8 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp

As the saying goes, freedom works as oxygen for one’s soul; thus, for many senior citizens and people with certain physical disabilities, the ability to do things on their own is important. This enables them to enjoy this freedom of not relying on other fellow non-disabled companions and live independently. This freedom of not relying on others comes from being able to go anywhere at any time without asking for help or assistance. 

Thus, we come down to the point that mobility is one of the most important aspects of being independent. This brings in the importance of wheelchairs and other such disability assistance ramps under consideration. Such mobility aid initiatives empower people in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, pregnant women, and delivery personnel to safely and easily access commonly used places like hospitals, restaurants, banks, parks, and other public places. 

Top Portable Ramps For Wheelchair

  1. EZ-Access Suitcase Singlefold Portable Ramp with an Applied Slip-Resistant Surface, 4 Foot
  2. ORFORD Non-Skid Folding Wheelchair Ramp 3ft, 800 lbs Weight Capacity
  3. Wheelchair Ramp for Home, Portable Wheelchair Ramp for Steps
  4. 2FT Wheelchair Ramp 24''Lx31.3''W FACHNUO TOOL Non-Skid Aluminum Ramp
  5. Ruedamann 2'L x 28.3" W, Holds up to 600 lbs
  6. TaiH Leo 7FT Wheelchair Ramp, 84" L x 31.3" W Threshold Ramp, 800 LBS Capacity Wheelchair Ramp
  7. 6FT Non-Skid Traction Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Scooter Mobility Handicap Ramp for Home Steps
  8. HOXWELL Modular Threshold Ramps for Doorway

1. EZ-Access Suitcase Singlefold Portable Ramp with an Applied Slip-Resistant Surface, 4 Foot ASIN: B000JOTYZE

It is a strong yet lightweight and portable ramp. It can be used as a one-unit device or can be easily separated into two sections. This enables it to be more convenient to use, carry along, or store. An important feature of this ramp is slip resistant surface and non-breakable carrying handles. 

It is specially designed to bear high traffic. This ramp can be easily converted into a mobility device on any land with two separate self-adjusting transition plates at the bottom for safe setup. This ramp helps the user to regain his/her confidence and freedom of being able to move safely and independently. Our products offer a wide range of solutions for temporary and permanent mobility solutions. 



Portable, temporary or permanent setup.

No warranty.



2. ORFORD Non-Skid Folding Wheelchair Ramp 3ft, 800 lbs Weight Capacity, Utility Mobility Access Threshold Ramp, Portable Aluminum Foldable Wheelchair Ramp, for Home Steps Stairs Doorways Scooter ASIN: B07GB9CKRQ

Transition plates on the bottom and a triangle design on the bottom back make the ramp fit for the surface ground. The anti-skid rubber pad on top of the transition plates ensures the quality and safety of the ramp. This device contains 304 stainless steel hinges which make tripping over difficult. 

This ramp is easy to fold and contains PVC handles, making it easy to transport. It has a ribbed surface with a nice grip and is rust-resistant anodized aluminum constructed, making it strong enough to offer up to 800 pounds capacity. It is suitable for wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility aid devices. This portable oxford ramp offers a 1-year warranty covering the damages caused by non-human factors.



Easy to transport.

Ribbed surface for tough grip.

One year warranty.

3. Wheelchair Ramp for Home, Portable Wheelchair Ramp for Steps,2FT Non-Skid Threshold Ramp for Doorways, Curbs, Foldable Mobility Scooter Aluminum Ramp ASIN: B09TDD12RB

This wheelchair ramp is made up of durable aluminum and can be extended to two feet in size. It is a strong ramp able to support 800 lbs and has a width size of 31.3 inches so that wheelchair and person moving it can walk on the ramp simultaneously. It has handles like suitcases which makes it easy to carry along personally. 

Moreover, they can be folded in half, which makes them easier to transport and store. Another important feature is a non-skid surface along with rust-resistant anodizing, making it more reliable and durable to use. These ramps offer accessibility to places and peace of mind to the user.



Strong aluminum body.

No warranty.

Travel friendly.

Wide width.

4. 2FT Wheelchair Ramp 24''Lx31.3''W FACHNUO TOOL Non-Skid Aluminum Ramp with Handle Handicap Ramps Portable Mobility Scooter Ramps for Home, Steps, Stairs, Entry, Threshold, Doorways, Vans ASIN: B09PYBP9YF

This ramp is constructed on rust-proof aluminum material and contains a non-slip surface for a strong grip. The foldable design makes the hinge design of the ramp stronger than ordinary hinges. FACHNUO’s wheelchair ramp has the unique feature of a mobile suitcase, which is lightweight, making it convenient to be carried around along with ease in folding. 

It is a semi-permanent access ramp suitable for manual or electric wheelchairs, trolleys, strollers, and scooters. And have a load capacity of 800 lbs. This portable ramp offers a 30-day warranty for damages caused by non-human factors. This device helps you regain your own confidence or of your loved ones. 



Rust proof aluminum construction.

Suitcase handles are easy for mobility.


5. Ruedamann 2'L x 28.3" W, Holds up to 600 lbs, Wheelchair Ramp with Non-Slip Surface, Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp. ASIN: B0872P3XVY

These wheelchair ramps are suitable to put in a car trunk which makes it a really friendly device. The user needs to fix it as a whole ramp in order to avoid a half-side bend-up. It is lightweight in nature with portable folding making it convenient to be installed on any stairs, steps, and doorways. Its aluminum body has hardness, toughness, and resilience, perfect for manual wheelchairs, trolleys, rollators, and other two-wheeled vehicles but not suitable for motorcycles. 

