8 Best Elbow Protectors For Elderly Seniors 

Elbow protectors are specially designed to ensure the safety of older people from falls and such injuries. Various types of elbow protectors are available all around the market. Resistance-absorbing and soft material is used to make elbow protectors so that it gives a softer effect to elbows when falling. 

However, there are various distinct types of brands offering elbow protectors with different benefits. Some of them are described below:

Gel Elbow Protectors

Soft, gel-type material is used to make these gel elbow protectors. It ensures to absorb the shock and elbow may get from falling and lesser the risk of severe injuries. They are easy to wear on and off without making it harder every time. That is why it is ideal for the elderly who have difficulty dressing. 

Padded Elbow Protectors

Padded Elbow Protector contains a padded layer filled with breathable materials like lycra and soft cotton while keeping the skin dry and cool. The padded layer gives extra protection to the elbow by becoming a resistance between the elbow and the hard floor that may cause severe injury to the person when falls. 

Foam Elbow Protectors

Foamed-Elbow protectors are typically the same as Elbow protectors with gel in them. Both work in the same way as a resistor to protect the elbow from injuries. However, the difference is that foam Elbow Protectors are formed with softer materials. That is why they are easy to wear and give a comfortable touch to the skin.

Guide For Best Elbow Protectors For Elderly 

Choosing an Elbow protector for the elderly can be challenging. Any wrong choice may lead to an uncomfortable elderly. That is why I always choose elbow protectors that are easy to wear, protect the skin, and are soft and comfortable. Other than that, there are still some things to look around while buying elbow protectors. 

  • Ensure that the elbow protector offers full mobility to the arm. The texture shouldn't be so hard or hinder the movement of the elbow.
  • Find elbow protectors with Velcro closures or adjustable straps so that it is fixed well on the arm and gives a comfortable feel.
  • Make sure that the elbow protector gives comfort to wear. It must be easy to put on and take off. It is an important consideration, especially for people who have difficulty wearing things.

Importance of Elbow Protectors For Elderly 

Elbow protectors are an ideal choice for the elderly due to various reasons. The biggest reason is that it protects from pressure ulcers. Constant pressure, force, and shear pressure on the specific part of the skin cause pressure ulcers. When a person constantly rests on their hand or elbow for a long time, this could result in pressure ulcers. The constant force on specific parts of the skin causes it to break down, forming open sores. However, if these sores are not taken care of properly, then the infection spreads out, which could lead to severe health problems.

Another significant reason why elbow protectors are best for the elderly is because of their ability to reduce the damage from falls. Fall is one of the main causes of injuries in the elderly as it is more common for the elderly to fall because of fragile muscles, balance issues, and weak eyesight. 

However, whenever they fall, they seem to injure themselves the most as they cannot respond faster to the situation and protect themselves. These fall injuries can be protected by using complete safety gear. Here come the elbow protectors, which, with the help of insulation, reduce the resistance when falling and protect the arm from severe injuries.

Another significant reason is that it helps in reducing severe pain in the joints. Arthritis is one of the leading diseases among the elderly. However, their joint pain can be increased even with minor bruises and bumps. That is why elbow pads absorb the shock when falling, reduce the risk of injuries, and help calm the pain in joints.

Furthermore, the best elbow pads for older people are also helpful in protecting against fractures when falling. They get their full freedom as they don't need a watcher to keep an eye on them. Safety pads can do that for them. 

Best Elbow Protector For Elderly

1. Curad Heel and Elbow Protector

2. Heel and Elbow Protector 

3. Rolyan Elbow/Heel Protectors

4. Sammons Preston Elbow/Heel Protectors

5. Essential Medical Supply Sheepette Elbow Protectors 

6. Bracoo Elbow Brace

7. Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

8. Rymora Fitness Elbow Brace


1. Curad Heel and Elbow Protector, One Size Fits Most, 2 Count  ASIN: B004UEADXG

The Curad Elbow and Heel pad is a slip-on type protector. It contains two layers of foam that aim to protect against pressure issues. Its elastic mesh can easily be extended and fits on the body comfortably while giving a cool effect to the skin. 

The knitting design of the protector is washable and can go with fragile and sensitive skin. The textile used in it is latex-free, which makes it ideal for the elderly who are sensitive to latex. Its universal design makes it easy to wear on either knees, elbows, or heels.



Ideal for fragile skin

Too Tight for arm


Best Elbow protector for elderly

2. Heel and Elbow Protector – Knit Elastic Sleeve with Inner Shock Absorption Cushioned Foam Pad for Elbows ad Heels  ASIN: B0758HLMZD

Elbows or heel cushions are also considered one of the fashion essentials. They protect your elbows and feet from butter scrapes and blisters and upgrade your fashion style. These elbow and heel protectors are a type of knit flexible sleeves. This sleeve contains a foam pad with inner energy or shock absorption ability. It comes in pairs, ideal for protection and adding style to your ordinary outfit.

The knit flexible sleeve is latex-free, which makes it an ideal choice for the elderly who have latex allergies. Its pull-on design makes it comfortable to put on and off. The sleeve can also be washed in machines. However, if you are finding something that not only gives you protection but also adds up to your style, then these knit Elastic Sleeves integrated with a shock absorption foam pad is an ideal choice. 




Poorly Made

Washable And Latex Free

Easy To Use

3. Rolyan Elbow/Heel Protectors, Pair of Small 9″ Heel or Elbow Sleeves with Foam Pad  ASIN: B06XRSMWXX

The elbow or heel protector from Rolyan is another best pad to keep you safe from pressure ulcers or injuries from falls. It is made up of super stretchy material that gives a comfortable fit to the body. 

