults and seniors alike. Unlike games of pure luck, Monopoly requires strategy as players buy, sell, and trade properties in an attempt to outsmart their opponents and become the ultimate property tycoon. Starting with a small sum of money, players must carefully manage their finances and make decisions that will lead them to success. The game is not only entertaining but also beneficial for sharpening decision-making and problem-solving skills, making it a perfect choice for experienced and wise elders.



Classic and elderly parent solitaire card game

Some sellers deliver poor quality game

Improves analytical and social skills

Trivial Pursuit ASIN: B01N4MXCK4

Rounding out our list is the Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition, a game that will challenge the general knowledge of your grandparents. The retro board game includes four hundred cards, a die, six holders for wedges, and thirty-six wedges, with a total of two thousand four hundred trivia questions. This game is perfect for testing and expanding their knowledge and providing hours of fun and entertainment.

The classic gameplay of the Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition is a favorite among seniors, as it is easy to understand and the questions, many of which are from their era, bring back memories. Additionally, the game is perfect for a fun family game night as it is suitable for both adults and children. This board game is a great way for the elderly to spend quality time with their loved ones and test their general knowledge at the same time.



Great game seniors, for friends, groups, or families

Boring for some players

Setting up the game is easy

Contains the classic, traditional questions 

Cranium ASIN: B01NCV05QJ

The board game Cranium, created by Whit Alexander and Richard Talt in 1998 and later produced by Hasbro, is designed to challenge and engage the entire brain. Its variety of physical and mental activities make it a great choice for seniors, as it promotes both physical and cognitive exercise. Cranium is a "Game for Your Whole Brain."



Game brings out your hidden talent

Naming a "real winner" is hard 

Fast game that will leave all players wanting more

Provide hilarious moments

Things To Remember While Choosing The Best Solitaire Games For Elderly

Choose Safe Games for Seniors 

There is no pun intended. When you are dealing with elderly seniors, then it is important to keep in mind that the games you choose should be safe for them. Most solitaire and board games are harmless and simple. These games come with little pieces like Dice rolls or Monopoly. The elderly with dementia may forget and get confused. It can be an accident waiting to happen.

Games that help with Stimulation 

Solitaire and handheld games help in boosting cognitive functions such as memory and emotional well-being. Choose games that are simple and easy to play. Such games keep the elderly seniors active and engaged. These games also help with cognitive abilities and reasoning. 

Solitaire games with physical activity 

Games with fun should have some sort of physical activity. You can choose simple games like sitting in a circle and calling out random words. On the other hand, you can choose the modified version of Hangman, where wrong answers or losers deserve a little dance. Physical activity will maintain the proper health of seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any solitaire games for the elderly with dementia?

Yes, there are some traditional board games like puzzles. These games are best for seniors with dementia. But there are no specific games made just for dementia people. Bingo, Jenga, or puzzles stimulate cognitive abilities.

Where to buy solitaire games for the elderly?

You can buy games online from Amazon.com or from any store. There are a lot of handheld games available online. Just order the game, and you will get your item at home in a few days. 


The benefits of playing board games for adults and older family members are numerous. With this in mind, we've curated a list of games that we believe will be particularly beneficial for this demographic. We hope that it proves useful in helping you find the perfect games for your loved ones.

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