It has sturdy hinges, which makes it different and unique from other ordinary wheelchair ramps. The surface of the ramp is anti-skid, preventing it from slipping and safety usage. Welding of each and every part of these ramps makes them noise-free and more durable. They contain stainless steel rivets, which are more durable. And it is waterproof and can bear weight up to 600 lbs.



Sturdy hinges.

No warranty.

Travel friendly.

Stainless steel rivets.

6. TaiH Leo 7FT Wheelchair Ramp, 84" L x 31.3" W Threshold Ramp, 800 LBS Capacity Wheel Chair Ramp ASIN: B0B153JWJG

This product is made up of high-quality aluminum material. The anti-slip surface is treated with anti-oxidation, which makes it stable. It provides a wide width, which is great for most mobility devices. This sliding wheelchair ramp comes with a frosted layer surface to enable stable transporting; it also has special safety locks equipped with a door ramp so that they can be fixed to the ground and prevent it from slipping. 

And the unique hinge design of the wheelchair ramp ensures double security. This aluminum-constructed ramp is specially designed to be durable as well as portable. It contains silicone handles and metal buckles. It has the capacity to bear 800 lbs weight. 

They can be used on a wide variety of landscapes, including curbs, landings, steps, thresholds, sheds, stairs, and doorways. Also, on a wide variety of automobiles like scooters, bicycles, and motorized wheelchair ramps, but on the load minivans, cars, or even pickup trucks.



High quality aluminum construction 

No warranty.

Wide variety of attachments opportunities

Special frosted layer surface 

7. 6FT Non-Skid Traction Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Scooter Mobility Handicap Ramp for Home Steps ASIN: B095SFGYVG

These wheelchair ramps suitable for homes have safety-supporting belts with anti-skid traction belts despite unfavorable weather conditions, which would not affect their functioning. Moreover, it contains unique grips at the bottom of the ramp, which prevents it from slipping away. 

For secure landing attachments, it has safety pins for locking. It has a wide width so that scooters or wheelchairs can pass easily. Furthermore, it is lightweight to be folded and carried away while traveling. The durable construction of the ramp enables it to carry 600 lbs of weight at a time. 



Anti skid capability of belt and ramp.

No warranty. 

Safety pins for locking. 

Light weight, travel friendly. 

8. HOXWELL Modular Threshold Ramps for Doorway ASIN: B0BFWBW7XR

This device contains a three-piece pack depending upon threshold or step sizes, which makes it easy to access multiple landscapes. It has a modular threshold enabling it to become a non-slip tread pattern and reducing the risk of slipping and falling. The slope is friendly and convenient, made up of rubber or plastic supporting wheelchairs and scooters. 

Many ramps that are made of rubber have a pungent odor, but this ramp is made up of eco-friendly material with no such odor and is friendly for our environment, which makes it best for indoor uses. It has two types of installation that are bolts and pasting. In peeling installation, you can directly peel off the sticker and fix it on land or ground, which is very convenient. Or the second way is to install it through the bolt holes. Another important feature is that the cables on these ramps can not be crushed or damaged easily by the wheels of the scooters or wheelchairs and other such devices. 



Made from environment and economy friendly materials. 

Not portable or can be transported to one place from another.

Easy installation options. 

Inbuilt cable channels and safely run tubes.

Things To Consider Before Buying Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Steps

Navigate doorways easily

Not every home has doorways friendly for the installation of wheelchair ramps and obstacles like high door thresholds. Hence the wheelchair user faces this difficulty in going over this high door threshold. But there are wheelchair ramps designed specially to cater to this problem of gliding over the high door. This offers users of wheelchairs easier navigation to the house as well as access to the rooms that have high door thresholds.

Access the outdoors

For wheelchair users and parents with strollers, entering and exiting a house is difficult because it has stairways. But ramps make it easy to enter and exit freely and easily for users. Also, when a ramp is installed, it enables the users to enjoy outdoor activities on their own hence, empowering them with true freedom. 

Enter and exit the car.

Portable wheelchair ramps, such as multifold ramps and van ramps, are designed for automobiles. Such ramps allow the user to enter and exit the cars easily and also provide an opportunity to drive the car alone without depending on others. Thus, a wheelchair user does not have to depend on others. 

Run errands independently

Doing things independently gives the courage and peace of having freedom. Wheelchair ramps which can be installed in the house, car, or placed anywhere without any difficulties, provide its users with the freedom to run errands without any help. Daily tasks like grocery shopping, going to the banks or to the mailbox, and other errands are easy to do alone.

Cost-effective solution

Portable wheelchair ramps are pocket friendly and can be purchased within one's budget. But prices can vary depending upon the nature, quality, material, and features of wheelchair ramps. Hence one can find a wheelchair ramp depending upon their need within their defined budget. 


Freedom and independence give courage and peace of mind to the soul. Hence, one of the most important aspects of independence is the ease of moving from one place to another without relying on others. Hence for physically disabled and senior people, it becomes the foremost obstacle in the way of achieving freedom. Therefore, to enable mobility, wheelchair and disability ramps serve as a way to overcome this hurdle. 

With emerging technology and innovations, there exists a wide range of portable wheelchair ramps, each having unique features and quality to serve the need. They differ on the basis of their features and construction mechanism. These portable ramps enable the users to be independent and empower them. This helps them in regaining confidence and enjoying freedom. This not only makes their life easy but those of their loved ones as well. 

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