It contains a foam pad of urethane which protects your heel and elbow from shock injuries and pressure ulcers. The textile of these elbow protectors is washable, which makes it easy to clean and reuse. They also come in pairs, one for the elbow and another for the heel. Moreover, it is latex free, which is a good sign for latex-sensitive people.



Super Stretchy Material

Pad Is Stained 

Comfortable Fit 

Protect From Shock Injuries 

4. Sammons Preston Elbow/Heel Protectors, Pair of Medium/Large 11″ Heel or Elbow Sleeves with Gel Pad ASIN: B06XRNYLP9

The elbow and heel pads from Sammons come in pairs for both the elbow and heel. It gives a comfortable fit around the body while keeping them safe from ulcers and other injuries. It contains a pad of gel that not only absorbs the energy shock but also gives relief to the injured area. 

These sleeves are made from non-latex material, which makes them an ideal choice. The length of these sleeves is about 11 inches. With their washable feature, they are easy to clean and reuse again.



Non-Latex Material

Too Small

Comfortable Fit

Poor Quality 

Absorbs energy shocks

5. Essential Medical Supply Sheepette Elbow Protectors  ASIN: B001CBA11E

Sheepette elbow pads are specially designed to give your skin full protection and a comfortable fit. Synthesis of special sheepskin material is used to make these elbow protectors. They are designed in such a way that gives you a complete look and feel of real sheepskin. 

The best feature of these protectors is that they are specially curated with an antibacterial agent to protect bacteria's growth. That is why these are the best choice for people whose skins are sensitive to sheepskin. Moreover, it also protects from fall injuries and pressure sores. They are machine friendly and come in various sizes. 



Provides Full Protection

Rough texture

Comfortable Fit

Very Comfortable 

Antibacterial properties

6. Bracoo Elbow Brace, Reversible Neoprene Support Wrap for Joint, Arthritis Pain Relief ASIN: B005BIG6JU

These protectors are specially designed to provide support against strains, sprains, fatigue, and chronic and acute pain. It is also best for protection from sports injuries as well as for post-surgery recovery. It is made up of a 4-way elastic fabric which provides contraction around the skin to lessen muscle fatigue and stress. 

It is also skin friendly. It contains neoprene which boosts the circulation of blood and gives a soothing touch to the skin hence increasing the natural healing process. It is also good for reducing inflammation. Moreover, its breathable feature keeps perspiration away during physical activities. 

It contains straps and hooks which give adjustable support while allowing you to hook it according to your comfort level. Hence giving a full range of mobility. It comes in 7 to 13 inches with a versatile design while leaving you to choose from various designs.




Material is too small

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Versatile Design 

7. Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve ASIN: B01GI9XVOS

These elbow support sleeves are made from a combination of nylon, Spandex, and rubber. It is designed to give phenomenal protection from disorders like tendonitis, arthritis, joint inflammation, and other severe pains by putting pressure on the elbow joints. It gives a full range of motion to the arm and supports all kinds of activities, including volleyball, tennis, baseball, golf, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

These Kunto elbow protectors are designed to give all types of comfort and support and relieve pain. Its tight but breathable fitting provides mobility as well as maintains the stability of joints without creating itchiness. It surely gives a perfect fit around the elbow. 



70% Nylon/15% Spandex/15% Rubber

Relatively Expensive 

Keep Active

Manufacturer’s Warranty

8. Rymora Fitness Elbow Brace- M, Compression Support Sleeve for Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow Treatment ASIN: B085KN4N6T

The elbow protector from Rymora is designed to apply constant pressure around the elbow joint. They ease the severe point pains from inflammation, tendonitis, arthritis, and other acute pains. It also gives protection from other fall injuries. It gives perfect fitting and comfort in all types of activities, including sports like golf, tennis, powerlifting, weight lifting, and baseball. 

They are designed to not only give protection but also to give a perfect fit by giving full mobility. They give a tight but breathable fit while keeping the joints stable and keeping the skin itchy-free. The fabric used in the premium elbow protector does not let it slip from the elbow once worn. That is why there is no need to get anxious or uncomfortable about taking it on or off as it gets stuck where it leaves once.



Keep Active

Very Tight

Comfortable and durable


Warranty of Supplier 

Things to Consider While Buying Elbow Protectors For The Elderly


A variety of materials is used in elbow protectors depending upon their usage. For instance, the gel and foam pad are helpful in resistance when falling. At the same time, some are made up of super stretchable material. Same as cotton fiber or polyester with acrylic wool is used for shock resistance. Urethane foam is also used as an insulator in the elbow pad. 


Almost all elbow protectors come in one size, which fits all. However, some brands offer. Different size options. Some contain super stretchable material which fits all sizes. That is why it is better to decide first which measurement you need.


Quality is essential for the safety of the skin. So it wouldn't be compromised. That is why look for elbow protectors that use quality materials, as some brands ensure the quality, comfort, and lasting life of protectors. 


As you have already seen until now, almost all the abovementioned elbow protectors are latex-free. The reason is that latex causes allergies in most of the elderly, which is why elbow protectors are specially made latex free for sensitive people to avoid any skin allergies.


Elbow protectors come in a variety of designs. They contain mesh, strap, hook, and loop closure which helps in adjusting the size of the fit. There are various sleeve options available that come with different materials like acrylic, Spandex, and polyester for stretching. They are easy to wear and give a perfect fit.

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